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Why Geneva is the best city for living: Many vacancies and multicultural environment


Why Geneva is the best city for living: Many vacancies and multicultural environment

Nina Rocia, 26 years old, hometown — Nottingham, PhD student


About lifestyle and condition

I came to Geneva to study, and I think I will stay here. The distinctive features of the country are a high standard of living and the most reliable banking system. Geneva is called the smallest of the big cities, as well as the city of the world.

In Switzerland, each city as a separate state. People everywhere are different, for example, across the country mostly speak German, but in Geneva people speak in French. At the same time, there is a large percentage of expats, and any of them will speak to you in English. It is a small but compact city. At the same time, Geneva is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe.

The distinctive features of the country are a high standard of living and the most reliable banking system

The city clings to the old architecture, good theatres, opera. People like to spend time in museums and galleries. I would describe the locals as calm and soulful.

It is a city for a quiet and peaceful life. A city of aristocrats, but where you'll be comfortable. Every local resident knows own worth and the value of the rights.

About work

It is said that every tenth resident of Geneva is an employee of international companies and organizations. People here work quietly and do their job. The high cost of living corresponds to its high quality. There are always a lot of vacancies, and the salary is high.

The city has developed a private banking sector, trade and finance. Such specialists are always in demand. Switzerland does not have big taxes, despite the expensive standards of living.

Geneva is a small paradise for shoppers of luxury brands. Therefore, work can be found in tourism, hotel business and services.

About transport

There is one tariff for public transport within the city. You can buy a ticket for a week, month or year. Geneva has direct rail and bus links to other cities and countries. It will be cheap to travel from the city.

You can drive from one part of the city to another in half an hour. The city is well equipped for cycling.

Lyon is about an hour's drive away, close to the French and Swiss Alps. Trains run quickly to other parts of Switzerland. Geneva is a convenient centre for travelling to other European countries, such as France, Italy, Germany.

Roman Kolumchin, 30 years old, hometown — Saint Petersburg, an employee of the banking sector


About living conditions

Geneva is a modern city, despite its centuries-old history. The city stands out among all European with its special atmosphere and lifestyle. This is an expensive country, so the cost of living is better not to compare with another Europe. But the standard of living is much better and higher. This is influenced by the level of wages, working conditions and benefits for local people.

We chose this city because it is an international space, everything is focused on people. 50% of the city's population is not local. You will definitely hear more than ten languages in the world by just walking around the city centre.

The city stands out among all European with its special atmosphere and lifestyle

Anyone who intends to stay in Switzerland for more than three months must obtain a residence permit. I meet many Russian-speaking expats from the CIS countries in Geneva.

About living costs


Imported goods, such as electronics, are inexpensive here. But local products and services cost a lot of money. Therefore, we have a small life hack for tourists or recently moved — we go shopping in France. A 20-minute drive to the nearest city in another country, where prices are several times less.

Everyone mostly rents because buying a house in Geneva is expensive. Or prefer to live in nearby French cities.

Non-residents of the country can own real estate in some ski resorts, as well as near Montreux, Lugano, Interlaken and Lucerne.

About education and medicine

It's known, the Swiss are centenarians. After living here for several years, I have not revealed the secret, but perhaps this is due to the clean mountain air and good environment. Every person living in Switzerland for more than three months must have health insurance. The level of medicine and services provided at the highest level. School education is considered one of the best in the world.

Rene Kosikowcki, 25 years old, hometown — Geneva, ecologist


About living conditions

This is my hometown, although I managed to live in several world capitals. I like Geneva with its endless greenery and fresh air. The city is close to nature, many parks in the centre, always singing birds, spectacular views of the mountains, the proximity of the lake. Beautiful villages and small towns near the city.

The peculiarity of one of the Central European cities in its peace, quietness and comfort. There are not so many people on the streets on weekends, except tourist areas such as the Old City. Many local people go to nature, to the mountains.

The peculiarity of one of the Central European cities in its peace, quietness and comfort

Geneva seems to consist of three different parts. The first is international, where all the world's companies and corporations are concentrated. The second part is rich because here bankers and financiers do not hesitate to show their state and buy expensive cars. The third is the atmospheric and old part of the city, where you can make friends with the local population. The Swiss are kind and hospitable people.

About work

It is the financial centre of the world, so it is easy to find a job in the city. You can try to send a resume to the companies If you are a good specialist and speak English or French. People work here either in the financial sector or in one of the many international organizations.

Geneva is the centre of international organizations, for example, UN, Red Cross, CERN. It is one of the most multicultural places in the world. Therefore, the cost of living here corresponds to needs.

Local not afraid of the prices because they earn enough money. Here people know the value of money, know how to save. Therefore, pensioners from Switzerland often travel around the world.

About safety and ecology

Geneva is an eco-friendly city where drivers at traffic lights can turn off the engine, and for local people, it is absolutely normal and customary to sort garbage. It is also a clean city, and the proximity of the mountains plays a role. Local activities include wakeboarding, sailing, mountain biking, rock climbing, kitesurfing and paragliding. The Swiss lead a quiet but active lifestyle.

In winter we like to ski and there are many mountain resorts within an hour's drive from Geneva. In summer, students go Hiking, summer camps. Favourite places of citizens — the promenade of Lake Geneva, parks, old alleys.

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