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7 must-see Kazakh famous operas, ballets and spectacles in theaters


7 must-see Kazakh famous operas, ballets and spectacles in theaters

Opera "Kyz-Zhibek"

кыз жибек.jpg

Libretto by Gabit Musrepov based on the eponymous Kazakh folk poem. Opera was introduced in 1934.

The folk poem “Kyz Zhibek” expresses a dream of happiness, talks about loyalty to loved ones and friends, celebrates bravery and honor. The opera is based on a story of two lovers, Zhibek and Tulegen. Beautiful Zhibek rejects the suit of the overbearing Bekezhan. She will only marry her one true love. She chooses Tulegen, who has come from far away, intrigued by tales of the beautiful girl. However, Bekezhan kills him, cutting off a beautiful love story.

Opera is played in the “Astana Opera” Theater.

"Abay" opera


Akhmet Zhubanov, Latyf Khamidi are authors of the opera. Premiere performance took place on 24thDecember, 1944.

Abai is an outstanding poet, philosopher, who became a spiritual master of the nation. The opera reveals the depth of experience and the high order of thought of powerful multi-faceted personality. Abai is very important for the Kazakh people. He carried out a creative social, political and cultural mission. He always looked to the future, thought about the people and was with the people.

Opera is played in the “Astana Opera” Theater.

"Karagoz" ballet


Ballet based on the eponymous tragedy by Mukhtar Auezov. It was introduced in 2014.

The plot “Karagoz” is similar to Shakespearian tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”, in which close relatives decide the fate of lovers. The two lovers Karagoz and poet Syrym are cousins, thus, according to the Steppe law, they cannot get married. The unhappy beauty, hastily given in marriage for rich Narsha and separated from her beloved, becomes insane. Only before her death, a wonder occurs: first, she recognizes Narsha’s servant Asan, and then her beloved Syrym. A classical love triangle makes us feel compassion to all “parties”, understanding that Narsha is not an evil character, but a man in love.

Ballet is played in the “Astana Opera” Theater.

"Birzhan-Sara" opera

биржан сара.jpg

The author of the opera is Mukan Tolebayev. It premiered in Almaty on November 7, 1946.

The plot of this lyric and drama work was borrowed from a real story about the power of the spirit and love between the folk singer Birzhansal and the gifted poet Sara. In the opera, the past is recreated, showing the pictures of the severe bai tyranny. The motives of struggle for freedom of a creative person and the right for love and happiness come in the forefront. The final of the opera is tragic – Birzhan dies. However, his inspiring songs, imbued with deep love for people and his dreams of a bright future remain eternally living. In Mukan Tulebayev’s operatic masterpiece the idea of the high purpose of art, the immortality of an artist and his or her eternal struggle against evil and injustice are alleged.

Opera is played in the “Astana Opera” Theater.

"Beybarys Sultan" drama

Rakhymzhan Otarbayev wrote historical drama that became phenomenal play — Beibarys Sultan.

Sultan az-Zahir Rukin ad-Din Baybars (1223 - 1277), left orphan at the age of ten. After that, he was captured and sold into slavery, but he made a rapid military career in a short time and became a famous military leader. Later, taking the throne of the ruler, he devoted his life to the formation and prosperity of a powerful state. Having reached all heights and glory in a foreign land, in the recesses of his soul he kept the memory of his native Kypchak steppes, causing nagging nostalgic feelings in his homeland. And, this became the leitmotif of the whole play. Perhaps it is not for nothing that the proverb says: "It is better to be a sweeper in your own country, than sultan in a foreign".

Spectacle is played in Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after Mukhtar Auezov.

"Akan Seri — Aktokty" tragedy

The author of the tragedy is Gabit Musrepov. It was introduced in 1991 for the first time in Astana.

A masterpiece of national drama, the tragedy "Akan Seri Aktokty" is an actual product of any period.

The favorite of the people, free and noble Akan seri! Beloved of Akan is lovely Aktokty! They had tragic love. It is the invisible front of white and black, good and evil, justice and cunning. The play describes the tragic fate of the poet, about life filled with meaning, about his struggle for people's happiness. It became the main idea of ​​the production. A ruthless, greedy society separates two lovers. However, their love remains eternal. Perhaps this is their main victory.

Spectacle is played in Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after Mukhtar Auezov.

"Shakarim" drama

The author of the tragic drama is Aubakir Rakhimov. It was introduced November 30, 2012.

The drama focuses on the life of Shakarim Kudaiberdiev - Kazakh poet, writer, translator, composer, historian and philosopher. When the Bolsheviks came to power in Kazakhstan, began the destruction of the traditional way of life of Kazakhs. In addition, Shakarim did not accept the new government, which is trying to build a state by force. Poet was forced into these conditions, write poetry and chant the new system, however Shakarim retired from this company: since 1922, he moved to the village in the mountains Shakpan Chingistau in perfect solitude, and in 1931 secretly was executed.

Spectacle is played in Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after Mukhtar Auezov.

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