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Foreigners about why Talgo train as good as the French trains, and the Ustyurt Plateau is a space place


Foreigners about why Talgo train as good as the French trains, and the Ustyurt Plateau is a space place

Diana Khomenko, 20 years old, hometown — Kyiv, student of Kyiv National University named after T. Shevchenko

Диана (2).jpeg

About trip

I am studying in the specialty international environmental cooperation. In my free time, I do sports tourism and travel.

Traveling around Central Asia is the idea of my friends. The route was planned for almost a year and a half, which included: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Our journey took about 52 days, of which 14 days we were in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is interesting for us in many aspects. First, it is the largest country in Central Asia by area. Secondly, there are many natural resources. Thirdly, we wanted to see Charyn canyon and lake Kaindy. I would also like to see the former and present capital.

If we talk about funny cases, they were associated with the hospitality of the Kazakhs. Eight out of ten people we met invited us to visit, gave numbers of relatives from other cities. For the Ukrainian mentality is not typical, we were embarrassed by such a warm welcome.

We were hitchhiking. The drivers gave us a lift, even if it was not on the way. So we visited Temirtau, where we rode the tram, tried the national cuisine. Then we visited Karaganda, took a photo with the inscription to always have an answer to the question: "Where are you?".

The Kaindy lake took us to the National Park staff, although most tourists climb to the village of Saty on foot.

In the West, we met the best drivers for the whole trip, and even more Patriotic people there. And when we drove towards Balkhash from Astana, I was struck by the steppe, which stretches for hundreds of kilometers.

If we talk about the urban environment, Astana impressed with new buildings, but the whole city seemed unnatural. The offices are empty and at night a little where the light is. I think it should take a little time before the city comes to life, filled with history.

Almaty is the absolute opposite of Astana. Green, cozy city, which has from the first minute. Soviet architecture fits harmoniously into the urban environment. Kok-Tobe struck to the core. Almaty is an incredible city where you want to stay forever. Here I remember the Soviet modernism, seasoned with a national trait, new public platforms, good roads.


In Kazakhstan, everyone remembers seven generations of ancestors. Here you appreciate the family and the family which is unusual for a European man. Still remember the beautiful girls and men, whom we constantly admired.

Tea with milk, tortillas, and beshbarmak — what I miss so much in Kiev. I tried to make something myself, but even the tea didn't taste so good.

If we talk about what we did not like, then such things a little. First, taxi drivers literally attack you at the exit of the station, and it is difficult to escape from them. The condition of the road from Balkhash to Almaty also leaves much to be desired. And yet there is a disproportion between the level of income of the country and the average earnings of the population.

How Kazakhstan differs from other countries

Before visiting Kazakhstan, I was in Russia, Spain, France, Poland, Andorra. As part of our trip, I also visited Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

I noticed that the roads in the West and East of Kazakhstan are of European level. Better than in other Central Asian countries and better than in Ukraine.

Rail transport was surprised by the cleanliness, availability of kits for washing because in Ukraine there is no such. According to my impressions, the Talgo train is not inferior to the French.

Kazakhstan is the most developed country in Central Asia.

What to visit in Kazakhstan

Диана 1.jpeg

I recommend visiting Astana and Almaty.

Charyn canyon is not the less beautiful younger brother of Colorado canyon.

Kaindy lake is not very popular, but incredibly beautiful.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to visit Medeo and Big Almaty lake, but I was told that it is beautiful there.

And the Ustyurt plateau is a space place where you stop believing that you are on Earth.

Franziska Graf, 24 years old, hometown — Vienna, business consultant


About trip

I'm a consulting manager. Companies hire me to solve their business problems.

My friends and I were looking for unusual places to visit, so we chose Kazakhstan.

I remember the trip from Almaty to Charyn canyon. We hired a driver and listened to Kazakh songs on the way, admiring the beautiful views.

I travel a lot through Southeast Asia and Europe. And it was my first time when I visited Central Asia and the country of the former Soviet Union. Every time I discovered something new. People here are open and friendly, always ready to help. The only thing we're having trouble with is the language barrier.


What to visit in Kazakhstan

Unfortunately, we were only in Kazakhstan for four days and did not have time to see other places, but we liked Almaty and Charyn canyon.

Ercüment Cetinkaya, 28 years old, hometown — Vienna, gastronomy

Ercüment 3.jpeg

About trip

I'm the Manager of a restaurant in Central Vienna. In my free time I play football in the Austrian League, our team is called 1FC Kazakhs from Vienna.

I visited Kazakhstan for the first time this summer. We asked Janice turkey, President of the Foundation EP Zhanibek football tournament in Petropavlovsk.

During this trip, I had the opportunity to see Astana. Astana is a modern city.

The second time I visited Kazakhstan during my vacation, then we were in Almaty for 13 days.

Here we visited many beautiful places: Kok-Tobe, Presidential Park, Big Almaty Lake. And ate a lot of delicious food.

How Kazakhstan differs from other countries

I have been to Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, UK, Egypt and Croatia. If we compare, Kazakhstan is a big country inhabited by good people. The only problem for foreigners is that many Kazakhs speak only Russian and Kazakh.

Ercüment 1.jpeg

I like the people because everyone we met was friendly. I love the national cuisine, and I also like the nature of Kazakhstan, especially the Charyn canyon.

The only thing I didn't like is kymyz, I guess, I'm just not used to drink it.

I think if you are planning to go to Kazakhstan, you should not think for a long time. It is better to come and see all the beauty with your own eyes.

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