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Recommend an inspiring person

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The most popular sanatoriums in Kazakhstan: «Saryagash», «Okzhetpes», «Merke»


The most popular sanatoriums in Kazakhstan: «Saryagash», «Okzhetpes», «Merke»

Medical and rehabilitation complex «Saryagash»


Address: South Kazakhstan region, Saryagash district, Kokterek settlement
Course of treatment: from 8 days
Price per person: from 8000 KZT/a day (accommodation, meals, treatment)

— hydrotherapy:
— mineral water
— mineral baths
— tubage
— physiotherapy:
— paraffin mineral wax treatment
— inhalation
— massages.

Contacts: 8 725 375 13 11

Sanatorium «Merke»


Address: Zhambyl region, Merke district
Course of treatment: from 10 days
Price for 1 person: from 75 000 KZT for 10 days (accommodation, meals, treatment)

The discount is 10 % for standard numbers for veterans of war, pensioners, and also for teachers and doctors.
The main medical instrument of the sanatorium «Merke» is radon mineral water, which refers to a mineralized water with chloride-sulphate-hydrocarbonate, calcium-potassium-sodium.

— therapeutic shower
— physiotherapy
— hydro and therapeutic massage
— phototherapy
— acupuncture
— hirudotherapy

Contacts: 8 705 789 29 63

Health complex «Okzhetpes»


Address: Akmola region, Burabay villagе
Course of treatment: from 5 days
Price for 1 person: from 24 000 KZT/a day (accommodation, meals, treatment), children from 1 year — 2500 KZT

Unique natural advantages of the health complex: the environmentally friendly air of the pine forest, the therapeutic mud of Lake Balpashor and the mineral water «Mai Balyk», therapy that requires drinking kumys, mineral water «Kulager-Arasan» supplemented by a modern medical diagnostic base that allows to heal and rehabilitate a wide range of diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, digestion, blood circulation, endocrine and nervous system, urological and gynecological diseases.

— dieting program
— mineral water
— phytotherapy
— drinking kymys (horse milk)
— therapeutic gymnastics
— baths (radon, mineral, pearl)
— mud therapy
— mineral wax applications
— physiotherapy
— laser therapy
— oxygen cocktail
— inhalation
— climatotherapy
— aqua aerobics
— ski walks
— dental irrigation with mineral water «Mai Balyk»

Contacts: 8 716 367 5125, 8 716 36 752 11, 8 702 059 20 20

Sanatorium «Rakhmanovskie Klyuchi»


Address: East Kazakhstan Region, Ust-Kamenogorsk, 25/1 Protozanova st.
Course of treatment: from 12 days
Price for 1 person: from 180 000 KZT for 12 days (transfer, accommodation, meals, treatment)

Sanatorium «Rakhmanovskie Klyuchi» is situated in the East Kazakhstan region, on the border of four states: Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia and China, in the heart of the Altai Mountains at an altitude of 1760 meters above sea level, between the two picturesque lakes. The sanatorium is located at a distance of 450 km from the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk. The transfer will take you to the sanatorium, which will be taken from Ust-Kamenogorsk.

— mineral water
— radon and pearl baths
— cosmetology
— salt compresses
— stone therapy
— massage
— mud therapy
— aroma wrapping
— physiotherapy
— inhalation therapy

Contacts: 8 723 226 37 44, 8 723 226 79 91

Sanatorium «Moyildy»

Address: Pavlodar region
Course of treatment: from 10 days
Price for 1 person: from 9500 KZT/a day (accommodation, meals, treatment)

Sanatorium «Moyildy» offers highly effective treatment. The exceptional effectiveness of the treatment is that the sanatorium has natural lake containing mineralized silt mud. In addition, at the sanatorium there is a mineral water.

— primary medical consultations
— mud therapy
— various baths or mineral baths
— oxygen cocktail
— herbal products
— physiotherapy and electrolight therapy:
— tube-quartz
— amplipulse
— almag
— electrophoresis
— ultraviolet radiation
— massage

Contacts: 8 718 235 65 33, 8 718 235 66 56, 8 777 462 36 20

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