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Where to go and what to see in Kyrgyzstan: 23 interesting places for tourists


Where to go and what to see in Kyrgyzstan: 23 interesting places for tourists


Girl's Tears Waterfall

Where to go and what to see in Kyrgyzstan: 23 interesting places for tourists

Water, like trickles, falls down steep rocky rapids and breaks down into millions of drops. It really looks like tears rolling down beautiful girlish cheeks.

Fairy Tale Gorge Canyon

The canyon was called so for its bizarre rocky landscape, which over the years has been turned by the wind into fabulous sculptures and sculptural ensembles.

Salt Lake

мертвое озеро Кара кёль.jpg

It is located on the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, 73 km from Balykchi. This unique reservoir is the most saline mountain lake in Kyrgyzstan. The people also call it “dead lake” or “Kara Kel”. There are sandy rocks on the north side of the lake, and embankments with a smooth descent to the water on the south side. There is little vegetation, as the conditions for survival are difficult.

Sulutor Lakes

It is located on the Too-Ashuu pass at an altitude of 3,500 meters. Too-Ashuu is a famous pass located in the Ala-Too Mountains on the Bishkek-Osh highway, which connects the northern and southern regions of Kyrgyzstan. At the top of the pass is the Kuseyin Kolbaev tunnel, which was built in 1962. The length of the tunnel is 2.2 kilometers.

Lake and Sary-Mogol Pass


You can ride horses around the Sary-Mogol lakes. Here is a 180-meter descent, for the sake of which everyone goes to this place. Sary-Mogul is the thirteen reservoirs of different colors that lie in the middle of glaciers. Nearby on dzhayloo you can stay for the night in a yurt camp.

Jung Kyzyl-Suu

Horse tours are organized for this natural attraction. There are you can see two frozen waterfalls. Also have a picnic in the mountains; the route in this area is simple. There is a warm stream nearby.



SUUS LODGE is a guest complex located in the Suusamyr Valley. There are a lot of entertainment and activities for hanging out like paragliding, tours of the surrounding gorges, mountains, rivers, quad biking, rafting, and freeriding. They also offer kumis treatment courses.

Issyk-kul Aurora


The building project was developed at the Central Research Institute for Experimental Design of Resort and Tourist Complexes in Moscow. This is one of the oldest and elite resorts, which provides wide range of medical procedures.


Confectionery House "Kulikovsky", @kulikov_kg


Bishkek residents are proud of this franchise and the best desserts they make in the city. The best confectioners work here. The company prepares fresh pastries, cakes, desserts, and pastries. Their products are known throughout the country, and coffee houses always have a pleasant and family atmosphere.

Restaurant "Diyar"

The restaurant "Diyar" is already more than 20 years old, and it has established itself as a place with famous cuisine and a high level of service. There are nine large halls where you can spend any holiday. Also, for many years people have come to the restaurant for a tasty and inexpensive lunch. It is called a cozy corner for relax.

Bellagio Coffee, @bellagio_coffee

Ed Shakirov, 18 years old, Bishkek, food photographer, manager


I love this place because it is a great place for any vacation: with friends, colleagues, family, or a business partner. I like pasta with spinach and chicken and Fuego white wine.

Navat Teahouse

Tynchtyk Kadyrov, 29 years old, Bishkek, founder of the sports shop KA SPORT, @ka_sport.kg

тынчтык (1).jpeg

Navat Teahouse is perfect place for having a lunch or dinner. There are tasty cuisine, good service, and national interior.

Panfilov Park


It is the central park of the city, where people came to relax. There was a summer cinema and a theater. In winter, everyone came here to skate. This place is popular among citizens and tourists.

Oak Park

Oak Park is Bishkek's oldest park and a favorite place for promenade. Now it has been renamed Chingiz Aitmatov Park. Many architectural objects were built on its territory. There are more than 90 sculptures. The park is popular at any time of the year.

Erkindik Boulevard

Marina Fisenko, 31 years old, Bishkek, makeup artist, @fisenko_marina

марина 2.jpg

My favorite place in the city is Erkindik Boulevard, or Dzerzhinsky Boulevard, as it was called before. Here you can walk alone, talk heart to heart with a loved one, and feel the cool breeze from the wobbling of trees. This is truly the most romantic place in the city!

Bishkek Park Shopping centers, Dordoi Plaza, Asia Mall

Kasina Temirzhanova, 23 years old, Bishkek, Internet marketer, @kasina_smm

Касина Темиржанова (2).jpg

I prefer large shopping centers: Bishkek Park, Dordoi Plaza, and Asia Mall. There are good boutiques where everyone can find everything that need.

V mesto


This is a unique place in the capital of Kyrgyzstan for events and master classes. A creative space of this format is a new phenomenon, but V mesto is already gathering creative


Restaurants Dolce Vita, Ene-Sai, Arabica, and Habibi Lounge Bars

Isa Nurbaev, 23 years old, Osh, television announcer


Many restaurants in Osh have delicious cuisine. In addition, in our city, they cook the most delicious samsa. Therefore, I advise guests of Osh to try it. I can recommend Dolce Vita, Ene-Sai restaurants, Arabica, and Khabibi lounge bars.

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