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How to work as a DJ in Japan, Germany and Kazakhstan: Music festivals and closed parties
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How to work as a DJ in Japan, Germany and Kazakhstan: Music festivals and closed parties


Tomohisa — Dr.Tommy — Hirata, 55 years old, hometown — Himeji City, Japan, professional DJ

tomohisa 1.jpg

About choosing a profession

My DJ career started in the 80s when I was working as a DISCO DJ. I loved to dance and created dance music.

I was a member of a rock band and my first track was recorded with the traditional sound of drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, synth and vocals.

About the music industry in Japan

Electronic music in Japan in the 70s managed to make a successful main stage of the country — YMO, but now everything is developing in the mainstream of the underground.

Nowadays the creation of electronic music has become much easier thanks to new technologies. However, the elements of House Music and Techno still have limitations.

tomohisa 4.jpg

Many young people in Japan are interested in electronic music. The level of Hip Hop and Trap is quite high.

There are many places in Tokyo where the DJ can play. But not everyone can fully devote themselves to this, so many combine the work of the DJ with another profession.

About working conditions

I work as a DJ for a long time and try to learn new trends in music, to make it relevant and authentic.

I work about 49 hours a week, depending on the schedule.

For newcomers quite difficult to become a professional DJ, as it is difficult to earn only on music

For newcomers quite difficult to become a professional DJ, as it is difficult to earn only on music. The sphere of DJing can be different: someone makes music, and someone works on the radio, and someone plays in clubs and bars.

tomohisa 2.jpg

The average price for a DJ set in Japan starts from 1000 yen. It depends on the professionalism and fame of a particular DJ.

About the plans

The plans to create tracks and develop the electronic music industry in Japan.


Niels Thode, 29 years old, hometown — Hamburg, professional DJ

Grman DJ.jpg

About choosing a profession

I have always loved music and followed new trends in music. I started my professional career as a DJ in 2010. Now I have more than 60 sets a year in different clubs and large-scale music festivals.

About the music industry in Germany

The music industry in Germany is quite complicated. The Internet, community and musical identity are the three base pillars. This allows discovering and develop new talents.

I'm not good at marketing, but I manage to attract the audience with new ideas through active and long-term work on the Internet, good skills and knowledge about music.

Electronic music is a universal area where everything depends on a particular DJ. Electronic music doesn't have national features, only freedom of action and musical identity.

Electronic music is a universal area, where everything depends on a particular DJ

The development of electronic music in Germany connected with our love for techno music. The support of the audience always is the accelerator for the industry.

About working conditions

I try to develop in all directions. My mixtape on YouTube in total has 2,000,000 views.

Every year I participate in music festivals in Germany: World Club Dome, the Ruhr in Love, Holi Farbgefühle Festival, Nature One or the Electrizie Festival.

Nowadays, for beginners all over the world, not only in Germany, easy it's to start their creative activity. Thanks to the Internet, any beginner DJ may become a celebrity in one day. The Internet provides endless opportunities for creativity, and you only need the desire and perseverance.

About the plans

The plans to create music and release many cool tracks.


Roman Shukshin, 34 years old, hometown — Kokshetau, engineer, DJ

роман диджей 3.jpg

About choosing a profession

Since school days I was interested in technologies and music, found for myself something extraordinary and rare. I became a DJ by coincidence. I was a music lover and collected music, and I had technological knowledge. When I was 15, I tried myself on DJ casting. I passed it and since then I create music and live for it.

I recorded the first track in 2007, and it wasn't very good. But through training and mistakes, I learned how to make real music.

About the music industry in Kazakhstan

The electronic music industry in Kazakhstan isn't developed. There are several reasons for it like a weak level of DJs, lack of business skills and the introduction of new concepts and promotion of the necessary trends. Therefore, my colleagues and I hold parties, where we try to contribute to the promotion and development of Kazakhstani music.

There are no visible advantages of work as DJ in Kazakhstan, as talents often boycotted by the audience and various directions in musical genres refuted. The only advantage is Kazakhstan is a huge field for development in any direction.

The only advantage is Kazakhstan is a huge field for development in any direction

Moldanazar is almost the only representative of electronic music in Kazakhstan. Many artists are forced to go abroad because they don't get necessary support within the country.

About working conditions

The field of my work is diverse: I play on musical platforms and record tracks, mixes on the studio.

Any track starts with an idea, which then goes through the stage of creation and actual sound.

My colleagues and I hold themed parties, where we demonstrate our view on music and performance. The most difficult part in the organization of the event is setting the sound and light on the site to create a unique atmosphere. Performances on such parties bring me joy from the implementation of ideas and positive reaction from the audience.

роман диджей.jpg

Newcomers can simply become a DJ, but it creates problems dumping prices for services, as young DJ ask a small price for their work. This negatively affects the work of all DJs.

Working conditions should be combined with a technical rider. DJ is not only playing music but creating it, cheering up the audience and creating a positive vibe. Therefore, professional equipment is a necessity.

A DJ sets the price for performances. For example, my price ranges from 20,000 to 60,000 tenge for two hours. Also, the price changes depending on the level of platform complexity, the audience and the duration.

About the plans

In the future, I plan to hold a large-scale musical tour. I also want to promote Kazakhstan's electronic music on the world stage and introduce foreign musicians to Kazakhstani DJs.

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