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A teacher from India about life in Uzbekistan, work and local culture
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A teacher from India about life in Uzbekistan, work and local culture

Prabha Kiran, a digital marketing specialist, has been living and working in Uzbekistan for the past eight months. We asked her to share her impressions of the country and found out what she thinks about the local culture.

Prabha Kiran, Tashkent, Senior Lecturer at Westminster International University in Tashkent


About yourself

I am from India, grew up and studied in the state of Karnataka in the south of the country. I am professional in digital marketing: consulting and lecturing in this field. I have worked as a teacher in India, Singapore, the UK and other countries.

I publish research papers in the social media and digital branding industry. I conduct workshops on analytical tools for students and teachers. For the last seven to eight months, I have been working as a lecturer at Westminster International University in Tashkent.

Pandemic played a big role in my movement to Tashkent. I had plans to do post-doctoral studies in Italy, but it did not work out. I like travelling, exploring new places and spending some time there, so I submitted my CV to other places around the world. After receiving a call from WIUT, I agreed. I wanted to take a look at the new culture and visit Uzbekistan.

About the work

I work as a Senior Lecturer at Westminster International University in Tashkent. I teach undergraduate and graduate students. I am the leader of the Digital Marketing and Principals of Marketing modules, developing and implementing new courses.

I am working on a government project funded by CTTN and the WIUT research wing. It covers four countries — we are responsible for Uzbekistan. The goal is to find out how the pandemic has affected different industries in these countries. My task is to explore the digital divide between rural and urban areas. The other three countries are Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Pakistan.


I didn't dream of becoming a teacher. Once I even thought that I would work quietly in the office of some large company. This profession was prompted by doctoral studies. I realized that I was interested in teaching other people. I feel responsible for inspiring young minds who have many doubts and questions, the answers to which are difficult to find on their own. For example, writing a research paper is a task that scares many students. My task is to facilitate this process, and I like to do it.

I like to challenge my students — interesting ideas come to them, when I do it. This motivates me to continue working. It's especially nice when former students tell me that my lectures have changed their lives. At moments like that I feel that I am on the right path.

About Uzbekistan

I did research about the country before moving there: read a lot of articles and notes. In addition, I consulted with my father, who visited country in the 1980s. So, I knew about what was coming, but Uzbekistan still surprises me.

In India, they know about Tashkent, but they don’t know about Uzbekistan. This country seems to be lost on the map. That's why I was surprised when I met such a rich culture, cool people and a friendly atmosphere. In addition, the capital has a well-developed infrastructure, excellent weather.


Tashkent seems to be an organized place. Probably because I'm from India, where cities have a high population density. People are friendly here, they treat each other respectfully. I do not know Uzbek or Russian, but despite the language barrier, people around are always helping me. I met a lot of interesting people at the university, whom I can call friends.

I plan to visit Samarkand and Bukhara in the coming weeks. I also want to see Karakalpakstan and see nearby countries, for example, Kazakhstan.

About culture

Recently, there was a celebration of Navruz at the university. It was interesting to participate. I noticed a lot of similarities with the Indian festival, during which we wear bright traditional clothes.

As a vegetarian, I try all the appropriate dishes. I love local French fries, lentil and pumpkin soups. The local bread is amazing in its variety, and I like its different combinations. I like samsa stuffed with pumpkin or potatoes — it looks like an Indian samosa dish.

India is popular in Uzbekistan

India is popular in Uzbekistan. People often ask questions about Bollywood, songs, traveling around the country. I am always happy to answer them. One day, a taxi driver found out that I was from India, turned on Indian songs and told me that he had always loved Indian culture. When I tell this story, warm feelings arise.

About plans

I like what I'm doing — exploring new places and cultures.

Uzbekistan is a young country and the next few years will be important for its development. I hope that I can become a part of this movement and contribute to a better future.

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