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Kazakh writers and their contribution to the development of national heritage of literature


Kazakh writers and their contribution to the development of national heritage of literature

The modern Kazakh literature began to develop in the beginning of the XX century. During this period modern Kazakh language was gradually forming; new stylistic forms appeared. Kazakh writers began to master new genres.

Abai Kunanbayev



Abay Kunanbayev was born in 1845 in the Semipalatinsk region. Abay is a poet, composer, philosopher, thinker, educator, and also the founder of the new Kazakh realistic literature. The subject of his work was a description of the life of the Kazakh people. His first collection of poems came after his death in 1909 in St. Petersburg. Abay's works are translated into many languages. One of the most famous works of Abay is the poem "Kara Soz" in the literal translation "Black Word", which consists of 45 short parables.

Literary works:

"Masgud", "Iskander", "Legend of Azim", "Kyz-Zhibek", "Kara soz".

Ybrai Altynsarin


Ybrai is on the right


Ybrai Altynsarin was born in 1841 on November 2 in the village of Zhanburchi. He is an outstanding educator, folklorist, ethnographer. Literary heritage of Altynsarin includes translations, poems, stories, ethnographic essays, Kazakh fairy tales. He is called the founder of children's literature. Some of the works in the "Kyrgyz Anthology" are represented by his translations. Altynsarin made translations of L.N. Tolstoy, K.D.Ushinsky, I.Krylov, I.Paulson and others.

Literary works:

"Syn bogacha i syn bednyaka" (Son of a Rich and the Son of the Poor), "Kishlak Seitkul", "Yurta i derevyannyi dom" (Yurt and the Wooden House), "Ignorance", "Harm of Lie".

Mukhtar Auezov



Mukhtar Auezov was born on September 28, 1897 in the Semey. Auezov was a famous writer, public figure, he was the first doctor of philology in Kazakhstan. Auezov showed special interest in Abay Kunanbayev's work and later he wrote a large ethnic narrative about Abay. The entire story was called "The Way of Abay".

Literary works:

"Plechom k plechu" (Shoulder to the shoulder), "Sledy" (Traces), "Steepness", "Three days, "The name of father-in-law", "Two-faced Hasen", "To the heights", "Hunter with an eagle".

Magzhan Zhumabaev



Magzhan Zhumabaev was born on July 25, 1893 in the Bulavsky district of the North-Kazakhstan region. He started writing poems from the age of 14. His poems were published in almost all newspapers in the Kazakh and Tatar languages. In 1929 for the poet comes especially hard times, when he was accused of nationalism and was imprisoned. Magzhan belonged to the number of the most educated Kazakhs of the XX century, mastered in perfection by many languages: Russian, Arabic, Persian, Turkish and numerous dialects of the Turkic language.

Literary works:

"Zhatyr", "Ana Kuz", "Adastym"

Sabit Mukanov

Mukanov 7.jpg


Sabit Mukanov was born on April 13, 1900 in Akmola province. Sabit Mukanov is a classic of Kazakh literature, poet, public figure, academician, chairman of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan. The poem "Sulushas" brought him the greatest popularity. The last years of his life S. Mukanov worked on a trilogy about his most beloved hero - Chokane Valikhanov. In 1974 he published his edition of the ethnographic work "The National Heritage". His books have been translated into many languages.

Literary works:

"Shkola Zhizni" (School of Life), "Botagoz", "Syr Darya"

Gabit Musrepov



Gabit Musrepov was born in 1902 in the Kostanay region. His work in the press began with an ordinary employee and up to the chief editor. He was a brilliant journalist. Working as a journalist, he received a school of life and stories for future works. The play "Amangeldy", like the film with the same name, was created from a newspaper essay.

Literary works:

"Kyz Zhibek", "Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Sulu", "Akhan-sere-Aktokty".

Olzhas Suleimenov



Olzhas Suleimenov was born in 1936 in the city of Almaty. He is a national writer, poet, linguist, Turkologist, politician, prominent state and public figure. His merit as a public figure is the organization of the movement "Nevada-Semey", which achieved a moratorium on the explosions in the Semipalatinsk. Being a Kazakh, he writes poems in Russian, but at the same time he remains a deeply Kazakh poet.

Literary works:

"Solnechnye Nochi" (Sunny Nights), "Az i Ya" (Az and I), "Dobroe vremya voskhoda" (Good Time of sunrise).

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