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13 scientists from Central Asia with international achievements


13 scientists from Central Asia with international achievements

A list of outstanding scientists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan who have gained international fame has been compiled.


Galymzhan Gabdreshov, Abdildy Shamanov, Dastan Sagynali, Nurbekseebayev, linkedin

Galymzhan Gabdreshov and team

The team of scientists behind the creation of the unique Sezual device — it allows blind people to see the world almost the same way as sighted people see it. Thanks to the device, visually impaired people can freely navigate in space, travel and work.

Sezual became the first project from Kazakhstan to be shortlisted for the UN World Summit Awards.

Kunsulu Zakaria

Kunsulu Zakaria is a scientist in the field of biological safety. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, winner of many prizes. The developer of the Kazakh vaccine QazVac.

In addition, she led several scientific and technical programs in the field of biotechnology, biosafety and microbiology. She became the winner of two World Bank contests on technology commercialization programs. She entered the world ranking of outstanding women scientists according to the magazine Techcollectivesea.

Ratbai Myrzakulov

A well-known theoretical physicist. The author of the theory called Myrzakulov gravity. He also proposed several integrable nonlinear equations: Myrzakulov equations and Myrzakulov-Lakshmanan equations. Ratbai Myrzakulov is one of the most cited Kazakhstani scientists.

Damel Mektepbayeva, @damelmektep

scientists from Kazakhstan

Researcher, biotechnologist and chemist Damel Mektepbayeva became the first Kazakh woman to graduate from the university at NASA. The girl was an organizer of scientific festivals and took part in various Kazakhstani and international competitions: Teacher Prize, Fame lab, Science Stars, Bolashak, Technovation, Experts Hub, Menin Armanym, Zhas project. Damel also acted as a speaker at major scientific events: TechConnect, Social Good Summit, TEDx Astana.

Bakhtiar Arken, @ dr.azhken

young scientists of Kazakhstan

Doctor, Master of Medical Sciences, founder and CEO of the online Research Nexus Academy, specializing in advanced training of doctors and students in the field of science. The founder of the first private scientific medical journal in Kazakhstan, a member of the Forbes Kazakhstan 30U30 rating. In 2022, he received the award "The best young scientist of the CIS".

Albert Salimgareyev, @albert_salemgareyev

Biologist, specialist of the Kazakhstan Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity. He received an award for his contribution to the conservation of the saiga population from the British charity Whitley Fund for Nature.


Asel Sartbaeva, @aselsartbaevame

Scientist from Kyrgyzstan in Great Britain

Professor of Chemical Sciences at the University of Bath and a member of the Royal Society of Science in the UK, co-founder of the biotech startup EnsiliTech. Asel Sartbayeva and her team have developed an ensilication method — a method of storing vaccines, thanks to which they do not deteriorate during transportation. Last year, the startup received £1.2 million in investments to develop the technology.

Lyra Mamanova, linkedin

He is a geneticist, a leading researcher at the biotechnology company ENHANC3D GENOMICS in the UK. Lyra Mamanova works in the field of DNA and RNA sequencing, previously engaged in the development of technologies for the identification of known and new cell types. Her work has been published in the most reputable scientific publications in the world — Nature and Science.

Bazbek Davletov, linkedin

Bazbek Davletov is a professor at the University of Sheffield and an honorary neuroscientist in the UK. He is currently working on biomolecular assembly, neuron blockers, chronic pain medications and anti-cancer biologics.


Nilufar Mamadalieva

A biochemist scientist. Her work focuses on the phytochemical and biological study of active compounds of medicinal plants in Central Asia. In 2011, Nilufar Mamadalieva received the UNESCO-L'Oreal Award for Young Women in Life Sciences, and in 2014 the Elsevier Foundation Award for Young Women Scientists in Developing Countries.

Dilfuza Egamberdieva

Scientific researcher in the field of microbiology. Dilfuza Egamberdieva is the head of the Uzbek-Chinese joint laboratory at the National University of Uzbekistan. In 2023, she was awarded the prestigious UNESCO Carlos Finlay Prize for research in the field of plant-microbiome interaction, plant stress tolerance, soil biology and microbial diversity.

Leila Belyalova

Associate Professor at Samarkand State University, senior researcher at the Zeravshan State Reserve. Leila Belyalova is the coordinator of international projects for the conservation of ornithological biodiversity of the Western Tien Shan Range and a participant in the international programs World Environmental Action, Sprig aliva, World Migration Day.

In 2018, she was included in the BBC's list of 100 outstanding women in the world for her work in promoting and protecting the ecosystems of Uzbekistan.

Bakhtiyar Ibragimov

A scientist in the field of supramolecular chemistry. The founder of the Ibragimov Rule, who has been written about by more than 20 scientists from all over the world and mentioned in five international textbooks on supramolecular chemistry.

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