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How creative people of Central Asia live: videographers about the professional community, inspiration and favorite places


How creative people of Central Asia live: videographers about the professional community, inspiration and favorite places

We talked to videographers from Central Asia and found out where representatives of the creative industry spend their time in Almaty, Bishkek and Tashkent.

Alena Luzhanskaya, 24 years old, city — Bishkek, videographer, @ancaria.kg


About myself

My job is shooting various videos: from individual videos and love stories to dances. In my free time, I do things that inspire and motivate me: I read books, watch movies and series, go out into nature or listen to music.

The love for shooting and editing appeared in my school years. I created a YouTube channel for which I edited movies and series. Some of the videos have received millions of views. One day, one of the cast members of Supernatural liked my video on Twitter.

I got a law degree, but continued to make videos. For some time she worked in the company as an editor, and then she completed training, bought a camera and went freelance.

What I listen, read and watch

Series and movies inspire me. Since I'm a videographer, I can't watch a movie like an ordinary viewer and notice everything: how the titles are made, how the lights are set, how the operator or sound engineer works. And then I try it in my work.

I love fantasy. I have an almost complete collection of books by Robin Hobb and JK Rowling at home. I also love books on self-development and professional literature. I find a lot of interesting ideas there.

I listen to music all the time. I collect songs that inspire me in a separate folder so that later I can shoot something suitable for them. I think that every moment in life has its own composition.

What inspires

Nature inspires me: fresh air, beautiful views.

I like to watch how my colleagues develop, to support them in the comments. I follow Kyrgyz and Kazakh directors, videographers, photographers. I like the clips that the group "Irina Kairatovna" makes. Another cool project is CURLTAI, where music videos of performers from Kyrgyzstan are published.

Where do I spend my free time

My fellow photographers and I often do creative shoots. The more unusual the work, the more interesting it is. In the spring we went to Ala-Archa, to the mountains. They took huge angel wings with them, found a model, prepared an image and filmed a video portrait of an angel in the mountains. These shoots are inspiring and get a huge response on social media.

Like-minded people from the creative industry can be met at various workshops or at festivals. This year there were NOMAD photo fest, SHAMAL festival and other events. It would be cool if we had more such events.

Where to buy

I advise the store where I bought all my equipment — Freeze Frame. Many photographers and videographers love it.

Aizhan Isabayeva, 38 years old, city — Almaty, photographer, videographer, @aizhana_issa


About myself

I worked in foreign companies and banks. At 33, she found herself in creativity. I quit my office job and earn money doing what I love. Now I am a photographer and videographer. I also teach at the best photography school in Kazakhstan — Capture School.

I love mountains, walks along ponds, SPA, listening to lectures on psychology. I take a great interest in dancing, I study directing, French language and people. Sports and yoga are indispensable in my life. If the body is not trained, it begins to think that we do not need it and gradually collapses.

What I listen, read and watch

In music, I am a music lover. I like different genres according to my mood: from DDT and 2pac to Peggy Gou and French r'n'b. I like Kazakh artists: Yenleak, Dequine, M'dee and others.

In literature, I prefer fiction books, because there is nothing more beautiful than the manifestation of the human soul in art. Fiction inspires, expands the space of personal experience, without the experience itself in reality. It's magical!

I also love everything that is written about the control of our consciousness and subconsciousness, about the work of the brain, about NLP. The first thing I read about it back in 2000 was Louise Hay's book Heal Your Life.

I like Kana Beisekeyev's documentaries and the cinema of Soviet Kyrgyzstan. I don't watch modern comedies of Kazakhstan. I also like the work of director Amir Karakulov.

What inspires

Traveling and the people I meet on my travels inspire me.

Watching different people in different countries, I realized how I was inspired by young women in the Commonwealth countries. Beautiful, successful, educated, self and child care guru, life hacker, biohacker, sense of humor, sense of style, psychologist, philologist — always on topic and always up to date. She is a model of education and a guardian of gender rights. And how it manifests itself in creativity!

Where do I spend my free time

Inspiration and like-minded people can be found at exhibitions, festivals, sitting on summer planes, climbing mountains. In the cultural life of Almaty in general.

For the second year in a row, I am a member of the Capture School Photo Drying Jury. This is a great opportunity to meet colleagues from the industry and get inspired by the work of the guys.

Capture School puts on a lot of interesting Open Talks. Here come the guys who have become famous in the photo and video industries.

In the spring of this year, I visited the «Kazakhstan New Wave», listened to a number of lectures on directing and film production.

Where to buy

Love good shoes at Chester, Walker. I order a lot online. I like the Russian brand Ushatava and Korean Paper Moon. Like everyone else, I love Zara.

Hikmat Nigmatullaev, 20 years old, city — Tashkent, videographer, editor, photographer, @nigmatullaev_hh


About myself

I do video shooting and editing. I make profile packs for bloggers and experts. I study sales and marketing.

In my free time, I enjoy playing computer games with a friend and riding my skateboard at night. I try to enjoy the moment.

What I listen, read and watch

I listen to everything except pop music.

I love the films of Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino, because the shooting there is incomparable.

What inspires

Inspiration can be found anywhere: in a book, a movie, a story, a story, or a person. I am inspired by other interesting videographers and photographers, most often they are people from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the USA.

I often look for ideas on Pinterest or make a concept from films or artists of those times.

Where do I spend my free time

My favorite place is Oybek district. There are many cool locations here - this is the city center, and the work is close.

Events for infobusinessmen are also interesting. Recently there was a festival, which brought together a lot of videographers and photographers from all over Tashkent.

Where to buy

From clothing stores I recommend: Lone clover, Zara, Capsule, All or nothing.

Nozim Khakizhanov, 17 years old, city — Tashkent, videographer, @khakimjanoff_n


About myself

I have been working as a video editor for three years, and as a cameraman for a year. I came to this profession when I met a videographer at a wedding and asked to be his apprentice. I mastered editing and gradually became interested in shooting. So I found my profession, which brings income and pleasure.

I have already worked with brands such as Velvet Dresses, Uzbekistan Fashion Week, TFT Expo and others.

What I listen, read and watch

I get different ideas for filming from movies. I am especially inspired by Turkish and European films.

About inspiration

I am inspired by my mentor, teacher. Our conversations always motivate, and his advice helps in work.

Outside of work, I like to hang out with friends, visit interesting places, and eat delicious food. It also charges for fruitful work.

Where do I spend my free time

There are places in Uzbekistan that have a special atmosphere. There are some great shots there. This is nature: mountains, gardens, various parks. I also like Taras Shevchenko Street in Tashkent.

One of the most interesting events that I advise you to visit in Tashkent is Fashion Week. There you can meet like-minded people and learn more about the creative industry.

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