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South Korea, Israel, Germany — what is medical tourism and where to get quality treatment


South Korea, Israel, Germany — what is medical tourism and where to get quality treatment

South Korea

Vladimir Ten, 32 years old, hometown — Karaganda, director of MedMost


About medical tourism in Korea

Medical tourism is a trip abroad or within one country for the purpose of obtaining diagnosis or treatment. In Seoul people also often combine diagnosis and rest.

Medical tourism in South Korea began developing 10 years ago, and now Korean medicine is recognized worldwide. People come to Seoul not only from the CIS countries but even from the US because treatment in Korea is cheaper.

Medical tourism in South Korea began developing 10 years ago, and now Korean medicine is recognized worldwide

Among the Korean clinics, there are five leaders — Big Five — Samsung, Severance, SNUH, Asan Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital in Seoul. These are the most popular and most expensive clinics. There are also less well-known clinics, but the quality of treatment is not worse, and the cost is lower. They provide better service like free shuttle service, translator and other bonuses. This is convenient because the transfer to Seoul can cost $100 and the work of a translator — up to $50 per hour. Among these clinics are Soon Chun Hyang, St. Mary's hospitals in other cities, Se John and Bundang Jesaeng Hospital. Hospitals at Korean universities conducting clinical research and use innovative methods of treatment before they start to apply massively.

Most often patients with serious diseases come to Korea. Oncology is the most common problem. In South Korea, medicine has reached the highest level and is a leader in the treatment of breast cancer, stomach, liver, colon and small intestine, rectum. Also, many people come for diagnosis or plastic surgery.

About the benefits of medicine in Korea

In South Korea, in medicine is applied a comprehensive approach. In one place a patient can have a quick qualified diagnosis, treatment and necessary operation.
The whole process can take four days, and that is fast.

Also, a multidisciplinary approach is common in Korea it is when the patient is examined by several highly specialized doctors at the same time.

In some hospitals, artificial intelligence may be used for consultation. The program loaded with thousands of stories of patients' diseases, results of clinical studies. Artificial intelligence can process information using big data and offer an optimal solution. And doctors can use these data as recommendations for treatment.

Treatment in Korea is accurate. Doctors can perform operations in a minimally invasive way by planning an operation based on a 3D model of the organ. This allows patients to recover much faster.

In Korea, you can also get a qualitative diagnosis. The equipment here is more modern than in Kazakhstan. This allows you to get more data and make an accurate diagnosis.

On what is important to pay attention

An international department where employees speak different languages must operate in Korean clinics. Such clinics are certified and can receive foreigners.

In South Korea, foreign patients can receive treatment on a foreign passport. You need to take it to the international department and can get all the services without registration.

Life and treatment in Seoul are expensive. But the treatment in Korea is cheaper than in Germany and Israel. It can be compared with the cost of treatment in Turkey or prestigious Moscow clinics.

To arrange a trip to Korea, you can contact the agency or try to prepare everything yourself. During planning on your own, find the best few clinics that fit your profile among 200 or 300 offered. Compare the conditions and choose the right one. It is difficult and has many moments that need to be considered. Therefore, it is better to use the services of trusted agencies. It is important to choose the one that works honestly. The Korean government is trying controlling the work of such companies, but there are still many swindlers among them.


Ragna Lee, 30 years old, hometown — Almaty, the representative of the medical centre Assuta


About medical tourism in Israel

Medical tourism can be called a procedure for the organization of medical help in another country. Someone is interested in getting acquainted with the new country and having health procedures, and someone needs an urgent diagnostic examination or a complex operation. In any case, the primary task is to obtain qualified medical care.

Israel is a popular destination in medical tourism. Especially among patients from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, USA. According to the statistical analysis carried out by experts in the field of economy and tourism, the number of tourists in Israel increases every year for 10 %.

A large number of applications are received in oncology and cardiology. Many believe Israel is a leading country only in these areas, in fact, there are no restrictions.

About the benefits of medicine in Israel

Israel is chosen by patients for whom high-quality treatment, efficiency and full organization of the process are important. In this country, patients are provided with a high level of service, an experience of world-class doctors, modern equipment, innovative techniques and reasonable price.

Israel is chosen by patients for whom high-quality treatment, efficiency and full organization of the process are important

On what is important to pay attention

For treatment in Israel, we recommend the medical centre Assuta. It is a leading surgical centre in Israel and the world. In 2017, I myself underwent surgery there to remove the thyroid gland. We are official representatives of the foreign department of Assuta Hospital.

The cost of treatment in Israel depends on the diagnosis and the degree of complexity of treatment. After the resort of the patient, experts select the most acceptable program. The cost of diagnosis varies from $1,000 to $3,000. In complex cases, the cost may be higher.

The right solution for the organization of treatment in Israel will be the choice of an official and certified representative of the hospital. The second step is to send all medical documentation, test results, ultrasound images, the doctor's conclusion to the selected clinic. This is necessary to determine the program and the cost of treatment, securing a personal coordinator. All other issues, such as sending an invitation to a visa, the organization of transfer at the airport, the selection of a doctor, an appointment, assistance in the selection of housing will be dealt by the coordinator.


Natalie Kromeich, Munich, doctor, director of the Likro company


About medical tourism in Germany

Medical tourism has been developing in Germany for more than 15 years. Mostly here come patients from the CIS countries.

Medicine in Germany is at the world level, scientific research is actively conducted here, good conditions for treatment and diagnosis are created, access to medicaments.

To enter a medical University in Germany, you need to study well. At the same time, it is impossible to study in such institutions for a fee. In general, to educate as a doctor in Germany, you need from 10 to 12 years. All the professors in the universities are operating doctors who teach at universities, participate in international conferences, write scientific papers.

Most people come to Germany with oncology problems. Also, the direction of orthopaedics is one of the best. German doctors are aces in spine surgery, joint replacement. The third popular direction is rehabilitation.

About the benefits of medicine in Germany

In Germany, all clinics are good. During planning treatment, I pay attention to the specialists, not to the clinic. Find a top specialist in Germany is easy, especially if you know where to search. The Germans take their responsibilities clearly and meticulously.

The German quality of medicine is at a good international level. The cost of treatment in Germany is two to three times lower than in the United States. Many doctors from all over the world come here to practice.

The cost of treatment in Germany is two to three times lower than in the United States

Another advantage is it is easier to get to Germany.

On what is important to pay attention

It is important not to wait for the disease to appear, but at least once a year to come for diagnosis. This will help prevent the disease and save money.

The cost of treatment consists of many indicators. The higher the category of a doctor, the more expensive it is. Also, the cost depends on the degree of disease.

If a person wants to plan treatment, then he or she need to know German, doctors, prepare all the documents. Therefore, it is better to take care of who will do it. The specialist can help in the preparation of documents, advise on the cost, hotel accommodation, resolve issues of treatment.

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