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WE matter who is close to us and to our families. We wish to be close to us only reliable people who can be trusted.

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  • Наш Человек в общении с окружением честен и справедлив, порядочен и верен

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  • Наш Человек живет полной жизнью: любимая семья, достойное окружение, любимое дело, интересное хобби

  • Наш Человек всегда идет вперед и развивается

  • Наш Человек неравнодушен и готов вместе с нами создавать добрые дела

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Recommend an inspiring person

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Kazakhstan has many more things to offer, beginning with vast natural resources and ending with internationally important exhibitions, interesting fairs and others. WE decided to inform you about upcoming events which will be held in Kazakhstan till December.


October 23

Concert “Eight Seasons”

Seasons, composed by Vivaldi in 1723, is one of the finest examples of Baroque music. Four concerts titled “Spring”, “Summer”, “Autumn” and “Winter” remain the most performed of the great Venetian’s 550 other works. This season, musicians will perform The Four Seasons series in the Marble Hall of the Astana Opera House, where, thanks to the special acoustics, the audience will be able to fully enjoy the masterpieces of the Baroque classics.

Information provided by “Astana Opera” press office.

Address: 1, Kunayev st., “Astana Opera” Theater

Contacts: 8 7172 709 620

November 3 — 5

13th International Kazakhstan Exhibition on Healthcare “Astana Zdorovie 2016”

Astana Zdorovie — the main business platform in Astana for demonstration of medical equipment, consumables, pharmaceutical products and medical supplies.

It is a place for professional meetings and discussions between government representatives, producers of medical equipment and supplies, scientists and practicing doctors.

Information provided by event organizers.

Address: Astana, 3, Dostyk st., Exhibition Center “Korme”

Contacts: 8 7172 580 255

November 9 — November 11

Eurasian Book Fair

The fair will feature new items of domestic and foreign book publishing centers on various subjects: modern and classical literature; literature on the history, philosophy and sociology; educational and children's literature; and many others.

Information provided by LLP Foliant Publishing Center.

Address: Astana, 3, Dostyk st., Exhibition Center “Korme”

Contacts: 8 7172 396 070, 395 459

November 13

The 3rd International Silk Road Festival. Lyric drama “Attila”

The opera depicts the historical events of the 5th century when the Huns, powerful nomadic tribes, attacked the Roman Empire. Attila, the King of the Huns, conquered many European tribe and caused fear and terror among people. However, the cruel warrior was a noble lover as well.

The main characteristics of the opera Atilla are great crowd scenes, finales (quintets with the choir), spectacular arias, dynamic rhythms, catchy melodies, psychological intensity and subtlety.

Information provided by “Astana Opera” press office.

Address: 1, Kunayev st., “Astana Opera” Theater

Contacts: 8 7172 709 620


October 11 — December 25

“Steppe stories” Exhibition

The exhibition is presented by artist Zorikto Dorzhiyev whose works were successfully presented in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, on the VII BRICS Summit in Ufa, Neumunster Abbey in Luxemburg, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Council of Europe (Strasburg), “Tibet House” in New York.

The theme of his work is to understand the Great Steppe where the main character is a nomad. He creates paintings full of Central and Eastern Asia culture.

Address: 22/1, “Koktem-3” micro district, State art museum after A. Kasteev

Tickets: 1500 KZT

Contacts: 8 7273 945 715

November 2 — 4

11th Central Asian International Agriculture Exhibition

The Exhibition Agroworld Kazakhstan is a complex business event on an international scale which gives the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest developments in agriculture and exchange experiences.

Information provided by event organizers.

Address: 42, Timiryazev st., KCBC “Atakent”

Contacts: 44 207 596 5213 Anna Bychkova, 49 (0) 40 23524333 Simone Schoch, 8 7172 259 941 Liza Urazova

November 18

World presentation of the double SD album by Marat Bisengaliyev

Almaty Symphony Orchestra will take place in Almaty.

The producers from Sony are confident that the 2nd album "Nomad" from Almaty Symphony Orchestra will be very popular in Europe, America and Asia.

Information provided by event organizers.

Address: 56, Dostyk ave., Republik Palace

Tickets: from 3000 KZT

Contacts: 8 7272 900 777, 173 666


November 9 — 11

The 5th International Exhibition for agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry & stock breeding in Southern Kazakhstan

AgriTekShymkent is being held in the specialized exhibition center “Korme Ortalagy”. It is located in the new administrative business center of the Shymkent city. You will have an opportunity to visit exhibitions on the following themes: agricultural technology and supplies, animal husbandry and stock breeding, horticulture technology.

Information provided by TNT Productions, LLC.

Address: 12, Astana ave.

Contacts: 8 7272 505 511

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