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Recommend an inspiring person

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New people. 24 talented kids from Central Asian countries


New people. 24 talented kids from Central Asian countries

Sofi Manassyan, 12 years old, blogger, @sofimanassyan


I am a dancer, pianist and actress. If possible, I want to become a world famous actress.

Nurali Beisekozha, 14 years old, Almaty, violinist, composer, pianist, laureate of international and national competitions, @beisekozhanurali


I am a musician, author and performer. I play the violin and piano. Today I have more than 100 pieces.

Zhibek Kulumbetova, 13 years old, Almaty, athlete, @zhibek_bjj

жибеккулумбетова (5).jpg

My favorite hobby is jujitsu. This sport has become an integral part of my life. For more than two years, I have been studying in the Almaty region in the Sagadat Nurmagambetov Hall - Sagadat Batyr.

Zarina Nurzhanova, 15 years old, Shymkent, blogger, actress

New people. 24 talented kids from Central Asian countries

I am cheerful person. Two and a half years ago, my mother helped me begin my career as a blogger and a viner. At that time, I did not even know what Instagram was and how to use it. Relatives helped with editing and filming. I just wanted to share positive, good mood.

Madina Kemelhanova, 16 years old, Zhanaozen, blogger, @kemelhanovvaа


I am a model, blogger and entrepreneur. First, I started blogging, and then I became interested in cooking. I organized master classes for schoolchildren, which were attended by more than 200 people in a year. I also have my own beauty salon, where I work as a makeup artist. Sometimes I work as a model in small agencies.

Lily, 11 years old, Nur Sultan, @lil_ya


I am in fifth grade, studying in art school and attending vocal classes. In my leisure time, I shoot videos at Likee.

Edel Kasenova, 10 years old, Bishkek, gymnast, model, @edel_kasenova

сша1 (8).jpg

I was born in Kyrgyzstan, and eight years later my family and I moved to the USA. Today we live in Miami, where I study at a prestigious American school and do rhythmic gymnastics.

Young talents in Central Asia: singers, actresses and dancers

Aminka Vitaminka, @aminokka


Aminka Vitaminka is a small video blogger that shoot challenges, vlogs, and vines.

Danelia Tuleshova, @tuleshova_daneliya


Danelia is a singer, winner of the fourth season of Voice Kids Ukraine, winner of the audience’s prize for the New Wave kids contest.

Albina Koikelova, @miss_bibi_official


Albina Koikelova is a participant of the Central Asia Got Talent show.

Alina Sansyzbay, @alina.sansyzbay.official


Alina Sansyzbay is a singer and participant of the Voice Kids show in Ukraine and in Russia.

Dina Manar, @dina.manar


Dina Manar is an actress, model, and blogger.

Nurperi Turgunalieva, @aiko_nurko


Nurperi Turgunalieva became famous thanks to dancing. The girl participated in the show Luchshe Vseh on Channel One Russia. She won the X-Factor Talent Show.

Aizhan Sezdbekova


Aizhan is a chess player. She has won several awards among juniors.

Milana Pak, @milana__pak_official


Milana Pak is a singer, winner of the Yulduzcha children's contest.

Sevinch Khodieva


Sevinch Khodieva is a young singer. She participated in the second season of the children's vocal contest You are super! on NTV.


Samir Abdurazakov, @samir_abdourazakov

Одаренные дети Таджикистана: музыканты, изобретатели и ...

Samir has been playing the piano since the age of five. He lives in Sweden, but his parents are from Tajikistan. Therefore, at competitions the musician represents two countries.

Shakhlo Soyarkulova


She is a talented singer from Tajikistan.

Manizha Aminova, @manizha.aminii


She fourteen-year-old singer, who also sing in @WD67_official rock band.

Abdurozik, @abdu_rozik


Abdurozik is a singer from Tajikistan who performs songs in Tajik in rap style.

Nigora Ashrapova


Nigora is engaged in robotics, and participates in international competitions.

Nozia Davlatova

Скромная и светлая: выступление юной Нозии на шоу талантов - видео

Nozia is a talented girl from Tajikistan who participated in the Central Asia Got Talent contest.

Sabrina Abrorova


Sabrina is a chess player. She is the first world chess champion in her age category from Tajikistan.

Ikbol Temirkhodjaev, @iqbolkhuja


Ikbol is a programmer. He writes codes for programs.

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