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Entrepreneurs from Central Asia on how to make money on Etsy


Entrepreneurs from Central Asia on how to make money on Etsy

The Etsy marketplace is known worldwide for its unique hand-made fabrics. We have spoken with entrepreneurs from Central Asia who sell their own products on the platform.

Nuraly Esengenov and Oljas Kadirhan, NeonStoreKZ


We found out about the marketplace on Youtube while looking for places to increase our sales.

Etsy is a platform for selling hand-made products. Moreover it’s also a marketplace for vintage things, digital products and materials for artists.

There is a lot of competition on Etsy. The quality of a product is of the utmost importance. Thus we would only recommend you joining the platform when you are confident about your product.

The goods are sent through the “Kazpost”. On average, deliveries take about 20 days.

We provide tracking numbers for buyers to monitor their packages.

Etsy’s commission is 5% from each purchase. In addition, the marketplace advertises the goods on other platforms. If a customer buys a product through a third-party site, then a commission for Offsite Ads is added, from 12 to 15% of the price of the product. There are no sales restrictions, but each placement is paid —$ 0.20.


Advantages of Etsy:

— the value of goods remains high, even after taking into account all of the fees and shipping

— all communication is in English - this is a great reason to work on your language skills

— functional and reliable platform with a user-friendly interface

— the opportunity to make money on your hobby.


Disadvantages of Etsy:

complete dependence on the rules of the site. Violations, may result in your account getting blocked without the right to restore it

huge competition. It is difficult to get to the top of the search algorithm

— it is impossible to control the delivery process - sometimes the parcels are simply lost.

Mansur Abylaev, handmade.kg, @handmade.kyrgyz


Etsy is an international marketplace for handcrafted goods.

The marketplace is designed so that craftsmen can sell goods on their own. We specialize in handmade kyrgyz felted carpets.

When opening an account, the main focus should be on completing two aspects:

— your shop’s sales policy

— shipping methods, terms and conditions.

photo5237733444224660615 (1).jpg

A shop on the site can be opened in the early business development stages, however, we recommend having more than 20 items of goods in stock.

The commission for all sellers is the same, it is equal to 5% of the price of the goods and the cost of delivery. In addition, you will have to pay for the creation of a listing and its renewal — 20 cents for 3 months.

The return of goods is governed by the regulations of the countries where the buyers live. All conditions are described in the site’s policy. For example, in order for a product to be shown in the European Union, it is necessary to ensure that the product can be returned within 15 days after the customer has received it.

Advantages of Etsy:

— ease of opening an account with exposure to a paying audience abroad

— works well for artisans and small handicraft businesses

— a convenient interface for running a store and communicating with customers.

Disadvantages of Etsy:

— loss of flexibility and freedom of the trader due to the strict rules of the site

— difficulties in working with Etsy's own algorithm for SEO optimization and product promotion.

Ruslan Shalkarov, Kazakhstan2016


I have been selling on Etsy for more than five years. I also have got online shops on eBay and Amazon. Each of them has its own theme.

Etsy is for handicraft specialists. It is convenient and fast to sell hand-made products here at a good price.

The main content of the marketplace is handmade clothing gifts. Here you can find clothes, paintings and even virtual programs and templates for designers.

In order to start selling on the site, it’s necessary to connect to Etsy Payments. This can be done by opening a virtual account in the country where this payment system works.


On the platform, you can sell your own work or collaborate with craftsmen who will make goods for your brand.

The standing commission on Etsy is 5%. For advertising goods on the site, you will also have to pay from 12 to 15%.

Prohibited goods cannot be displayed on the marketplace. Their list also includes copyright works — Etsy values ​​intellectual property.

Refunds are made if the goods have not been delivered within a deadline. In this case, the client has the right to appeal for a refund.

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