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Eco-communities in Finland: what they do and how to join


Eco-communities in Finland: what they do and how to join

The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

About the project

The association founded in 1938 and now has 209 branches in the country. The mission of the Finnish community is environmental protection, environmental education, conservation of nature and cultural heritage.

About the activities

Main direction:

— protection of forest, mire, and water

— climate change prevention

— environmental tax reform

— protection of cultural landscapes

— land use issues and protection of endangered species

— waste and chemicals policy.

How to join

The membership fee is 35 euros per year, 28 euros for students and 15 for other family members. The membership fee is valid until the end of the year.

Membership benefits:

— four issues of "Nature Protection" magazine.

— newsletter with information on the conservation of nature

— excursions and activities

— 10 % discount on Nature Shop products and hostels.

Contacts:, @luonnonsuojeluliitto, luonnonsuojeluliitto

The Finnish Nature League

About the project

The environmental organization for children and youth founded in 1943. The mission of the nature league is a society where natural biodiversity and the intrinsic value of nature are acknowledged and respected. The community offers knowledge, experience, and opportunities for young people to influence and participate in environmental processes.

About the activities

Main direction:

— old-growth forest protection

— raising awareness of the living conditions of large wild carnivores local to Finland

— campaigning for the Baltic Sea ecosystem

— environmentally sustainable transport

— energy and climate issues

— environmentally sustainable consumerism and anti-consumerism

How to join

Registration up to 29 years on the website, the membership fee is 28 euros.

Membership benefits:

— magazines "Youth nature" or "Children's nature"

— discount on camps and courses of the League of nature

— benefits or a discount with a membership card in eco-magazine.

Contacts:, @luontoliitto

Zero Waste Finland

About the project

The community appeared in the spring of 2018. The main purpose of Zero Waste is to change the attitude of Finns to consumption and develop a zero-waste lifestyle.

About the activities

Main direction:

— event organization

— cooperation with other participants promoting the environmental idea

— participation in public debates.

How to join

Permanent membership is 15 euros per year.

Membership benefits:

— lectures and seminars

— discounts on products and services of partners of the organization.

Contacts:, @zerowastefinlandry, zerowastefinlandry

Friends of the Earth

About the project

The international organization was established in 1996 in Finland and has 60 branches all over the world. The goal of the organization is to make society environmentally sustainable, protect the environment, nature, climate, and preserve cultural heritage.

About the activities

Main direction:

— promotion of human and animal rights

— protection of the Earth from pollution and restoration of human damage to the environment

— preservation of ecological, cultural and ethnic diversity of the Earth.

How to join

The membership fee is 30 euros, 10 euros for low-income citizens.

Contacts:, maanystavat

The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation

About the project

The foundation was established in 1995, and its mission is to preserve nature and natural areas in Finland, the remaining old-growth forest.

About the activities

Main direction:

— search and preservation of untouched forests in Finland

— organization of events and excursions in the protected areas of the foundation

— joint campaigns with Pirkanmaa Bird Science Association and Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory.

How to join

The foundation acquires donations, for the protection of nature you can buy support products: books "Heart of the Forest" and "Shelters for Life", organic cotton t-shirt, handmade aspen ornaments, bags, kitchen towels. Or become a "godfather" by buying a piece of wood, donating at least 10 euros per month.


Water Supply Management Association

About the project

The community was established in 1990. The mission is to revitalize rivers and preserve the living conditions of the aquatic ecosystem. It is necessary to restore rivers and streams, build fish trails and settle salmon to reach the goal.

About the activities

Main direction:

— restoration of effluents, their approximation to the natural state

— information, advice, statements, and decisions affecting watercourses

— return of trout and salmon to the reservoirs where they disappeared

— assistance in fisheries management and fishing.

How to join

The annual fee for membership on the website is 10 euros.

Contacts:, @ivrho_ry

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