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WE matter who is close to us and to our families. We wish to be close to us only reliable people who can be trusted.

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  • Наш Человек стремится создавать то, что улучшает жизнь людей

  • Наш Человек в общении с окружением честен и справедлив, порядочен и верен

  • Вы доверяете ему и уверены в его искренности

  • Наш Человек живет полной жизнью: любимая семья, достойное окружение, любимое дело, интересное хобби

  • Наш Человек всегда идет вперед и развивается

  • Наш Человек неравнодушен и готов вместе с нами создавать добрые дела

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Recommend an inspiring person

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Berekhanov Ahmed, 57, from Tselinograd, entrepreneur


My family was living in the Turgai district before being rehabilitated in 1958. My parents were on their half way home when they were stopped and returned back to Kazakhstan for the conflicts erupted between the indigenous inhabitants and the returnees in the Chechen Republic.

My parents were allocated a piece of land in Akmolinsk and were given a loan of 5,000 rubles to build a house. Parents had two sons at that time; five of us were born afterwards.

I was born in 1961 in Tselinograd. I had the best childhood ever. All the summer round we were playing on sports grounds, by the river, we made scooters.

I graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in finance and economics. In the 90’s I was working in Moscow on a diplomatic mission, we were negotiating about some benefits for shuttle traders. We negotiated with Turkey and China and in 1996 I returned to Kazakhstan. For 22 years I worked for a Swiss construction company, became a chief of supply. Three years ago I had to quit due to health problems. Now I feel much better and have my own business.

Now I’m engaged in the sugar transportation from Krasnodar to Astana, I’ve opened two shops for gas concrete blocks and shingles manufacture.

I like it in Kazakhstan, it's my Motherland. I’d never change living in Kazakhstan for anything else.

We honor our traditions. I regularly go to my historical homeland. We believe that we are nothing without a teip, which is translated as a “clan”.

Of course, there are some differences between states as Kazakhstan is a secular country, while Ingushetia is the Muslim one.

Chechens and Ingush miss Kazakhstan, especially the elderly. The ones coming from Kazakhstan are always guided to old people’s speaking Kazakh. Our elder generation is grateful to Kazakhstanis for their hospitality during the resettlement.

My favorite place in Astana is the park. While working in the akimat, I was against the park reconstruction, because it was believed to be all the residents’ favorite spot. Every spring the townspeople would gather at Ishim, organize fairs and folk festivals.

I like Old Square. All the right bank objects seem native to me. I try to visit the left bank as rarely as possible. Also we often go to the Palace of Youth to see my grandchildren dancing at the "Vainakh" ensemble.

I’m planning to build my dacha, go to the resort with my wife and help my sons raise grandchildren who we’re really proud of. I'm not going to leave Kazakhstan.

Ismail Goigov, 30, from Tyumen, entrepreneur

I came to Kazakhstan in 1998 from the suburbs of Tyumen.

My father was born in Kazakhstan, so I did not feel any difficulties while moving.

I’ve visited Ingushetia twice this year. There are both differences and similarities between Ingush and Kazakhs. Frankly speaking, I was struck by the Kazakh tradition to hold two full weddings. We do have two weddings as well, but the bride's one is not large-scale.

Our people have a common history since migration, Kazakhstan is my second Motherland. I like people living here.

There are many parks in the city, I like it. I often walk in the Central Park and Triathlon Park. I spend my free time indoors or riding a bike. Sometimes I visit quiet places.

I’m planning to develop my business and travel around Kazakhstan, as I’ve never been to Almaty for 20 years.

Ruslan Tumgoev, 39, from Astana, builder


Our grandfathers had many difficulties being deported to Kazakhstan. Locals were pit against the repressed, yet many managed to survive thanks to the hospitality of your people. The Ingush were restricted and forbidden to move to other settlements.

Now we’re living in a tolerant state with the residents welcomed to do what they love. Kazakhstan is our second or even sometimes the first Motherland. Kazakhstan is our mother for raising and nourishing us.

I like people, society and the weather in Kazakhstan. Astana is the most beautiful city for me. One of the first buildings I saw in Astana was the building of the Ministry of Finance.

Our company was engaged in the construction of "Duman" entertainment center and some other residential buildings.

I travel once a year or every two years to Ingushetia. The Ingush are hospitable, they can give you a lift to the other end of the city and bring you back if you need.

We really respect elders in Ingushetia. Going by car and seeing an elderly person at the bus stop, I can’t drive past. I stop and give him/her a lift to wherever they want. Driving past is unacceptable in Ingushetia.

Ingushetia is a mountainous country, there are no winds. In the summer it’s stuffy, but the mountain air fills you with the energy.

What connects the Kazakh and Ingush peoples is the desire for justice.

I would advise future generations to learn from the mistakes of the past. I want all the people to forgive each other.

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