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The Spaniards in Kazakhstan. On how to develop the ecological business and what is remarkable about "Artem"


The Spaniards in Kazakhstan. On how to develop the ecological business and what is remarkable about "Artem"

Diego Gabriel Amado Garcia, 29 years old, hometown — Madrid, entrepreneur


I came to Kazakhstan in 2015, worked as an analyst-trainee of economy and trade at the Embassy of Spain. I worked in this position for a year and noticed that there are good opportunities for development in Central Asia. So after my contract ended, I stayed in Spain for eight months and then came back. I started working at the plant, which is engaged in fibreglass-partitions, beds, floor, ceiling Tulpar-Talgo. I worked there for a year but was not very happy with this work. I had a few friends who were also interested in Kazakhstan. And I invited them to do business together, to become a representative of their companies in Kazakhstan.

So we opened a new company called E-ZHASYL. We create environmental solutions for various issues. We also have a construction and repair company, which is represented in Ust-Kamenogorsk. And there is a company that processes garbage into gas and extracts electricity from it. So, recently we started this project in Zhezkazgan.

In Kazakhstan, I mainly work, play sports and sleep. When I have time, I go to the velodrome, run and swim a lot. I like to play sports. I participated in the marathon in the Ironman.


I also like to cook, read and walk. I teach Spanish, sometimes English. Sometimes I help in the organization Internations.

I try to communicate with both locals and foreigners. I have friends among colleagues from the Embassy. The more I communicate with the locals, the more I practice my language and learn about the culture.

Kazakhs and Spaniards are similar in that they smile. There are, of course, cold people, but the southern Kazakhs are cheerful, like the Spaniards.

Kazakhs and Spaniards are similar in that they smile

My office and house are on Mangilik El street. I try to ride a bike to work in the warm season. I like that there are a lot of shops in this area, there is a new bike path. I do not need coffee in the morning, because I Wake up on the road — from the wind and fresh air. Astana has beautiful architecture, new city, open spaces.


When I have time, I like to go to Artem. There is a good and fresh food. I also like Triathlon Park. Twice a month I go to the cinema in Mega Silk Way, and in Astana Ballet, it is located near my house.

I plan to continue living in Kazakhstan. I want to develop business here.

Henry Luis José Alvarez, 27 years old, hometown — Toledo, manager


Last year I came to Kazakhstan with my family — parents and younger brother. We came for a couple of weeks in may to rest in the mountains.

We thought for a long time where to go. My parents wanted to go to Russia, but one of my father's friends advised me to go to Kazakhstan to see a slightly different culture, life and beautiful nature.

I studied in the USA, started to work there and my first big vacation I spent with my family in Kazakhstan. To be honest, this decision seemed unusual and strange, but we expected it to be a real adventure.

I studied in the USA, started to work there and my first big vacation I spent with my family in Kazakhstan

Our first destination was Almaty. Beautiful and green city, and big enough, which I did not expect. We spent four days there: walking the streets, going to the shops. I was struck by Soviet architecture.

The people we met treated us in a friendly way. By the way, parents were treated with respect — someone even gave way to transport.

Then we went up into the mountains, and it was amazing. There we stayed in the hotel, which was booked in advance, and spent days in nature: went on tours, on a picnic, brother riding a horse. There we were advised to try Kazakh cuisine. I have tried the Mare. The drink has a strange taste, but I liked it. We ate beshbarmak, baursaks. I even brought kurt with me.

Kazakhstan is notable for its nature. The country needs to develop tourism, and I will come here again, but to the capital or to the West to look at life there.

Maria Garcia Perez, 23 years old, hometown — Seville, student


Two years ago I came to Astana for special language courses. I studied Russian in Austria, at the University. I was 13 when I decided I wanted to teach him as a foreigner. At first, I taught myself, but then I realized that it was not so effective because I had no one to talk to.

Four years ago I went to Moscow to practice my language with native speakers. Then I went to St. Petersburg. And two years ago I decided to go to Astana because I knew that there are a lot of Russian-speaking people in this city too. These were self-organized courses that we prepared with the students two months before the trip.

I didn't expect to see such architecture

I didn't expect to see such architecture. After the museums of St. Petersburg and Red Square in Moscow, Astana looked like modern cool Asian megacities.

We spent every day in the city and even went to the mountains for one day — in Borovoe.

We have made a special route to spend every day somewhere useful. So we went to the aquarium, to the market and to the art festival, which was held on the Boulevard "Nurzhol". We spent one-day studying culture. Not to say that we did something unusual, but we had a Kazakh girl who told us about the traditions, we went to a Kazakh restaurant, and I even bought myself earrings in the national style.

Young people in Kazakhstan are open, as in Spain, in Europe. I noticed, especially at the festival, that there are many people who are fond of art — bright and creative.

I think that in the next two or three years I will come to Astana but on my own. My Russian has improved during this time, and I want to know more about the country and its inhabitants. Maybe after that, I will go to Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan.

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