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Recommend an inspiring person

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Turks in Kazakhstan. A brand-chef, the head of the marketing department and a hairstylist on the first impression and Astana climate


Turks in Kazakhstan. A brand-chef, the head of the marketing department and a hairstylist on the first impression and Astana climate

Ferdi Yungach, 25, from Bolu, a brand-chef at The Grill restaurant


There’re many chefs who were born in the city I come from. I started working as a cook at 16. At the age of 19 I worked in Rome, and then I moved to Qatar. I worked in The St. Regis in Dubai for five years. A year ago I moved to Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani culture of food, life style and the language are similar to Turkish so I feel comfortable living here.

I’m a brand-chef at The Grill restaurant in The St. Regis Astana hotel. I spend my free time in different ways. In winter I go to Borovoe and Almaty.

I like walking along the embankment, trying local food. In the Republic Avenue there’s a restaurant serving mouthwatering national food. I like attending tastings at ProVino restaurant every fortnight. I like Kazakhstani wine called Arba Vine. Visiting "Khan Shatyr" shopping center you can make purchases and look in shop windows. There’re national shops with various historical things which I really love.

Coming to Kazakhstan from Dubai, I was startled by the cold as temperature difference seemed incredible. Anyway, having suitable clothing you feel ok.

People in Astana are friendly and helpful. Although I don’t speak Russian, I know that any passerby’s ready to show me the way.

I’m planning to live in Astana at least for one more winter.

Selim Olmes, 37, from Ankara, the head of the marketing department at the St. Regis hotel, Astana


I was invited to join the team of The St. Regis hotel in Astana in 2016. I’d never been to Kazakhstan. Having moved here I traveled all over Kazakhstan, e.g. I’ve been to Almaty for 10-15. I’ve travelled to Shymkent, Karaganda, Aktau and Aktobe.

I fancy spending time outdoors. In the summertime I go to the countryside, to Borovoe mostly. When it's cold outside I prefer doing fitness, and I like walking outdoors when it's warm.

I’m all over trying new dishes, so I adore visiting Astana restaurants. Thanks to the Rumi restaurant I became a big fan of pilaf. Being a Turk, I love eating meat, so I often have dinner at Line Brew. I live next to the Baiterek monument and often I observe the city from above.

I arrived in September in the early morning. It was warm, I was impressed by the architecture. All visitors are always surprised by what the city is like. The only thing foreigners know about Astana is that it’s a capital of Kazakhstan. Comers are always impressed by the city combining old and new parts, history, culture and progress.

Initially, the weather in Astana seemed excessively tough, but having survived for two winters, everything seems easier to me.

People in Astana are kind and hospitable. Actually, Kazakhs and Turks are similar. They treat all guests with respect. There’re many governmental organizations around the residence I live in. My neighbors often introduce me the local culture, and invite me to Iftar. Residents of Europe or the US don’t tend to that.

I’m planning to resume living in Astana.

Erhan Gunal, 35, from Bursa, hairstylist at the Bisser beauty parlor


I moved to Kazakhstan looking for a job in the beauty industry and a new place to live.

I was attracted by Kazakh culture and mentality. The Kazakh and Turkish languages are similar. Turkish hairstylists are really skillful. Here locals choose a hairstylist paying attention to whether he is a Turk or not. Finding out that there’s no a Turk working on that day, they leave and come on the other day.

We’re professionally engaged in hairstyling and drying. In Turkey hairdressing and barbering are respected jobs passed on from a father to a son. The young ones help the elders. Now we barber men as well.

It was the climate that shocked me mostly. Some products here can be bought at a third of the price.

I love places in Astana connected with the Motherland. I like Turkish restaurants. Going to a beauty salon, I prefer Turkish barbers.

It’s difficult to get a working visa. It is expensive and costs more than 680 thousand tenge. A Turk who wants to expand his/her tourist visa has to leave the country every 30 days to cross the border. It’s easier to apply for a residence permit, so that you could work, live and start a family.

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