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International families in Uzbekistan: what traditions observe and how to find a common language


International families in Uzbekistan: what traditions observe and how to find a common language

Ilkhom Temurov, age 65, hometown — Samarkand, entrepreneur


About dating and family creation

I am a Tajik and my wife is Russian. We met 30 years ago. I'm 17 years older, but we created a strong family.

There was no wedding or a traditional veil. We do not adhere to formalities, so we are happy.

We had two sons born on the same day, seven years apart: Firuz on April 29, 1993, and Amiran on April 29, 2000.

About the features of mentality

My wife and I are modern people. We always understand each other. We have no problems with international traditions and relations. We have achieved harmony in the family due to my wife's kindness, integrity, and my modernity and love for her.

In an international family, harmony can be created

In life, not many differences in mentalities, on the contrary, many people have similar views on different aspects. In an international family, harmony can be created even with cultural differences.

About the advantages of an international family

The farther is the connection, and the better descendants are. Therefore, in an international family, children are healthy, smart, beautiful.

Different nationalities have exceptional features and peculiarities. In an international family, you can adopt them from both sides. The upbringing of children is influenced by a good relationship between parents. It doesn't depend on nationality.

Kamila Kotlyarova, age 37, Uchkuduk, Tashkent, blogger, @kamilamom

камила (3).jpg

About dating and family creation

We met thanks to music. I was a singer and my husband was a musician, we did common music projects. We got married in 2005.

Both his and my parents are modern people. Their reaction to our choice was positive. My husband is Russian.

We didn't have a traditional wedding. It was a planned evening for ourselves.

камила (2).jpg

We have three children and chose unusual names for them: Martin, Olivia, and Daniel.

About the features of mentality

We create traditions for the family. We aren't based on national aspects. But we have the usual one is when we spend time together or with relatives, the husband prepares delicious Uzbek pilaf. I can't cook like that.

We create traditions for the family

In mentality more similarities than differences. Both our families honor elders, respect any nationality. But since childhood, I used to refer to my parents formally but in my husband's family, they do it informally.

About the advantages of an international family

The biggest plus of international families is beautiful children.

камила (4).jpg

Children's native language is Russian, they understand Uzbek a little. But it doesn't prevent them from making friends with children who speak only Uzbek. They also study it at school.

Children love Uzbek dishes, know the holidays, our history.

Tatyana Yagubi, age 32, hometown — Novokuznetsk, designer of author's textiles, @yagubi_felting

татьяна (1).jpg

About dating and family creation

Our family is international: I am Russian, and my husband is Canadian. I met my future spouse met in a restaurant. I went to a friend's work, and he was having dinner there and invited me to join him.

татьяна (3).jpg

A year later we were married. The wedding was official, for the settlement of international laws. We have two sons.

About the features of mentality

We treat each other's cultural features with respect and tolerance.

International marriage has its features

We celebrate birthdays and New Year. We are neutral to religious holidays. I am Orthodox, and my husband is a Muslim. But he grew up in a European state and thinks in a modern way.

татьяна (2).jpg

About the advantages of an international family

The older child speaks English fluently and Russian well.

татьяна (4).jpg

International marriage has its features. It is necessary to prepare a huge number of documents: translations certified by notaries of the two countries, legalizations, apostilles. We are still completing documents for children.

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