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Bas and kos tabaq: what parts of the meat Kazakhs serve to respected guests, children and other relatives?


Bas and kos tabaq: what parts of the meat Kazakhs serve to respected guests, children and other relatives?

Tabaq tartu — Kazakhs have a traditional order of dividing meat between guests. We have many types of tabaq tartu, and the main ones are bas tabaq, qos tabaq, syi tabaq, zhai tabaq and zhastar tabagy.

Bas tabaq — the main and first-important tray with meat. Bas tabaq is presented to elderly people and respected guests. It has zhambas — pelvic bones, orta zhilik — femur bone, beldeme — lumbar part, abdominal fillets, sube qabyrga — fillet with five ribs above the kidneys, qoidyn ulrabary — duodenum of a ram, horsemeat: qazy, qarta, zhal, zhaya.

Qos tabaq — a special tray with meat for the matchmakers. Its composition is the same as in bas tabaq, but with the addition of the second ortan zhilik — the femur.

Syi tabaq — an additional tray with meat, where you can lay out any parts of meat. However, on syi tabaq is forbidden to put zhauryn — shovel and tokpanzhylyk — tibia, as these parts of the lamb are considered not as important as the others.

Zhai tabaq — standard tray with meat. It includes ortan zhilik — femur, zhauyrin — shovel, tokpan zhilik — tibia, qabyrga — ribs, omyrtqa — spine.

Zhastar tabagy — a tray with meat for young people. Tray has asyq zhilik — a large tibia and tos — a brisket. Asyq zhilik usually cut by friend of husband or zhenge — the wife of the elder brother. Tos is served to the husband of daughter.

In addition, there are different tabaqs separately for everyone:

Kuiye tabaq — tray of meat that is given to the daughter’s husband, where they put asyq zhilik, tos, ortan zhilik, sube kabyrga, arqa, boldeme, qaryn, toq ishek.

Qyz tabaq — tray with meat that is intended for a daughter who came home to her parents. Tabaq consists of zhambas, asyq zhilik, zhauyrin, boldeme, til-zhaq, qaryn-sүrіn, sүbe qabyrga, heart, liver and kidneys.

Kelin tabaq — a tray with meat that is given by father-in-law and mother-in-law to the daughter-in-law. There are asyq zhilik, til-zhaq, boldeme, arqa, zhauyrin, ortan zhilik, zhurek-bauyr.

Zhenge tabaq — tray is done very rarely, it means respect for a daughter-in-law. There are zhambas of the ram, zhauyrin, arqa beldemesi, sube kabyrga, heart, liver, tok, ishek, kidneys.

Zhezde tabaq — tabaq is prepared for a man by the relatives of his wife. They use the same parts of meat as in the zhenge tabaq, but they also put the "quiymshak" — the coccygeal bone.

Bala tabaq — tabaq that is given to children. There are asyq zhilik, zhauyrin, ortan zhilik, arqa, boldeme, tongue, ribs.

Qurdas tabaq — if a peer comes to visit, he is given zhambas, ortan zhilik, zhauyrin, ribs, arqa, boldeme.


In addition, Kazakhs treat the head of the ram and the parts related to the head in a special way.

Bas tartu — treatment with a ram's head. Respected and honorable guests are usually given the head of a ram or a goat.

The top part of the head of a horse or cattle is divided into three parts — sheke, each sheke of cattle is equal to one head of a ram or a goat.

The man brings the dish to the dastarkhan. There is an unspoken rule: someone who has a father alive cannot cut a lamb head.

Bas usynu — special way to serve head of a ram. The head is put in bas tabaq, usually given to the guest of honor — aksakal. Aksakal gives a bata (blessings), then he cuts part of the meat near the cheek and tries it. Then he cuts the right ear and gives it to the youngest in the house. The rest guests treated with one piece of meat and after that give back the head to the owner of the house.

Kulaq usynu — Kazakhs give ears of a ram or goat to children. Both ears of one head are not given only to one child; necessarily it is given to two children.

Koz usynu — however eyes are given to one person.

Til usynu — tongue is given to the daughter-in-law or children. Sometimes, if speakers or akyns come as the guests, then they give the tongue to someone who they wish to follow their path and footsteps

Tanday usynu — person who cuts the head, puts the palate on the right hand and gives it to the younger daughter or singer.

Source of information: zhensovet.kz, jaqsy.kz, e-history.kz

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