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Models in Korea. About active development of the modelling business and the income


Models in Korea. About active development of the modelling business and the income

Jun You, 26 years old, hometown — Seoul, fashion-model and actor

jun You 1.jpg

About career choice

Initially, my speciality was cooking. But I realized that I wanted to become a model and a movie actor. When I was 20 years old, I had the chance to play in a small film. My career started at that moment.

About modelling business in Korea

The modelling business in Korea has many branches. My direction is a model for advertising. The advertising modelling business integrates the major subsidiary of the company and a large shooting area for projects.

Korean model companies are small in comparison to Western counterparts. However, most closely cooperate with the world-famous model agencies.

About working conditions

I think for beginners it will be easy to find a job in this field, as many Western companies are actively looking for Asian models. Korean models feature in skin tone and colour, body proportions. If you are good looking, you will be successful in the modelling business.

Models in Korea can work for a specific company or be a freelancer. Wages and working conditions will depend on what you choose.

For beginners, it will be easy to find a job in this field, as many Western companies are actively looking for Asian models

jun You.jpg

If you work with the company, you will have stable shooting in various projects, but from your salary will be deducted a certain percentage for the company services. The agency also helps to improve skills. Many models go to master classes, attend acting classes, which are paid by the company.

As a freelancer, you are looking for a suitable shooting, negotiate with the employer. In this case, the profit from a particular order is greater, but it is not always possible to find orders and all the responsibility on you.

There is no specific working schedule for the models, and it all depends on the shooting process. The more you work, the harder the shooting and you get more money. A lot depends on your level and the project you are involved in. A beginner model can get $100 for one shot, while an experienced and famous model gets $1,000,000 and above.

About plans

I plan to develop further, and I want to become a successful model and call myself a professional.

Kim Jae Yoon, 19 years old, hometown — Seongnam, FIT-model, student


About career choice

I started modelling when I was 17. Initially, I applied for projects that interested me, passed an interview, showed my photos, answered a few questions. After that, I was approved as a model.

Fit-model is a kind of mannequin, which helps fashion designer to understand how comfortable and practical the clothes are.

About modelling business

In Korea, many people are interested in fashion, follow the novelties and discuss new collections. Across the country opens many clothing stores, which led to a huge demand for the models' services.

In my opinion, Korea is a booming model market that will grow every year.

Two big companies in the country are widely known in model circles: YG K Plus and Fantagio. But I do not work in the company, as I prefer to be a freelancer.

About working conditions

Kim 1.jpg

Modelling is hard work that requires a lot of dedication. The market is competitive, and everyone is trying to find a place under the sun. But if you truly believe in yourself and work hard, you have a chance to become a model. Someone may notice your enthusiasm and offer an interesting project that will help to earn a name.

I usually work six hours a week. It is quite little because I combine work and study. I think full-time models work more.

Working conditions at a high level. For example, Seoul is convenient in terms of movement, and employers during the filming offer soft drinks and food, and in winter warm clothes before fitting. Such care pleases.

If you plan to develop in the modelling business, you need to learn foreign languages. This will help to find new customers from other countries.

If you plan to develop in the modelling business, you need to learn foreign languages

About plans

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do in the future. Working as a model is short-lived.

While I am working as a model, I will learn more foreign languages. At the moment I speak Korean, Japanese and English, and in March I will start studying Spanish. I am sure knowledge of foreign languages will help me to achieve success.

In addition to modelling, I want to open an organization that will teach foreign languages to poor children for free. Knowledge of foreign languages can be their strong point, which will open the way to a bright future.

Seoyoung Pyi, 24 years old, hometown — Seoul, model

Seoyoung Pyi.jpg

About career choice

I started modelling when I was 21. My brother is a photographer and at that time he was looking for a model for his portfolio. He asked me for help, and I agreed. It was my first experience in professional shooting. I was pretty good at it, so I decided to try to be a model.

About modelling business

Korea provides many jobs for models. You can become a model for online stores or try to become a model for shows. It all depends on you, and the chance to get a job is great.

There are two large model companies in the country, through which all large orders pass. This is Esteem and YG K Plus. If you want to participate in a major shooting, you need to get in these companies.

About working conditions


Modelling business is a stressful environment where patience is necessary. The main quality of the model is stress resistance. During the filming process, everyone is tired and nervous, so do not take to heart the emotional criticism of the leadership or other colleagues. All of this is only part of the work that needs to be taken for granted.

Modelling business is a stressful environment where patience is necessary

Beginners in the modelling business can go through the hard way or easily get to the top. It all depends on your appearance and the direction you have chosen. If your physical characteristics and direction match perfectly, success is not far off.

About plans

I plan to work as a model and develop my skills to proudly call myself a professional.

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