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Recommend an inspiring person

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Marina Kopeiko, 26, hometown — Karaganda, wedding stylist


I moved to Kaliningrad two years ago under the program of resettlement of compatriots. This move was caused by the desire for changes. Of course, it was hard in the beginning because there were almost no acquaintances in the city, and each document was required to be translated and notarized, and this was not cheap.

However, from the first minute, I fell in love with this city, I was fascinated by its nature and architecture. And, of course, the sea. After the habitual and beloved Balkhash, Baltika was insanely cold. During the first year I did not even dare to swim, but walking near the sea became my tradition. I got used to the city quickly, it reminds me my native Karaganda. Everything is compact here, there are many small cozy restaurants with reasonable prices, a lot of parks and squares.


Of course, life here is different from life in Kazakhstan. For me, new perspectives opened up here, and now I have an opportunity to travel more. Also, it is great that it takes only 20 minutes to get to the sea. Even though it is cold, it is so beautiful at any time of the year. Winter here is softer than in Kazakhstan, the temperature does not fall below 15 degrees Celsius. You will not need fur coat or warm boots here.

I did not come to Kazakhstan after I moved and I do not plan to return. My whole family has joined me recently. In fact, Kaliningrad is a favorite place to move from Kazakhstan. There are a lot of our compatriots, we even have our own group. We often meet and remember Kazakhstan with love and light sadness, because a part of our life, friends and close people stayed there.

Kaliningrad has become my favorite and native city, and I do not want to change it to anything else.

Yulia Sergienya, 24, hometown — Petropavlovsk


My husband and I moved to Kaliningrad from Petropavlovsk in 2017.

Before, we had not even thought that we would live there and did not consider this city as a possible option. Relatives suggested us to move there, and we decided to try.

We did not experience any difficulties while moving. We moved under the program of “Resettlement.”

When we arrived, we were mostly surprised by the beauty of the city. We liked Kaliningrad so much that in the beginning we had euphoria. There are amazing architecture and beautiful old buildings.

To be honest, in Russia, apart from Kaliningrad, we have not been anywhere else, so it is difficult to compare this region with the other ones.

We often come to Kazakhstan to visit our parents, but I think that in the future we will stay in Kaliningrad.

Maxim Abramenkov, 31, hometown — Almaty, financial specialist


I moved to Kaliningrad a year ago. My move was connected with the fact that the part of our large family moved to Russia. For three years I have been visiting them in Kaliningrad and decided to move there as well. I applied to the resettlement program and moved.

It is important to note that life there is more expensive. With each my visit to Kaliningrad, prices were increasing. And at the time of the move, prices were twice higher than in Almaty.

In my opinion, life in Kazakhstan and Russia is different. If you take Almaty and Kaliningrad, then these are two completely different cities. The difference is manifested through the scale, climate, and the rhythm of life. It seems to me that we, immigrants from Kazakhstan, are more united and friendly than the locals. They are not like that.

If you have not met local people who work in certain structures, then Kaliningrad people can be called quite sociable and friendly.


I would say that one of the advantages of living there is the fact that Kaliningrad is a European city with beautiful ecology and German architecture. It is convenient that the border is close, and it's literally a stone's throw from Poland.

I like the rhythm of life in this city, its location and dimensions. But there is a lack of Kazakh national cuisine, service like ours and friends who stayed in Kazakhstan.

This year I came home once, in winter, in order to ski and meet my friends and relatives. I am planning to live in Russia, particularly, in Kaliningrad at the current time.

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