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You may have visited all the famous places in Astana, and now may be looking for new things to do. To cater to the needs of our valued readers, WE have compiled the list of places which you might not have known and visited yet.

The first and the easiest thing that you can do is to buy some snacks from the nearest café or shop and walk around the embankment of river Ishim. It’s the place which welcomes you at any time: you can go running early in the morning and look how the city slowly gets up; spend your break here during the day while enjoying warm sunlight and breeze, take an evening stroll and enjoy stunning sunset. You will have a chance to witness amazing skyscape at any time of the day.

If you are thinking to hang out with your friends and family but you don’t want to go to the cinema and at the same time, want to watch your favorite movie on a big screen, then, special cinemas are the place to be. The following places offer the comfortable environment for special cinemas:


Address: 5, Dostyk st.

Working hours: MO-SU 15:00 — 04:00

Price: 2000 KZT for one person, 5000 KZT for two people

Contacts: 486 777

"Movie room"

Address: 1, Saryarka ave.

Working hours: MO-SU 14:00 — 12:00 — 05:00

Price for 2 persons:

MO-FR — from 2000 KZT to 6000 KZT, SA-SU from 3000 KZT to 7000 KZT

Contacts: 8 701 025 17 77

Continuing the theme about places where you can go with close relatives and friends, we want to offer you the option of singing karaoke even if you don’t sing. It is exactly that time when you all have fun and enjoy every single moment being together.

"Karaoke Bar ACCORD"

Address: 13, Dostyk st.

Working hours: MO-SU 19:00 — 07:00

Price: free entrance, MO-SU — deposit 10 000 KZT/ one person

Contacts: 8 777 830 45 45


Address: 14, Kunayev st.

Working hours:

Restaurant — MO-SU 17:00 — 05:00

Karaoke — MO-SU 21:00 — 05:00


MO-FR — 2000 KZT, SA-SU — 1000 KZT

Contacts: 8 778 111 04 09

"La Strada"

Address: 35, Mailin st.

Working hours: all day, karaoke MO-FR 19:00 — 05:00, SA-SU 19:00 —07:00

Contacts: 514 438, 8 775 100 36 02

After your movies and music, the time is right now for food and Astana has much to offer. Astana — a multicultural, cosmopolitan city — provides an opportunity to you to try cuisines from different nations. Moreover, such restaurants have thematic music and interior which helps you to feel and sense the country the dish of which you are going to try.

We chose some places among hundreds of fine dining restaurants which transport you to the different parts of the planet.

For example, Del Papa, an Italian restaurant, is located at multiple places in the city but their sitting arrangement near KazMunaiGas Office makes you feel as if you are in a small Italian café. This is a place where you can just sit around a table with your friends and family and observe adults hurrying home, playing kids and the city view in any evening.

Here goes our list for fine restaurants in the city:

“Del Papa” Italian Restaurant

Address: 59, Abay ave./ 34, Kabanbay batyr ave./ 9, Dostyk ave., “Keruen” Mall

Working hours: MO-TH, SU 11:00 — 00:00, FR-SA 11:00 — 01:00/ MO-SU 11:00 — 00:00

Average check: 5000 KZT

Contacts: 212 222, 8 701 806 69 95/ 794 085/ 8 747 372 68 66

“Uzbechka №1” Restaurant

Address: 13, Enbekshiler st.

Working hours: MO-SU 12:00 —01:00

Average check: 3000 KZT

Contacts: 307 799, 8 702 309 34 44


Address: 46, Kenesary st.

Working hours: MO-TH 12:00 — 02:00, FR-SU 12:00 — 03:00

Average check: 5000 KZT

Contacts: 8 702 558 62 70

If you are tired of visiting ordinary spaces such as café or cinema, Astana has some places where you can enjoy the extreme sports. You can go for parachute jumping, and for rope walking, for example.

Parachute jumping

Single jumping, 800 meters — 15 000 KZT

Tandem jumping, 3000 meters — 45 000 KZT

Jump for sportsmen, 2000 meters — 6000 KZT

Jump for sportsmen, 3000meters — 8000 KZT

Address: “Severniy” Aerodrome, 23 km from “Astana-Kokshetau” autoban, road on “7 kun” café

Contacts: 8 701 528 75 38

The Rope Park

The rope park is the place made not only for kids but also for adults. You have to pass three different levels: from simple to hard.

Address: Central Park

Prices of passing tracks of big «Rope Park»:

Net — 700 KZT

Green — 1000 KZT

Blue — 1200 KZT

Red — 1500 KZT

Working hours: MO-FR 11:00 — 20:00, SA-SU 10:00 — 21:00

Besides nice view and lovely sky, Astana is known as a home of steppe, unusual nature. Therefore, you can go outside of the city to the natural reserve, waterfall, and canyons etc.

Seletinsk reservoir and Bestobe canyon

Destination: about 200 km to the reservoir, and about 230 km to the canyon

Near Seleta, there is Seletinsk reservoir with the dam where you can go fishing. You will surely discover a picturesque view to the great canyons.

Waterfall near Makinsk village

Destination: about 160 km

It’s the only waterfall which is close to Astana. As water flows on the stone slope, you will have a magnificent view before you.

Kurgalzhyn Nature Reserve

Distance: 150 kilometers

The reserve is located 150 km away from Astana. The wetlands are home to more than 340 types of birds like pelicans, flamingos, larks, cranes to name a few. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit this reserve every year and return after capturing few photos of never seen birds. The reserve has no borders because the territory is more than 543 thousand km2.

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