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What to know if you are planning to travel to Georgia


What to know if you are planning to travel to Georgia

Today Georgia has become a popular route for many travellers.


The capital of Tbilisi is a mandatory point when you are travelling in the country. Nine places that will be a place to stay, as well as a real highlight of your trip.

Read more here.

Georgia is a gastronomic paradise for delicious food lovers.


In the article about what is worth to try, and most importantly, what you can bring with yourself from the trip.

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Kazakhs about life in Tbilisi and the similarity of the mentality between Georgians and Kazakhs:


Zviad Mchedlishvili: «Georgia and Kazakhstan are different countries. First, here, unlike Kazakhstan, the Russian language is not so widespread. In most settlements, Russian-speaking people simply do not understand. For young people, and not only, but the second language is also more often English than Russian. Secondly, the level and quality of life in Georgia and Kazakhstan are also different. Something is better here, and something in Kazakhstan. For example, in Georgia, the problem of unemployment is more pronounced, here in general below the pension. But public services are more developed here.»

Read more here.

We were told how to live in the capital of Georgia, and why Tbilisi is called an unhurried city.


Sophia Moses, «Tbilisi gives you the understanding of life. The city gives you the opportunity to stop and think about the meaning of life. That's probably the reason why people stay here. Tbilisi is different from the regions with benefits, but it is the same as the whole Georgia — hospitable. I was in shock from how the Georgians accept strangers in the house and put on the table, and now look at yourself and see what you are doing as well. In Tbilisi, there are many opportunities to open something of their own, to work. It's an untilled field. If you study the specifics of the Georgian people, understand what they need, you can create a profitable business. Georgians are unhurried people. They enjoy life, don't hurry.»

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Restaurants, flea markets, verandas and concept stores: where creative people of Tbilisi spend their time:


Snezhana: «one of my favourite places in the city is lake Lisi. There you can safely walk, think about the eternal, meet the sunset. If you want to meet all the fashionistas of Tbilisi, it is a restaurant at the new hotel Stamba and its veranda. During the day, sit at the computer in a relaxed atmosphere — the lobby of the hostel «Factory.»

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Why relocation to Georgia is a trend.


The heroes of the article moved to Tbilisi from Moscow, Almaty and Donetsk. They talked about why they preferred this country instead of work on TNT, how they do business in Georgia.

Bulbul Aliyeva: «Georgia has become a discovery for me. The first thing that impressed me — its self-sufficiency and identity. It's unique. I moved to Georgia when it was not in the trend, and the dynamics of the tourist flow was just beginning to grow. People in Georgia are able to think freely, they are patriotic and not aggressive. I began looking for something to do and wanted to become part of this interesting, bright society. There is work in Georgia, but it is difficult to find it. The task is much easier, if you know Georgian if not, it all depends on the qualification. It seems to me that work in Georgia is less stressful. In Tbilisi, everything is in a slow rhythm, no one puts a rigid framework.»

Read more here.

Kazakhstanis about the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Georgia on how to open a business in 20 minutes.


Diana Salkynbaeva: «In Kazakhstan in terms of work, I had, but I knew that in Georgia, I will be able to develop faster. The Georgian market has many advantages. Given their close relationship with the European Union, there are many prospects. In Georgia loyal to the law. If desired, you can arrange business for 20 minutes. If we talk about taxes, it is mandatory about 5-6, and in Kazakhstan, there are 13. Georgians do not consider many things significant. The absence of corruption has a great impact on business. The state also supports immigrants, because it understands this is the flow of investment in the country.»

Read more here.

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