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Where to live in Almaty: top 8 most expensive housing estates in 2024


Where to live in Almaty: top 8 most expensive housing estates in 2024

What is modern Almaty

Modern Almaty is an example of a large metropolis that continues to develop and evolve in accordance with the requirements of the era.

The city is known for its diversity and dynamics. Here new skyscrapers neighbor traditional buildings, and historical monuments become part of the modern urban landscape.

Город Алматы

One of the symbols of the modern city is its picturesque parks and squares, where citizens and visitors can enjoy recreation and nature.
New shopping centers, restaurants and cafes offer a rich choice of entertainment and culinary delights for residents and visitors.

Almaty's cultural life is also rich and varied. The city offers a wide range of theaters, museums, galleries and cinemas, where everyone can find something to their liking.

Almaty is actively developing its infrastructure of public transport and digitalization, providing conveniences for living and working.

All this makes the southern capital of Kazakhstan an attractive place to live, work and relax, and one of the key tourist destinations in Central Asia in 2024.

Current trends in the creation of new residential complexes in 2024

Expensive elite residential complexes are focused on the comfort and convenience of residents. They offer a wide range of services, ranging from secured territory and parking, to sports grounds and recreation areas. Such residential complexes often have fitness centers, swimming pools, playgrounds and barbecue areas.

Improvement of the territory, availability of stores, cafes and other infrastructure nearby makes life in such complexes comfortable and convenient, although expensive. In addition, modern residential complexes often offer concierge and cleaning services, which allows residents to focus on their business and rest without worrying about household issues.

Such trends in the creation of residential complexes reflect the desire to improve the quality of life and meet the needs of modern society. These complexes are becoming not just places to live, but neighborhoods where you can work, play sports and socialize with your neighbors.

What determines the price of real estate in new housing estates


New residential complexes located in prestigious neighborhoods with developed infrastructure, usually have higher prices.

Quality of construction and finishing


Residential complexes with the best materials and modern technologies are usually more expensive. The finish of the apartments, the materials used, the architectural design and the overall quality of construction affect the perception and value.

Apartment square footage

Apartments with large square footage, panoramic views or better space allocation can be really expensive. The availability of additional services and amenities in the apartment complex, such as parking, green areas, sports facilities and playgrounds, also influence the pricing of the property.

Popularity of the housing complex

If a new residential complex has a limited number of apartments or is in high demand due to unique features or advantages, this can lead to an increase in housing prices.

The price of real estate in the best residential complexes in Almaty is formed under the influence of various factors, and it is important to take them all into account when choosing a home.

8 most elite and expensive housing estates in Almaty in 2024

President's Park

Address: Bostandyk district, Miras microdistrict, 116

Price: from 1 950 000 tenge per square meter

Developer: BI Group

This elite residential complex has ten threestorey houses designed in the style of luxurious minimalism. Attention to details and functional use of space make each apartment expensive and comfortable to live in.

The residential complex is surrounded by green spaces, parks and a golf center, where residents can spend time outdoors, do sports or just relax.

Exclusive Opera

Address: 124a Nazarbayev Avenue, Medeusky district

Price: from 2,400,000 tenge per square meter

Developer: Exclusive Qurylys

Elite residential complex located in the historical center of the metropolis. Exclusive Opera is interesting first of all because of its location — it was once one of the best streets for fashionable and progressive residents of the city.

Exclusive Yubileyny

Address: Medeu district, Ondasynova Street, 1/1

Price: from 1 800 000 tenge per square meter

Developer: Exclusive Qurylys

The new premiumclass residential complex is located in the ecologically clean neighborhood of Kolsai, at the foot of the mountains, in the vicinity of Dostyk Avenue. The business center of Almaty is located 10 minutes away from it. The microdistrict is surrounded by steep slopes, which protect it from the hustle and bustle of a large metropolis.

Clubhouse Centralny on Tulebaeva

Address: Medeu district, 95/1, Tulebayeva street.

Price: from 1,730,000 tenge per square meter

Developer: SABA GROUP KZ

Residential complex with lowrise elite houses, unique architecture and a small number of apartments. The facades are finished with the best granite, the frame consists of monolithic reinforced concrete, and in the entrances you can see plaster molding.

Club house Dostyk 300

Address: Medeu district, Dostyk Avenue, 300

Price: from 1,650,000 tenge per square meter

Developer: Sensata Group

A complex of elite lowrise club houses. The project is designed for those who are looking for real comfort in life. DOSTYQ 300 combines the advantages of a quiet suburban life with infrastructure and services typical of a metropolis.

Esentai City

Address: 116, AlFarabi Avenue, Medeu district.

Price: from 1 500 000 tenge per square meter

Developer: AVConstruction

Complex is located in a prestigious area of Almaty, just a few steps away from the center.

The territory of the elite residential complex is fully guarded and supervised. There are two zones allocated here for housing and work, which provides a better balance between personal and professional spheres.

La Verde

Address: 252, Zhamakaeva Street, Medeu district

Price: from 1 440 000 tenge per square meter

Developer: RAMS Qazaqstan

Complex is located in a beautiful place near the mountain massif, not far from the Esentai River. The courtyard is landscaped, with areas for walking and pedestrian paths, as well as asphalt driveways.

The courtyard of the elite residential complex has cozy benches and gazebos, as well as play areas for children.

Koktobe City

Address: Sagadat Nurmagambetova Street, 138/2, Medeu district.

Price: from 1 340 000 tenge per square meter

Developer: Kusto Home

Complex, inspired by modern German architecture. Its elite concept is a combination of welldesigned and comfortable houses, underground parking lots, automobile yards and small playgrounds.

Another advantage of Koktobe City is the best transportation interchange, which allows you to quickly get to different parts of the city.


Almaty is a dynamically developing megalopolis, in which residential complexes are being actively built and a variety of infrastructure is being carried out.

Квартиры в Алматы

Modern trends in the creation of residential complexes in Almaty are aimed at providing all necessary amenities, including infrastructure, safety and comfort to meet the expectations of demanding buyers.

The price of real estate in new residential complexes in the city depends on many factors: the best location, quality of construction, accessibility of infrastructure, prestige of the neighborhood, additional amenities and services.

In 2024 Almaty you can find many elite residential complexes that offer a high level of comfort and prestige, combining design solutions, innovative technologies and a variety of services.

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