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I speak Kazakh language


I speak Kazakh language


Ahliddin Kulakhmetov — 21 years old, hometown — Turkestan, student, nationality — Uzbek

I studied at a mixed Kazakh-Uzbek school. Now I am studying at the Eurasian National University of L.N.Gumilyov at the Faculty of Philology. In order to learn the language it is important to surround yourself with good environment that speaks in Kazakh. Since childhood, there have always been many Kazakhs among my friends. However, when you study any language, it is not enough just to talk. It is also important to be able to write, know the alphabet and rules. I was taught by my Kazakh teacher — Kaiyrkhan Sartbayly. I am very grateful to him. After I learned the Kazakh alphabet, I started reading fairy tales, when I grew up — newspapers and magazines, books. However, for example, in order to understand scientific articles, I used a dictionary. I cannot say that I learned the Kazakh language at one time, because such knowledge is given with great difficulty and requires constant work. I talk in Kazakh with my friends and teachers, since I study at the Kazakh department. When people first hear my Kazakh speech, without resemblance to Uzbek, they are surprised. Knowledge of the Kazakh language is very important for me. First, it is needed for science, it allows me to communicate clearly and present my thoughts. Secondly, the authority of the state language is growing every day. If the country, in which I live, speaks this language, then I believe that I must speak this language too.


Oksana Loskutova — 36 years old, hometown — Aktobe, press secretary of JSC "Kazakhstan TV and Radio Corporation", nationality — Russian

My mother is Kazakh, and in the childhood, I was speaking Kazakh language, when we were playing with the guys in the yard. I graduated from the Russian school in Pavlodar, and after school, I returned to my native city — Aktobe, where I enrolled to specialty "Teacher of the Kazakh language and literature". Since that time, I have been studying the Kazakh language. I began to pay special attention to Kazakh language, because it is not appropriate for the teacher of Kazakh language do not speak that language. I worked as a teacher for several years, after I worked in the media. In order to learn the language well, you need to deal with translations. First, it will increase the vocabulary, and secondly, you can remember the structure of the sentence. The very first work that I read in Kazakh is the poem by S. Seifullin "Kokshetau", and the next work is a novel by T. Akhtanov "Shyragyn sonbesin!" This is a complex work, but I still remember some of the expressions in this book. I am still learning the Kazakh language, in my opinion, knowing something is 100 percent impossible. Both at work and at home I talk in Kazakh. I prepare the texts in the official language and write in two languages. Everyone is surprised when they see me talking in the Kazakh language. In the beginning, I was embarrassed, I do not like a lot of attention to myself, but on the broadcast, it is hard to stay unnoticed. Recently, the number of people speaking Kazakh has increased in Astana. I believe that every Kazakh should speak his native language. Personally, knowledge of Kazakh helps me a lot in my daily life, since I work as a press secretary.


Kamil Bayramov — 21 years old, hometown — Ayagoz, programmer, nationality — Azerbaijani

In the childhood, I played soccer, and there were many Kazakhs in our team. I started to learn Kazakh because of my friends. Besides the fact that we just talked, I also read books. Including, "Abai Zholy", books about the Head of State. I never stopped learning Kazakh, even after I entered the university. Most often, I talk in Kazakh with friends and at work. Previously, everyone was surprised when they heard me using Kazakh language. Now in Kazakhstan almost every representative of another nationality knows Kazakh. In everyday life, friends always help me and correct my mistakes in pronunciation. I am proud to live in Kazakhstan and I know the Kazakh language. I consider it as a duty.


Minigul Yusupova 20 years old, hometown — Astrakhan, Russia, student, nationality — Bashkir

I was born in Russia, but I grew up in Western Kazakhstan. From the first grade, I studied at the Kazakh school. Moreover, people that surrounded me talked in Kazakh. When I was at school, my family and I participated in various competitions that take place among representatives of other nationalities in the Kazakh language. After the seventh grade, I took part in the Olympics on the Kazakh language and literature. I participated in the national contest KATEV and got a prize. I can say with confidence that I know Kazakhs better than my native language. I talk almost everywhere in Kazakh, because all the neighbors are Kazakhs, and we also speak Kazakh at home. Outwardly, I look like a Kazakh, so many people think that I am Kazakh and do not wonder how fluently I speak.

абдул вахид.jpg

Abdul Vahid Nazimi — 21 years old, hometown — Badakhshan, Afghanistan, student, nationality — Afghan

I came to Kazakhstan in 2013 and passed Kazakh language courses in Almaty. I listened to lectures on Kazakh traditions, about the history of Kazakhstan. I learned many Kazakh words, I learned how to ask questions and answer them. If someone starts talking to me in Kazakh at the dormitory, then I also talk with him in Kazakh. However, I have a little accent. I also understand everything about what they are saying, but when I answer, I find it difficult. Nevertheless, I try to express my thoughts in the Kazakh language. Of course, everyone is surprised when I speak Kazakh. When I lived in Almaty, I spoke better in the state language than now in Astana. Because here many people communicate with me in Russian.


Maxim Tyan — 22 years old, hometown — Atyrau, insurance agent, nationality — Korean

I know Kazakh since childhood, because most of my friends are Kazakh. My friends always help me, and at school, good teachers have influenced the level of my Kazakh language. When I was at school, I always participated and became the winner of regional Olympiads on Kazakh language. 50 percent of the language I studied at school, but to this day, I try to learn new words and proverbs. As Kazakhs say: "Bir gasyr omir sur, bir gasyr oky" (You are always studying while you living), therefore, I still study the Kazakh language. Because many of my friends and acquaintances are Kazakhs, I often speak Kazakh. Many people ask me such questions: "Are you Kazakh?" Or "How did you learn to talk in Kazakh?". My father and mother are Koreans, but I believe that as a person living in Kazakhstan, I need to know the Kazakh language. Yes, I am Korean, but in my heart ­— I am Kazakh!

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