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Why foreigners and Kazakhstanis move to Semey to study at the Medical University


Why foreigners and Kazakhstanis move to Semey to study at the Medical University

Evgeny Kuznetsov, 24 years old, hometown — Pavlodar, paediatrician


I chose Semey Medical University because of its proximity to my hometown. Plus, this University with a strong teaching and professorial staff. The University was known even during the Soviet Union, and the diploma of this University is valued.

Also, the University has a huge clinical base. All medical institutions of the city cooperate with the University. Therefore, there's an opportunity to get acquainted with different doctors and learn from their experience.

I visited Semey for the first time when I applied to the University. Semey is different from Pavlodar. Semey is an old town. The city looks like you're back in the Soviet Union. Residents always complain about the quality of the roads because it leaves much to be desired. There no usual industrial enterprises, only two factories for the whole city — cement and silicate.

The city stretched, a lot of private sectors, all high-rise buildings mainly located in the centre. Semey located on two banks, the pride of all the locals is the bridge that resembles the bridge in San Francisco.

In summer the city is green and in winter grey. Therefore, better to visit Semey in summer.

Between the two banks of the city, there is an island named Polkovnichniy. The biological centre an analogue of the zoo for the study of flora and fauna located on the island. My favourite place for sure.

People in Semey are different, they are easier and more responsive than in Pavlodar. They appreciate and respect elders.

Ayana Abzhanova, 22 years old, hometown — Ust-Kamenogorsk, student


I entered Semey Medical University in 2014. I could not enter Astana Medical University from the first time, so I went to the Semey.

The advantages of the University that many hospitals and clinics are assigned to it. The University has a respected academic staff, who taught grandparents of current students. This is a strong University. Exist unspoken opinion that Semey Medical University is the best. Therefore, graduates are getting hired easily.

Semey is a small town. There's a lot of greenery but poorly developed. For me seems that youth bored, there is nothing to try themselves in and difficult to realize in the future profession. To do this, better to choose large cities where life will be more expensive, but the prospects justify all the costs.

Semey has a beautiful Central Square. I liked island Polkovnichyi, where located the alley and the monument to the memory of nuclear tests victims «Stronger than death».

People in Semey are kind and open, hospitable. I was pleasantly surprised.

Arai Zhunsbekova, 25 years old hometown — Semey, general physician


I was born and raised in Semey. After graduation, I had a difficult task to choose a future profession. I decided to study at State Medical University in Semey because of this educational institution one of the most promising among all universities of Kazakhstan.

I had a desire to go to another city, to feel the real student life. But all the possibilities of our Alma Mater overshadowed the temptations of another life. Most of all motivated teaching staff because of experienced clinical doctors among them. Everyone would like to adopt experience for further practice.

Our University has been in partnership with other countries since the 2000s to develop academic mobility among students and young doctors. Every year attention paid for the education of competent professionals. Even the city itself has always been considered as the city of students, knowledge and science. Here the basic roots of all the intellectuals of Kazakhstan such as Abay Kunanbayev, Shakarim Kudaiberdiev, Mukhtar Auezov, Fyodor Dostoevsky. Many professors and doctors of medical science, whose works played an important role in the development of our country lived in Semey.

Semey is an ancient and spiritual city. In any part of the city, many historical places can be found. People are friendly to foreign students from India, Pakistan, Thailand, who are studying in Semey State Medical University.

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