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Why it is worth coming to the East Kazakhstan region


Why it is worth coming to the East Kazakhstan region

East Kazakhstan is a region where everyone can find something interesting for themselves. Let's talk more about this area.



Where to stay

Hostels: Vostok, Uyut, Hostel#1

Hotels: Dedeman Oskemen Tavros Hotel, Deluxe Spa-Hotel, Shiny River Hotel, Galirad.

What to watch

Monument Baiterek


Nowhere in Kazakhstan, except for the capital, you will find Baiterek higher than this one. A copy of the majestic monument in Astana is also beautiful and interesting.

Ecopark Levoberezhny

A botanical garden, a zoo, a family zone and much more await you in the Livoberezhny Ecopark.

Zhastar Park

Everyone will find something to do in the park. Along with beautiful views and a peaceful atmosphere, you can get acquainted with the culture of the peoples of Kazakhstan.

Museum of History and Local Lore

The perfect choice for history buffs. Interesting exhibits and the long history of the museum itself are what this place is famous for.

East-Kazakhstan Regional Drama Theatre named after Zhambyl


Theater is always something interesting and fascinating, and the theater in Ust-Kamenogorsk is no exception. History, culture and design give this place an unusual character.

Kazakh ethnographic museum

For those who like to study the culture of different peoples, the museum is ideal. At the moment, it houses monuments of Kazakh and Russian culture, as well as exhibits reflecting the culture of small ethnic groups of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

What to try

Shchi baursaki

In East Kazakhstan region they are made from unleavened dough and sugar. A distinctive feature is that such barusaki are small, crispy and sweet.


курт атырау.jpeg

This fermented milk product is especially popular in the regions of Central and Eastern Kazakhstan. Here it is usually salty, but recently sweet kurt has also become popular.

Jeti shelpek

Everyone's favorite shelpeks are especially popular in East Kazakhstan. There are many legends around this familiar dish. For example, that before a traveler on a long journey was given a zheti shelpek in order to prevent troubles.


They prefer not to add potatoes here, they put a little onion in the sorpa, but they don’t spare meat and often use horse meat, beef, and lamb at once. Kazy is placed right on top of the whole dish.

Where to go near the city



Recreation centers and views of the lake provide an opportunity to have a good rest and enjoy the beauty of this area both in summer and in winter.

The inscription Kazakhstan

The inscription is similar to the one in Hollywood. If you are nearby, do not miss the opportunity to take a photo with her in the background.

Ski resort Altai Alps

A fairy tale where there is a place for everyone. In the mountains, you can simply admire the gorgeous view from the ski lifts, but also go snowboarding, skiing and bunting.


Despite the fact that Bukhtarma is an ordinary water utility, you can relax there no worse than on any of the lakes. Beautiful views, a gorgeous beach, cool water are the real advantages of the canal.

Austrian Road


The road itself connects the Kurchumsky and Karagaysky districts, and the views from it are incredible. The place is suitable to take memorable photos or just admire the beauty of nature.


Markakol is one of the most beautiful lakes in Kazakhstan. It is surrounded by dense forests and its color changes depending on the season.

Berel burial mounds

The most famous of them is the Golden Mound of the Tsars. The burial mound where the remains of a Saka warrior with clothes completely embroidered with gold are located — Altyn Adam.

Katon-Karagai National Natural Park

Large national park in Kazakhstan. It is located 400 kilometers from Ust-Kamenogorsk. In 2014, the park was included in the list of specially protected heritage of UNESCO.

On the territory there is Yazevoe Lake. There are ides here, reaching 3 kilograms.

Mount Belukha


The highest point of Siberia and Altai is located 300 kilometers from Ust-Kamenogorsk. Tours and climbing routes are available for tourists.


These are as many as five lakes in the mountains, where you can walk and swim in the summer.

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