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"Crossroads", "Vuzery" and "SHEKER": 15 Kazakhstani series worth watching


"Crossroads", "Vuzery" and "SHEKER": 15 Kazakhstani series worth watching

List of popular Kazakhstan serials.


1996 — 2000

One of the most popular series of the 90s, which was shown on the Khabar TV channel. The plot covers the history of several families, whose personal experiences unfold against the backdrop of events of a republican scale. The scene is Almaty and its streets.


2001 — 2003

The family saga was replaced by a story of a criminal nature with all the additions to the genre: riddles, investigations, fighting and shootings. The plot is built around Beck's desire to sell a batch of drugs under the guise of locust poison.

"Nasha KZasha"

2008 — 2013

Humorous sketches from famous KVN players of those years. It is considered a domestic version of the Russian show "Nasha Russia". In each separate series, funny scenes from the life of heroes are shown.



A six-episode crime drama from Akan Sataev, in which the mood of the film "Racketeer" is felt. The series tells about the fate of three brothers, each of whom chose his own path: the older one went to the city, the middle one turned onto a gangster path, and the younger one stayed with elderly parents.

"Astana — my love"


An adaptation of the legend of two lovers whose mothers agreed to marry their children. On board the plane, a doctor helped a passenger give birth to a daughter. Having made friends, both agreed to unite the fate of their kids. After 20 years, a guy and a girl meet in the capital of Kazakhstan.

"Assel, friends and girlfriends"

2010 — 2011

A series about the life of Almaty youth. The guys study, work and meet with their company. In fact, it resembles the French "Helen and her friends." In addition to meetings, joint classes at the university, the guys live in the same hostel.


2012 — 2014

Kazakhstani analogue of the Russian comedy series Dorm. Stories of adventures of students who are trying to learn and at the same time build a personal life, constantly getting into bizarre and funny situations. This series is considered one of the most popular on domestic television.

"The Bazarbaev family"

2012 — 2014

A series about the life of one Almaty family, which was shown on 31 channels. Parents, three adult sons and a student daughter live in the same house. The idyll of their measured relationship was interrupted by the appearance of a new family member - the daughter-in-law.


2015 — 2017

Known for sketch comedy from Salem Social Media. Each episode is a separate story about heroes. The audience watched the life of one family in which they tried to marry their son, an Instagrammer and a blogger, a traffic cop and other heroes. Feature-length films have been made about some of the characters in the series.

"Irina Kairatovna"

2017 — 2021

Everyone has been talking about these guys since 2017. The team began to shoot sketchcoms with different stories and characters. Original humor and a peculiar presentation, a reference point for the Russian-speaking and Kazakh-speaking audience, provided the show with great popularity. The videos cannot be called a series in full, but they influenced the development of Kazakhstani YouTube content.

"Kazakh Khanate. Golden Throne"


The historical series is based on the trilogy Nomads by Ilyas Esenberlin. It can be considered a more expanded and expanded version of the 2018 film "Diamond Sword", which tells about the formation of the Kazakh Khanate.


2020 — 2022

The same web series that won an award at the Asian Cannes. In the center of the plot is a student who started working as a dealer. But, as is usually the case, the guy got involved and got into the thick of problems. Definitely, let's see.


2020 — 2022

The series is about the new akim of the Chapaevsky district, who arrives and introduces his own rules. Sayat Samatovich, aka Sake, is trying to improve the lives of the villagers. But is the new akim really so honest with the people?



2021 was a successful year for Kazakhstani cinema - this series received an award at the international festival Realist Web Fest. In the story, three heroines suffered from domestic violence, as a result of which they decided to take revenge on those who hurt them.

The series won The Best Drama Short Series at the Berlin Web Festival.



The loudest web series of the year. Investigator Shalkar is forced to return to the service and take up the old investigation. The audience watches the course of events, noting the realism and atmosphere of the work.

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