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Made in Central Asia. Fashion influencers about favorite domestic brands
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Made in Central Asia. Fashion influencers about favorite domestic brands

Today in Central Asia there are more and more stylish domestic brands that offer interesting solutions and ideas to customers. We asked the influencers which local brands they choose.

Azis Uhzees, 25 years old, Bishkek city, blogger, entrepreneur, podcast host, @uhzees


About myself

I am a blogger and entrepreneur. Host of “The Chai Show“ podcast.

Favorite brands

The brand of anonymous designers Euler Central Asia @eulercentralasia is the brightest conceptual debut of this year. Each Euler collection is accompanied by a symbiosis from the creative world of Central Asia, musicians, artists, designers.

I won't be any different from my media colleagues by noting the incredible cutadash @cutadash_official. The brand's designer, Aizhan, feels Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia at the DNA level. CutADash lives in a different dimension from what we used to understand by ethnic fashion.


BeAdam @beadam.store is the most creative version of the Central Asian Polo. The Aknazarov sisters capitalize on their many years of experience in creating creative spaces and architecture in Central Asia in every detail of the brand. There is not a single ill-conceived detail.

IZMER @izmer_iz combines a variety of fabrics, colors, patterns and cutouts at the level of huge creative haute couture houses. The brand's works are like museum exhibits. A great investment for those who like to invest in the works of the fashion world.

ADONN @adonn_studio is the author of the incredible pink jacket I was wearing during the release of the "Chai Show" with Maryim Tolepbergen. To this day, it is one of the brightest and most beautiful items of clothing that I have ever worn, despite its sufficient modesty and elegance. ADONN knows how to do just that — combine rock and chic.

Aminat Li, 19 years old, Almaty city, TikTok-creator, @aminat_li


About myself

I play drums, lift weights in the gym and shoot videos in TikTok.

Favorite brands

@jenil_brand is about convenience and aesthetics. The best pajamas and underwear in my wardrobe are from Jenil.

photo1689916971 (1).jpeg

@origena_ootw — original accessories made of silver. Perfectly complement the basic images with their uniqueness.

@zhan_nura — ethnic jewelry is always in fashion!

@the_sisters.brand — original, stylish and meaningful.

Asylkhan Kanybaev, 24 years old , Almaty city, stylist, @ya_asylkhan_a_ty_net

photo1689916971 (2).jpeg

About myself

I have been working as a stylist for three years. Collaborated with such artists as Dequine, TRUWER, Yenlik, Monroe, Rauana, 104, SHIZA, RUSO. I also work with bloggers . My goal is to leave a positive mark in the fashion industry of Kazakhstan.

Favorite brands

Tatiana Yan @tatyanayan_official — fantasy, boom of color and emphasis on details! I like how the designer presents products, including accessories.

Blackhorse @blackhorse.kz — genuine leather in all its glory! I like that the designer Dinara combines the Kazakh identity and new fashion trends.

photo1689916971 (3).jpeg

Aimaq @aimaq_kz — jewelry with a story. The brand masterfully preserves antiquity in jewelry, gives a new breath to antique models. I am proud to wear their ring "Molshylyk".

Albasty @al.bastym — underground and uniqueness. I'm impressed with the styling and the pitch.

Howe @howe.almaty is a young and ambitious brand. Interesting minimalism is how I would describe this brand.

Elena Bulatova, 21, Andijan, model, @ellen_bulatova


About myself

I started my modeling career at the age of 17. I am a member of the ART Models agency. I took part in screenings, filming for various brands and advertising projects. In addition to modeling, I am fond of mobile photography and handmade.

Favorite brands

LALI @lalifashion is a couture Uzbek clothing brand. The products are decorated with the author's hand embroidery and applications, fabrics and drawings are developed according to ancient technologies.

Nigora Hashimova @nigorahashimova.dsgn — stylish, bold solutions that combine the latest fashion trends and national flavor.

B JEANS @bjeanscentralasia is an eco-friendly denim brand of domestic production.


yanguraz upcycling brand @upcycling.uz — an eco-friendly brand that popularizes the culture of recycling, reshaping vintage products into new, bright, unusual ones — thereby giving things a second life.

CULT U @cultu_concept — stylish minimalistic oversize clothing. Suitable for fans of sport-casual style.

Dressshow @dresshow.uz — a brand of elegant evening dresses.

Nissah Couture @nissah_couture — delicate designer handmade pajamas made of premium fabrics.

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