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"Real Almaty Aport Apples " project founders

Andrey Kim, 29 years old, from Almaty, Pay-Me project manager

Timur Takabaev, 28 years old, from Almaty, IT Architect

How it all began


Andrei: We started thinking on this project three years ago and took the first steps.

At one point we decided that we need to do something interesting and useful, long-term and fruitful. We’ve been friends with Timur for a long; in many ways our thoughts, values ​​coincide, so it was easy enough for us to find common ground and understand what we would like to do.

We always wondered how much apple orchards we have in in Almaty, the quality of which wasn’t appropriate. We turned out to manage the orchard territory and thought to make something out of it, bring the aport to good quality. We decided to hire a man who knows how to work with the orchard, what useful substances to buy, how to trim. We decided to approach this seriously, scientifically and just started to do it.


Timur: It’s not easy. It’s not just about putting fertilizers in the orchard. In order to have a qualitative harvest, you need to invest a lot of money, systematically engage in this for a long time. Therefore, we deepened in that matter.

Andrei: We could afford investing this garden. We were ready to work to achieve results.

Timur. Now we ‘re selling the whole harvest. Then we’ll rest a little, go on vacation, but not for long.

Somewhere in March, when everything starts to thaw, we start to trim. That takes much time.

Top dressing begins in May: soil fertilization, irrigation works, by the end of the summer you need to produce 7-8 treatment in general.

At the end of summer, in early September, preparations for harvest are under way.

Authentic Almaty aport


Andrei. Aport exists in other countries, yet ours is different. Almaty aport is famous for its unique taste and size. For example, in our garden there were apples weighing a pound.

Timur. As far as I know, only the local aports has that peculiar odour.

Andrei. Our first harvest was sold in a bit unusual way. Coming to the market and asking the seller when the apple was ripped off, how it was fertilized and processed, we won’t be given information, since a seller can have 10 suppliers of the same grade. As for us, we built the line of sale so that every apple was a promise for the consumer. We tried to communicate with each customer personally, convey all information about our garden and apples; we told that the methods of processing weren’t aggressive, etc. We show the whole process from start to finish, share photos and videos through social networks. It is important for us to show that we have a clean, high-quality product.

The first harvest was not of very high quality, the fruit was small, rot quickly, so after assessing, we decided not to sell it at all. We started selling since last year. This year we got our second crop, which went to the markets. This year about 30 tons of apples were harvested. We distribute them in Almaty and Astana, sometimes they are transported to Karaganda.

Our apples are sold in packages, where all the necessary information is written: where is our garden, what values ​​we adhere to. The packaging itself is made of biodegradable material which doesn’t harm the environment.

Timur. Our apples are sold in the Galmart supermarket in Almaty and Astana, in the cafe "Michurin" in Almaty. Most orders go through Facebook, there is delivery, but the minimum order is a box, which is 13-15 kg.

Storing apples requires no temperature changes. Aport is to be stored at a temperature of 3 to 5 degrees and a humidity of 90%. In our cells, this temperature is maintained by a special regime, we store apples until January.

At home the aport can be stored in the refrigerator, but since the temperature of all is different, the approximate shelf life is only 2 weeks.

At the beginning of the season we launched an experimental batch - apples without flaws, respectively, the shelf life of them is longer and the price is higher.

Andrei. Size and beauty of an apple is important, so next year we have plans to sort the apples manually. Those who want super large apples will get them, but at a higher price. In fact, a large apple will not differ in taste and quality from a small one. If they are vitamins that are important for you, you can take any apple, but if you need a beautiful, big apple, you will have an opportunity to buy it.

Timur. Sometimes people suggest to help harvest the apples. We’re grateful, though there must be a certain discipline in the orchard, we cannot allow that. Apples need to be collected from a certain row, the work is physically difficult, since the aport trees are very tall and reach up to 10 meters in height. Sometimes people approach and start shaking the tree, which is absolutely forbidden.

Andrei. Aport is a very delicate sort of apple, if you hit it a little and it's slightly puffed up, it will be completely black in a month, and the apples lying next to will start to rot. Collecting such apples shouldn’t be done automatically, so we collect them manually and carefully. Moreover, the special secret pollen is released from the aport, that protects the apples from the fermentation and oxidation process; so that such layer is wiped, the apples are collected in gloves with two fingers and neatly folded into a container.

Each kilo is very important, since it makes our profit. If we do not get profit, then we have to increase the cost. Since we are now sensitive to volumes, the money that we need to invest, we try to work as efficiently as possible so that each apple is carefully collected.

Now we have about 300 trees, but next year we are planning an extension.

Our mission is to become the number one aport manufacturer.

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