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Askar Maratov, 28, hometown — Taraz, marketer


I moved to Dushanbe in February 2017, and my move was connected with work. I am an employee in Coca-Cola company, so I was transferred from Kazakhstan to Tajikistan because they needed a marketer there.

Perhaps, because I was young and ready to move, new discoveries and knowledge, it was not hard for me to make a decision about moving. I moved to Dushanbe, and several months later my wife and child joined me.

When we moved, we were surprised how the weather was warm in Tajikistan. Even after Almaty, it was still warm here. Also, I was struck by the fact that if you look at the country from an economic perspective, then it is poor. There are no natural resources in comparison with Kazakhstan. Also in Kazakhstan, business is more developed because the consuming capacity is much higher.

Tajiks are hospitable and friendly people. They are tolerant and calm. Similarly to Kazakhs, Tajiks love big celebrations. However, last year the number of allowed guests at the сelebrations was limited on a legislative level. Now, people cannot invite to the wedding more than 150 guests. In this way, people won’t spend a lot of money due to the bad economic situation. In terms of culture Tajiks are similar to Uzbeks as they widely celebrate Novruz.

If we talk about differences, then one can feel that there are few ethnicities living in Tajikistan. We are proud of Kazakhstan being a multinational country, while in Tajikistan about 85% of the population are Tajiks, and Uzbeks consists a considerable part. This influences on the entire life in the country. In Kazakhstan, we have various traditions, different worldview, while here the society is more conservative.


Also, there are a lot of children in Tajik families. If, in Kazakhstan, there are on average two children in one family, then here usually four or five. For example, when you walk in the park, you pay attention to the fact that the families are big here.

I noticed that in Kazakhstan education is at higher level. Here, everything is different mainly due to the particular qualities of the country’s development. You can feel it even in the big cities.

What I love here the most is a warm winter and ecology. After living in Almaty, you feel fresh air. There are no traffic jams. Also, I noticed that since the country is small, all the news spreads very fast. There are no so many projects or events happening, and whatever you have done, people will find about it quickly.

Sometimes, there are not enough places for me where I can spend time with the family or friends. For instance, there is only one shopping mall in Tajikistan, which was built last year in Dushanbe. Sectors of entertainment and food are poorly developed.

Unfortunately, we go to Kazakhstan quite rarely, only for business. At the end of the year, it will become clear: if the company asks me to stay here, I’ll definitely stay, but if not, then most likely I will come back to Kazakhstan. In the long term, I would like to visit all the countries of Central Asia because despite all the similarities, when you live in the country, you feel the differences between our cultures.

Maksat Srazhadinov, 22, hometown — Baikonur, a student of Karaganda State Medical University


I went to Tajikistan in spring by the program of academic mobility to Tajik State Medical University named after Abuali Ibni Sino.

My first impression — sunny people live in sunny Tajikistan. Dushanbe is a beautiful green city. People are hospitable, and even on the night shift they fed us. Wherever we came, everywhere they set the tables with delicious osh-palov and their special flatbread — lepeshki. Girls and women mainly wear headscarves and strictly follow the religious norms. Guys and men are dressed in a classical way, always in suits. If the students wear jeans to the university, then they won’t be allowed to come in.


There is Nauryz holiday in Tajikistan as well called Novruz. During the whole month, people wear traditional dress.

I was mostly impressed by hospitality. We thought that it won’t be easy to adapt, but when we came, they met us, took to the dormitory and shown the city. In comparison with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan is less developed.

Roksana Dzhuraeva, 24, hometown — Shymkent, doctor


My homeland is Kazakhstan, I was born and grew up here. I always dreamed about visiting Tajikistan, because this country is my culture, history, traditions, language and values. I wanted to see all these native to me things. I think that each person should not only know own traditions and customs but also see and feel them.

Thanks to my study in Karaganda State Medical University, I had a chance to go there several times for medical practice and conferences.

I was mostly amazed by people in this country — they are so simple and kind, ready to help any person. If you are a tourist or a guest from another country, then you are a happy man and an important guest. In Kazakhstan, people are a little bit coarse and selfish. In Tajikistan, whoever you are, you will be invited as a dear guest, fed, shown everything and, overall, treated as if you are an old friend.

My friends from Astana and Almaty were struck by this hospitality. Despite the fact that I am from Shymkent, even my native city lags behind the kindness of Tajiks. I am simply in love with these people.

Nevertheless, life in Kazakhstan is becoming more and more similar to Europe, while in Tajikistan people are more devoted to traditions. I like that women are equal with men in Kazakhstan, there is no such thing in Tajikistan.

Also, what is interesting is that there is no prohibition to organize large weddings in Kazakhstan, Kazakhs organize weddings for 500 or even 1000 guests. However, it is different in Tajikistan, there is a limit on the number of guests and cars. I haven’t thought about moving there because I love Kazakhstan. I think I could not live in Tajikistan because I am used to our mentality.

Tokhir Babaev, 26, hometown — Shymkent, urologist-andrologist


In Tajikistan, I studied at the Medical University. By nationality I am Tajik, this is why I did not experience any difficulties while living there. Besides, the life of Kazakhstani is almost the same as the life of Tajikistani.

I love the hospitality of people living in Tajikistan. Also, I like the local weather and nature. Nonetheless, I always missed my homeland.

I can proudly say that I am a patriot of Kazakhstan and I love my country. Wherever I have been, I always return to my country and my family because I was born here.

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