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Why tourists come to the capital of Kazakhstan on vacation


Why tourists come to the capital of Kazakhstan on vacation

Dmitry Shevtsov, 38 years old, hometown — Voronezh, marketer, blogger, @iraidima

Irina Grafskaya, 30 years old, hometown — Moscow, lawyer, blogger, @iraidima

ирина и дмитрий (3).jpg

About the trip

Dmitry. Irina and I are extreme travellers we jump with a parachute in different parts of the world, travel to interesting places of the planet, fishing for sharks, rafting with crocodiles. We have our own website to share our impressions about visited countries and cities. At the moment we have travelled to more than 80 countries.

We came to Astana in March 2018, the weather was cold and snowy. Stayed at the hotel. We decided to come here as tourists because of the convenient departures for the weekend. Moreover, we have already travelled to Almaty and wanted to visit the capital of Kazakhstan. Before, we saw a lot of impressive photos of Astana and its attractions.

ирина и дмитрий (1).jpg

About Astana

Astana is a convenient city for tourists. It will take a couple of hours to see all the sights, as they are located in the centre and close to each other. For guests of the city, it's a plus, no need to travel from one end of the capital to the other.

Astana residents have a sense of humour and imagination at the highest level. Citizens have come up with unusual names almost to every building which are much easier to remember than the official. For example, "Lighter", "Syringe", "Buckets", "Book".

Citizens have come up with unusual names almost to every building which are much easier to remember than the official

We were at the Mall looking like the housing of the Eskimos on the outside — Khan Shatyr. We climbed to the top of the symbol of the city Bayterek and put a hand to the golden imprint of the hand of the first President.

Impressions of the city positive, it is worth to visit.

ирина и дмитрий (2).jpg

I can tell Astana is a young, building city, only forming its own character, spirit and culture. There are many offices, but we did not notice the historical buildings to tell about the history of the city. Basically, there are many modern buildings, skyscrapers, they have different styles and arranged in a chaotic manner. I think in 20 years Astana will have its own character. It will be either a European city or an analogue of Dubai with a unique twist.

What was brought from Astana

We went light, so we only came back with magnets and photos.

Yulia Andreeva, 29 years old, hometown — Nyagan, leading specialist of JSC «Gazprombank»

Юлия (1).jpg

About the trip

We visited Astana on May 5, when my family rested in Borovoye. I think, the tourists coming to Borovoye need to allocate time to visit Astana. The capital and the resort area connected by a high-speed track, trains run every day.

The purpose of our trip to Astana was Ailand water park. The water park is modern, beautiful, entertainments there will find visitors of all ages. There are slides, baths, hammam, sauna.

Юлия (6).jpg

About Astana

Astana is a cosy, green city with very unusual architectural buildings and structures. The capital of Kazakhstan is modern, not similar to any city where I was.

The capital of Kazakhstan is modern, not similar to any city where I was

Tourists can come in the cold and the warm seasons because most of the interesting places are covered. For example, I recommend visiting Khan Shatyr. Fans of extreme sports advise continuing to explore the city from a bird's eye view on the Ferris Wheel. The view is simply magnificent and breathtaking.

What was brought from Astana

In Astana, we bought a lot of sweet gifts to relatives. Sweets and chocolate are delicious in Kazakhstan.

Eliza Arystanova, 30 years old, hometown — Osh, individual entrepreneur

Элиза (1).jpg

About trip

I am a frequent guest of the capital, come here with children and by myself. Most often I come by car, but there are routes by bus or train. I was in Astana during the EXPO-2017 exhibition and several times at the birthday of the capital.

About Astana

I have only positive memories and emotions about Astana. I like there are a lot of modern buildings, and street tourism is developed in summer. You can just have a walk in the parks, on Nurzhol Boulevard. It's convenient for those who have children.

Элиза (6).jpg

Most of all we liked Central Park. If we talk about shopping centres, I visited almost all of them. I advise visiting MEGA Silk Way and Khan Shatyr.

I have only positive memories and emotions about Astana

Astana is an unusual city in comparison with the cities of Kyrgyzstan. The city has everything for a great holiday, at any time held various events like open air or with free entrance.

Элиза (5).jpg

What was brought from Astana

Usually, I bring branded Kazakh things: sweets, beautiful national jewellery made of silver. In shopping centres a good choice of clothes, toys.

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