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As often happens, having relatives from other cities or visitors from distant countries come to Astana, we don’t have time and opportunity to show them all the capital sights and its surroundings. For all the guests of Astana especially WE prepared a selection of excursions that they’d definitely like!

"Astana is the city of the future"

Cost: from 14 800 tenge for 12 people

Included: transport, guide-interpreter, water

Duration: 8 hours


Astana is a progressive city, where new futuristic buildings are regularly erected.

Here you are welcomed to overview a fascinating excursion for the city guests. As a part of the tour, visitors are invited to visit the Baiterek monument — a symbol of Astana and the country in general; then follows a visit to the pyramid called "Palace of Peace and Harmony” designed by Norman Foster. Not far from the pyramid guests can enjoy the greatness of the Muslim culture by looking at the second largest Central Asian mosque — "Khazret Sultan". After that, visitors are to visit the Palace of Independence with 4D film watch and the master plan of Astana. And, of course, it is impossible not to wander through the halls of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the largest museum in the country. Here you can learn

the state history from the Stone Age to our days. The excursion continues its way to Duman oceanarium, the most remote one from the sea, and to the Khan-Shatyr SEC. By the way, the shopping center has a design of a tent, which is the biggest in the world.

"Astana Opera" Opera and Ballet Theater

Cost: from 3900 tenge per person

Included: transport, guide-interpreter, water

Duration: 3 hours


This tour will allow guests to plunge into the world of the theater and see what is hidden behind the walls of the building, over which a team of architects, builders and specialists from 33 countries worked. The size, the beauty and performances held here are impressive. In addition, guests can visit either the embankment or the SEC "Khan Shatyr".

Night capital lights

Source: @bakdauletkarlybay

Price: from 5000 tenge for 12 people

Included: transport, guide-interpreter, water

Duration: 2 hours


The night city fascinates not only the capital guests, but experienced residents as well, as it’s hard to get used to variety of colors and shapes. The tour begins at 20:00, the time when Astana turns into a city of bright lights and boiling life. Each house is illuminated by a unique highlight, business centers lights change color and direction, and the most unique buildings of the country become even more interesting and brighter. At the excursion you will admire the Khazret Sultan mosque, the Kazakh Eli monument, the Palace of Peace and Harmony, the Baiterek monument, Round Square, the Astana Opera Theater, the Khan Shatyr shopping center and the colorful fountains in the center.

Helicopter flights in Astana

Cost: from 55 000 tenge per person

Included: a helicopter flight, a guide-translator

Duration: 30 minutes


For those who like to fly, there is a great opportunity to see Astana from a bird's-eye view. Guests will have a modern helicopter flight, which will be remembered by the magnificent panorama and stunning capital views. The excursion itself begins at the Green park, where guests can dine at the yurt and taste national dishes, ride horses.

Excursion to the Korgalzhyn Reserve

Cost: from 20 000 tenge per person

Included: transport, guide-interpreter, entrance tickets, one-time meal

Duration: 1 day


The Korgalzhyn Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is worth visiting for a unique opportunity to see pink flamingos, curly pelicans and many other birds. The tour program includes lunch in the guest house, a visit to the Museum of Nature, the tour and dinner.

Excursion to ALZHIR

Cost: from 10 000 tenge for 12 people

Included: transport, guide-translator

Duration: 4 hours

ALZHIR ethno-memorial complex is dedicated to the victims of political repressions. It’s located in 25 kilometers from Astana. It was here that the notorious Akmola camp of motherland traitors’ wives called "ALZHIR" was located. For many years more than 18 thousand women were held here.

The museum-memorial complex consists of several museum objects. "Stalin's car", which transported exiles from distant cities, "Arch of Sorrow," uniting the world of living and departed, "Barak", where women lived, "Wall of Remembrance" with the names of women who served time in the camp, and the museum itself, where you can learn about the history of repression through photos and documents.

"Borovoye" National Park

Cost: from 25 000 tenge per person

Included transport, guide-interpreter, entrance tickets

Duration: 1 day


Borovoye is one of the most favorite Kazakhstan people destinations, which is distinguished by its unique flora and fauna. There are many places that can be visited as a part of the excursion. For example, guests will see not only the Borovoe Park itself, but also the Kazakhstan Lapland - the place where Ayaz Ata lives, visit the glade of Abylai Khan, the museum, and will be able to taste delicious food in the Rixos Borovoe hotel chic restaurant.

To have an excursion you’re welcomed to contact Nata Worldwide Travel LTD travel agency.

Address: Balkantau str., house 213

Contacts: 8 771 762 44 03, 8 771 762 44 15

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