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Travel bloggers from Australia, Japan and India about why they come to Kazakhstan


Travel bloggers from Australia, Japan and India about why they come to Kazakhstan

Devang Sethi, 29 years old, hometown — Punjab, India, blogger, www.thepunjabiwanderer.com service blogger



I have been to Kazakhstan twice. Once in October 2017 and then in July and August this year. I was in Astana, Almaty, Shymkent and Turkestan.
In Almaty, I was on the Big Almaty lake, Charyn canyon, Altyn-Emel, Kolsay and Kaindy lakes.

One day I was interested in hunting with eagles in Mongolia. But after studying the topic, I found out that it is a Kazakh tradition. I wondered if it is possible to find something like this in Kazakhstan, I wanted to try. It was easier for me to come to Kazakhstan, and I decided. One trip was not enough for this country, and so I came again this year for a whole month.

One trip was not enough for this country, and so I came again this year for a whole month

On my last trip, I became friends with the real berkutchi. This time I spent two whole days with him, resting in the wild, and learned how he trains birds.

My favourite place in Kazakhstan is a traditional Kazakh house in the village. Sweets, tea, food, people-how I loved it all! Speaking of landscapes, I fell in love with Charyn canyon.

It is worth noting that the only thing I did not like in Kazakhstan is the lack of public transport to get to the national parks. In southern Kazakhstan, there is a type of transport called "minibus". I did not find this on the way to national parks near Almaty.

All the time I was travelling, I spent time in guesthouses or used Couchsurfing. Unfortunately, Charyn had only one hotel, and it was very expensive — I had to return to Almaty on the same day.

I would definitely like to return to Kazakhstan, and I can easily imagine ten more trips.

Mauricio Arlegui, 27 years old, hometown — Sydney, Australia, Golden Age of Research and Development company specialist



I came to Kazakhstan in August 2018. While travelling in Kazakhstan, I managed to visit Astana, Almaty and Charyn canyon. These places were part of the organized tourist group Kalpak Travel is a travel company that specializes in Central Asia. I wanted to see the cities of these countries, the architecture of the cities. Most of all I liked Astana and Charyn canyon.



I didn't know anything about Charyn canyon before. I was impressed by the opportunity to see the amazing nature of this place. And Astana was surprised by the architecture, it was unexpected for me.

I want to return to Kazakhstan because I was amazed by what I saw.



Miyu Ushiro, 25 years old, hometown — Saitama, Japan, freelancer



I came to Kazakhstan in May and June this year. The whole trip was to visit the Ustyurt plateau and lake Tuzbar amazing treasures of nature. In addition, I managed to visit Almaty, Altyn-Emel National Park, Charyn canyon, Kaindy lake, Shymkent, Aktau. I liked the lake Tuzbar.



I was going to visit Turkmenistan and instead found a Japanese tour to visit Mangyshlak that intrigued me.

I liked everything — nature, people, food, cleanliness. I was sad because it was hard to find a cheap tour. It happened because there was no band for the tour and I even refused to go to Aksu-Dzhabagly. Also, I did not visit Bozdhira, because the staff of the travel company told me that it is dangerous to go there with one car.

I liked everything — nature, people, food, cleanliness

Arriving in Almaty, I went on a tour to the Big Almaty Lake, Medeu, Kok-Tobe and Falcon farm, and the next day I went on a three-day tour to Altyn-Emel and Kaindy.

After that, we went to Kyrgyzstan to Karakol by car, and I visited Bishkek. From there I got to Shymkent by bus. Having taken off to Aktau, I travelled around the region and by train went to Uzbekistan to Nukus.


All this time I lived in hostels. I happened to live in a hotel and a guest house during my tour to Altyn-Emel.

I will be happy to return to Kazakhstan and continue my journey. Next time I want to go to Aktau, Aksu-Dzhabagly, Bozdhira and other places that I missed.


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