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Recommend an inspiring person

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Yermurat Taken, 20, from Kokshetau, a student

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-12 at 22.10.48 (1).jpeg

I moved to Poland three years ago. I had a choice whether to stay in Kazakhstan or fly to Poland. I hesitated, but my mother persuaded me to go to Poland as she said that she hadn’t such a opportunity. She wanted me to see the world. Getting out of the comfort zone, you improve yourself.

I chose Poland as it is one of the closest European countries to Kazakhstan. It has its own currency, not the euro as in other European countries. At that time prices in Poland were low. When I submitted the documents, the ratio of zoloty to tenge was 1 to 50, but in a couple of months there was a devaluation, and the exchange changed for the better. Now the rate is already 1 to 94.

Tickets from Poland to Kazakhstan used to be expensive, there was a transfer via Ukraine, Belarus, Russia. Today there’re direct flights to Kazakhstan from Warsaw and Budapest. Now you can fly for 24 000 tenge.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-12 at 22.10.48.jpeg

I had language problems initially, as English is not popular here. I’ve learned Polish in a year as I had no choice. You must know Polish. Sometimes I come across negativity towards my nationality or religion. In Kazakhstan people are more loyal.

Life in Kazakhstan is different. Poland is not a modern Europe, but they invest much money in small towns and villages, so the standard of living rises. Doctors and teachers get good salaries. Anyway, there is nothing better than the Motherland. I feel myself calm in Kazakhstan as it’s my Motherland, I really miss our national food, you will not find such a delicious meat here. I think that we will catch up with European countries soon. We need to promote our country in Europe, as they know little about Kazakhstan.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-12 at 22.10.47.jpeg

I know that there’re ethnic Kazakhs in Poland, but I have not met them yet. There is a large national community called "Bars" whicharrange different events. For example, with the support of the Kazakh Embassy in Poland the EuroKZ football tournament attended by Kazakhstani students from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary was held this year. The next tournament will be held in Austria.

I almost graduated from the university, I am preparing for the defense of the diploma and I work for the Arvato Berte lsmann German company. Finding a job here is easier than in Kazakhstan if you know English. I had several interviews and trainings, then started to work. I’m planning to work in Poland to gain experience, since in Kazakhstan it’s difficult to find work without experience. And then I will return to Kazakhstan, for I really miss my homeland.

Madina Igibayeva, 30, from Pavlodar, business analyst


I moved to Poland last September as it was Poland that chose me. I received a job offer. I always wanted to travel and suddenly got an invitation. There were many exciting interviews. Poland is a European country, so I have the opportunity to see many other countries. Besides, the salary I was offered was really attracting me.

I had no difficulties, as the company was completely engaged in relocation. I’d studied in the States, so I was surprised to see Europe to be different from America. I couldn’t communicate well with people, as English is not so popular here. But the company I work for is international, so we all speak English.

Now I'm a business analyst in a large investment bank. We’re developing software for the main bank structure. I get in touch with foreigners mostly.

I deal with Brazilians, Russians mostly. Polish like all Europeans are easy-going, they respect personal life. People prefer working for eight hours only and go home, they work hard and help each other.

Poland is quite similar to Eastern Europe. It’s believed to be far from the West, that’s nice. I like its location most of all. You can travel and explore Europe for cheap. House rental is almost the same like in Astana.

I don’t get in touch with Kazakhs in Poland. I think it makes no sense to explore another culture and constantly spend all the time with Kazakhs at the same time. I believe that people of different nationalities are not so different. We are all human beings, all the ideals and desires are similar.

I’m missing my family and friends. Food in Poland isn’t very tasty, so I’m missing my mother's baking. I want my parents to come and discover Europe.

I want to explore Europe, its culture, traditions, grow as a professional and go on. I realized that Europe is not for me. I’ll return to Kazakhstan for the sake of my family. It’s more difficult to earn money in Kazakhstan. The income I have now enables me help my parents.

Aziza Maemgenova, 24, from Almaty, economist


I moved to Poland four months ago. I chose the country quite spontaneously. Having been refused for an American visa twice I decided to live in Europe and chose Poland. I was enrolled to the language school and received a visa. Arriving to the hostel I met the Poles who showed me everything. We still get in touch.

I like the city I’m living in as it’s interesting, beautiful and clean. I love Polish pastries and friendly people. Poles have a healthy lifestyle. You can see crowds of people running or jogging in the morning. People organize mass roller skating and bike ridings. Poles are friendly, I’ve never encountered conflicts here. Locals were shocked to know about Kazakh weddings as their weddings comprise the closest relatives only. Many Poles are vegetarians, and I'm thinking of trying that.


I learn the language, I am preparing to enter the MA and work. I found a job here the next day I arrived. I work in a small coffee shop with a flexible schedule. I’m a confectioner and have enough salary. In Kazakhstan I worked as a cashier in Alfabank, so I’ve completely changed the way I live. At first it was hard, but I like my job, I have a wonderful boss. She is a patient and loyal woman who always supports me.

Here you can buy for a good car in a couple of months. Your monthly salary is enough to live and save up.

I’m planning to live in Poland, everything suits me. I’m going to live in Europe for the next three or four years. Then I want to see other countries and choose a city for permanent residence.

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