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How to get American citizenship and visit 185 countries without a visa


How to get American citizenship and visit 185 countries without a visa

Anastasia Govorun, 29 years old, hometown — Astana, student


Acquisition of citizenship

The first step in obtaining US citizenship is an immigrant visa. It gives the right to work and live in the States. Naturalization is one of the ways to obtain citizenship. The key point that you need to legally live in America the standard is five years.

The term reduced to three years for those who marry a US citizen. For refugees the period calculated from the date of arrival in the United States. For those who have received political asylum, the period of permanent residence is one year, after which the procedure for obtaining citizenship begins.

Also, remember that all foreign trips should be strictly regulated in time. If the applicant for citizenship is absent in the United States for six to seven months, he/she loses permanent resident status. Absence for one year or more leads to consequences and applicant lose the right to stay in the States without obtaining a re-entry permit.

In the latter case, you will have to start all over again to obtain a new permanent residence status.

You must be over 18 years to obtain citizenship by marriage, be married to US citizens for at least three years and have a green card for three years. In fact, you can live in the United States for at least a year and a half in total.

When you receive a green card, you do not have to renounce citizenship of Kazakhstan. But it will be necessary before receiving an American passport. Dual citizenship is not valid for citizens of Kazakhstan.


About the advantages

Citizenship gives full rights in the country. You may not even live in the United States, but have citizenship.

One of the main advantages of the United States that here you can do business without the constant fear that it will be taken away. The right to property guaranteed by an independent judiciary and the law. It is easy to start a business in the US. There are a large market and a rich population, cheap business loans and moderate taxes, and the registration of a new company will take less than 20 minutes.

Everyone knows that in America expensive real estate, medicine and life in general. You can count other people's dollars as much as you want, draw summary tables and take into account insurance and tax deductions, but the main thing is that a lot of money can be earned in the US.


Be sure to continue learning English, attend courses, watch English-language programs on TV, listen to the radio on the way to work and back, memorize new words.

Get a driver's license to drive a car for the first month in the United States. If you already have the driving licence, for example, in Ukraine, Russia or Kazakhstan, you can drive a car for one month with your "old" rights.

Open a bank account and issue a credit card. An important criterion in the US for evaluating you as a tenant or buyer is your credit rating and credit history.

Lora Kay, hometown — Lviv, blogger @lorakay.usa


Acquisition of citizenship

A person can get citizenship because of a green card. Depending on the status, you must have up to five years of residence in the United States. I was married to an American citizen and could apply for citizenship in three years. The first step is to visit the site, find the heading naturalization and answer a questionnaire on which can be determined how qualified you are for citizenship.

This site has much additional information, but the main plus in submitting all the documents at home. Create an online account and upload all copies. You can pay $795 by card when all the documents are ready and the forms completed.

If you submit a questionnaire online, you receive notifications by mail when the case considered. You may be asked to reload some documents or just report what happened. On average, a month later they send an invitation to give fingerprints and then from six months to two years takes the remaining process. I was four months late because of moving to another state.

The whole process took ten months from the day of submission to the interview, then another two or three weeks will be spent on the oath, and obtaining a passport. The interview will be a small exam, but all the materials are on the official website, so there are no big difficulties. 100 questions on the history of the United States, about 30 words that need to be written correctly, to know basic communication skills in English.


About the advantages

The main advantages of citizenship — visa-free travel to most countries for up to 90 days and no need to keep track of documents and extend, as in the case of a visa or green card.

In addition, only a US citizen can work in public places or facilities. You can vote in elections and expect a pension and other social protection with citizenship.


It is important to plan your travel before applying for citizenship, and you can not be out of the country for more than 180 days in the last 3 years before applying. All holidays, travel must be well calculated. Even one day of stay in Canada should be taken into account, although you can go there on foot through the Niagara bridge.

It is important to plan your travel before applying for citizenship, and you can not be out of the country for more than 180 days in the last 3 years before applying

According to US authorities, they give citizenship to people with good moral qualities. If you have a strict criminal record or driving fines, you can be refused.

Anastasiya Marchenko, hometown — Saint Petersburg, blogger @ana_in_america


About obtaining process

For the first time, the US government confessed its love to me on February 14, 2012, when I found a desired green card letter in my mailbox: this is how my immigrant journey began. It's been six years since I received my card before I could apply for citizenship.

The process of obtaining citizenship took a little more than a year: the average waiting period for the state is from 10.5 to 18 months. The immigration situation in the country is going through hard times. When I was preparing for citizenship, I did not find any detailed source, especially in Russian.

My process of applying for citizenship began optimistically: I sent a full package in December, and I was already invited to give fingerprints in January, but then there was silence.

I received a long-awaited invitation exactly one month before the interview, but in fact a year after sending the full package of documents. I had a book on my hands by which I was preparing for the history test of the United States. I started to panic the day before the interview: all the names were mixed up in my head, and I could not find an invitation, without which I could not even enter the building.

The cost of an American passport — $145, $20 spent on the renewal of a driver's license

In the morning we arrived at the immigration office and took place in a long queue for registration. I decided not to waste time and once again repeat mixed part: all names from the list. As soon as I registered, presented documents, the invitation to an interview, I was given a number and sent to the waiting room. My number appeared on the screen in less than three minutes, and I was immediately invited.

The cost of an American passport — $145, $20 spent on the renewal of a driver's license.


About the advantages

I am a citizen of the world, and it is an indescribable feeling when you have two homes and two loving and waiting countries.

As soon as I received the certificate and went through the double doors into the huge hall, I was immediately covered by the feeling that all the doors are open for me.

There are 185 countries that I can travel to without a visa due to an American passport. I am not constrained by the six-month rule, which all green card holders are afraid of.

Another advantage is low prices for education, grants, which are available only to US citizens. There is an opportunity to work in international governmental organizations. There are various social bonuses.


An important point: as soon as you go into the office, do not sit down until you are offered. Because the interview starts with a standing oath.