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What to bring to foreign friends from Uzbekistan: top 8 gifts


What to bring to foreign friends from Uzbekistan: top 8 gifts

Crafers Chocolate, @crafersuz


Crafers is a young brand of confectionery that has surpassed existing competitors in the market. The chocolate factory also organizes free excursions for school children. Products are produced under the brand Made in Uzbekistan and have a Halal certificate.

Where to buy: 9 Katta Darkhon Street, Tashkent / on websites Korzinka.uz, Makro, Arba.uz, LeBazar

Price: depends on the product. For example, 100 grams of milk chocolate cost $1.

T-shirt with Uzbek identity by Kanishka Design, @kanishka_dsgn


Kanishka Design is a boutique of the author's products from designer Alexey Manshaev. They sell youth clothing with prints in Uzbek, which is popular in the country. Oversize t-shirts, the largest size is XL.

Where to buy: 21 Okkurgan Street, Tashkent / 39 Afrosiab Street

Price: $10.


Suzane is embroidery that used to hang on the wall of every Uzbek house. Also, this decoration served as a talisman, passed to a new family with the bride's dowry.

There are many types of patterns, each of which makes sense. For example, the image of a pepper pod is the protection of the family from evil spells, firebird is happiness, pomegranates is fertility. Now suzane is also used on tablecloths.

Where to buy: Tashkent, TSUM, ArtBox store / on the website vos-bazar.ru

Price: from 1,000,000 soms — $100.

Ceramic tableware


Uzbeks like to serve food in beautifully designed dishes. Ceramic tableware is especially valued. These can be plates, cups, or miniature bowls.

Tashkent ceramics are more bright, with a lot of yellow and red tones in the design. The birthplace of the beautiful ceramics is Rishtan. Rishtan dishes can also be used as a decoration by hanging on the wall.

Where to buy: Tashkent, Human House Shop / Chorsu market / on the website vos-bazar.ru

Price: cup — $0.5, large saucers — $1, service — $3.

Chapan from khan atlas by Human House Gallery, @humanhousegallery


Human House Gallery is an Uzbek brand that combines national flavor, quality, and urban look.

Gift-clothing in Uzbekistan can be chosen for a long time. But most often women are given dressing gowns or scarves, and men — skullcaps.

Where to buy: Tashkent, 43 Kichik Mirobod Street

Price: a light robe can be purchased for about $100.

Eastern sweets, @gavali_uzbekistan


While tourists from Turkey bring baklava and Turkish sweets, from Uzbekistan tourists bringing navat, parvarda, halva, hashtak. These desserts were previously considered the food of kings and emperors.

Now Uzbek sweets are sold both by weight and in beautiful boxes.

Where to buy: at any bazaar or boutique of elite sweets Gavali

Cost: from $4.

Samarkand paper

Paper is produced in Samarkand from the 10th century to the present day. It is made from mulberry bark, silk fibers, and flower petals. Samarkand paper can last 300-400 years.

Where to buy: in the village of Konigil near Samarkand, there is a Meros paper factory, where production is done manually. Here at the factory, postcards, notebooks, masks, dresses, dolls, and handbags are made from Samarkand paper. All these souvenirs can be bought in the shop at the factory.

Price: postcards in the store at the factory cost $1.2, passport covers — $6.

Musical instrument

For collectors or fans of traditional music, an unusual gift can be an Uzbek musical instrument. For example, kobuz, dombra, dutar, tanbur, ud, rubab, surnay, karnay, doira.

Where to buy: musical instruments can be ordered on the website vos-bazar.ru or bought on the market

Price: rubabs cost about $45, doira $25.

We thank Farukh Samarkandi, Kamila Navruzova — @camomile_n, and Bobur Alimkhodjaev — @boburalimkhodjaev for the help in creating the article.

Photo source on the cover: @ruztamo

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