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What to see in South Kazakhstan region
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What to see in South Kazakhstan region

South Kazakhstan is a region that will definitely surprise you. Read more in the article.


Where to stay


Hostels: City Hostel Shymkent, Art House Sweet home, NS Prestige

Hotels: Rixos Khadisha Shymkent, Ramada by Wyndham Shymkent, Aidana Plaza Hotel.

What to see

Shymkent Arboretum Park


The park with more than 40 years of history surprises with its scale. There are about 120 hectares with hundreds of species of trees and plants, including those listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan.

Shymkent Zoological Park

Very close to the arboretum is the city zoo. In the first years of its operation, about 70 species of animals lived in the zoo. Now there are more of them.



The circus in Shymkent is one of the youngest in the country. There are many numbers and performances in the repertoire.

Monument "Baidibek bi"

The ten-meter statue of Baidibek Karashauly cannot but surprise. This is an excellent observation deck — from here you can enjoy a beautiful view of Shymkent.

Shymkent Arbat


The Arbat in Shymkent was opened on Beibitshilik Avenue in 2018. There are bike paths, benches, lanterns, fountains, selfie zones and modern art objects.

What to try



The South Kazakhstan region has its own peculiarities of cooking this dish. The side dish to the meat is the dough, potatoes in the dish are much rarer.


One of the most popular dishes of the region is shish kebab made from small pieces of meat.

Sairam pilaf


Due to its proximity to Uzbekistan, the locals here prepare the very Uzbek pilaf.

Where to go near the city

Recreation area Burgulyuk


The place is located near the city, which is why Shymkent residents love it so much. There are gorges, mountain rivers and other natural beauties here.

Sairam Su Recreation Area

Sairam su on the picturesque bank of the Sairam Su River, 65 kilometers from Shymkent. Here you can enjoy peace and quiet with mountain views.

Underground cave


The underground cave Ak meshit is one of the most unusual places in Kazakhstan. Trees grow inside the cave and birds fly. At any time of the year, the temperature is almost the same here.

Salty springs

The nearest salt spring to the city is located in the village of Amangeldy. This is an ideal place for those who would like to swim in the thermal waters.

Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi


A place that everyone should visit does not even need a special introduction.

Ushkash-ata Well

The peculiarity of the well is that the rocky opening to the water is not strictly vertical and deviates in different directions.

There is a legend that if a person is sinless, he will be able to draw water from this source, and if he is sinful, he will pull out an empty bucket.

The Weeping Cave

плачущая пещера

There is a unique Crying Cave in the Mashat Gorge. Water flows down from its arches and it feels like the cave is crying. The sight is fascinating!

Forty Disappeared Shrines

It is here that those who have heard about the possibility of walking through a narrow cleft between two stones -the symbols of Adam and Eve- come.

Lake Susingen


This is the largest mountain lake in the South Kazakhstan region located at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level on the southern side of the Karzhantau ridge.

Every year at the end of summer, a large pond disappears without a trace, leaving behind green meadows. The most interesting thing is that no one knows where the water goes.


There are many beautiful canyons in the region, such as Aksu, Aigyrzhyrgan and others. And in each of them there is something to look at.

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