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How a foreigner can get medical services in Germany


How a foreigner can get medical services in Germany

Iya Lashkhi, 26 years old, hometown — Moscow, doctor, blogger

City of residence — Berlin


About insurance

If you came to Germany, not as a tourist, you must issue insurance. If for some reason you do not have it, then most likely you will be fined.

Health insurance can be issued independently by public or private health insurance. There are many firms and companies to help, and you pay monthly.

If you work, the employer is obliged to deduct 50% for your insurance. If you are self-employed, you pay for everything yourself.

There are no private or public clinics only private or public insurance. This does not affect the provision of medical services. And with private and public insurance you go to the usual praxis — private doctors' offices.

There are no private or public clinics only private or public insurance

The price of insurance is an individual depends on your income and about 15% of your salary.


Private insurance has some nuances. You pay less if you are young and healthy. But if something serious happens to you, then insurance may not cover all costs. Therefore, private insurance not recommended for elderly people with chronic diseases.

About the features

In Germany the lack of medical personnel it is problematic to make an appointment with a doctor and could take months.

You need to understand you can not visit any doctor you want to. First, you need to go to a general practitioner — therapist. Only he/she can write a referral to a specialist. This also applies to all medical procedures. If you want to take an MRI, you need to get the direction of the therapist.


Here do not like to treat just on your whim. If it is not an emergency problem, the problem can be solved for a long time.

Quality and service

The medical staff has a friendly approach to patients. They always try to answer all questions. You feel the doctor on the same level as you.

Hospitals look good, prestigious with modern equipment.

But in private doctors' offices sometimes it seems that because of their own savings doctor may not prescribe you any treatment or examination. At the outpatient reception, no one is interested in preventing diseases. But maybe I just haven't found "my" specialist yet.

Alyona Kushnerait, 30 years old, hometown — Rostov, artist

City of residence — Hamburg


About insurance

I do not have citizenship, but I have a residence permit for family reunification. It is valid without restrictions until the expiry date of the passport.

Insurance in Germany is mandatory. There are two types of insurance — general and private. Everyone has their privileges. For example, with private insurance, no queue to visit the doctor, the range of services wider, people has more information. But as far as I know, private insurance costs a lot of money.

I have experience only with state insurance. My insurance company pays for visits to the doctor, a variety of therapies, treatment in the hospital, except dentistry. Dental insurance is separate.


I had only a certificate of marriage and birth of children when I came to Germany. Here I received a card, issued insurance, began to visit a doctor, and everything necessary began to accumulate over time. After each visit, everything was recorded in the patient's card, I was asked about my illnesses, chronic and birth diseases.

About the features

Sometimes the doctor refuses to prescribe additional procedures that I would like to have. In this case, you have to pay for medical procedures yourself. For example, one half an hour physiotherapy session cost almost 40 euros.

There are no benefits for people with a large family.


But the big plus that everything the doctor prescribes for children is free.

The big plus that everything the doctor prescribes for children is free

The insurance company does not cover all services. You need to specify or pay extra.

You have to visit the doctor on your own if the child is sick. Sometimes the waiting time is two to three hours. Doctors work part-time time on Wednesdays and Fridays until 12 PM.

For a long time in Germany, you learn to identify minor colds and buy in advance the necessary medicines.

Interesting fact, the Germans do not vaccinate as it's optional.

Quality and service

When I arrived, everything seemed amazing. There are different doctors in Germany, the direction to which is given by the general physician. Each of the doctors has its own praxis. No clinics, only hospitals visited on Sundays or in case of emergency. The rest of the time people visit their home doctor.

There are advantages in the service, and everything seems decent, people are friendly. But if you dig deeper, sometimes you can not get good treatment when you really need it. Doctors can simply turn a blind eye to children's diseases.

Katerina Dyus, 45 years old, hometown — Novosibirsk, financial accountant

City of residence — Dusseldorf


About insurance

Germany has public and private insurances. In the case of state insurance, part of the contributions paid by the employer and part by the employee. Private insurance usually is chosen by entrepreneurs or those who already have reached a certain level of wages. It is not always profitable, because contributions grow with age.

The privilege of private insurance in a separate room with all the conditions in the hospital. Plus, the opportunity to choose attending or even an operating physician. Once a person switched to private insurance, it can't be switched back.


The advantage of state insurance that it paid by the state if a person lost the job for some reason.

If the family has children or a family member who does not work, the family covered by family insurance, the head of the family pays contributions deducted from the salary. When children become adults, they get out of family insurance and take out their own.

If you are very sick or you need surgery, the insurance covers absolutely all medical manipulations, drugs and procedures. If you have a chronic disease, then every six months you are provided with a package of medicines and pay only 5 euros.

About the features

Many compatriots complain that in Germany necessary to wait for a long record to the doctor, especially to doctors of a narrow speciality. Sometimes this lasts for six months.

If a person gets sick, the doctor not in a hurry to prescribe a bunch of medicines, antibiotics but simply recommends to drink more water, rest and gives a week of sick leave. Usually, it really helps and the human body copes with the illness. I even like such an approach.


Quality and service

The biggest disadvantage that doctors don't come to the home. We wait in a queue with a sick child on the arms. The ambulance comes only in the case if someone is dying. Moreover, if after the call doctors assess your condition normal, they can issue an invoice.

The biggest disadvantage that doctors don't come to the home

Medicine in Germany is at a high level. People come here for professional treatment because it can solve serious problems.

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