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How to earn up to $400,000 a year in the US: dentist, programmer and financial analyst


How to earn up to $400,000 a year in the US: dentist, programmer and financial analyst

Alexander Anisimov, age 32, hometown — Moscow, dentist


About the profession

A doctor is a most prestigious and most paid profession in the United States. In many states, a doctor's salary can reach up to $400,000 a year, which is ten times bigger than the average salary. In the USA to be a doctor is prestigious, fashionable and honourable.

To become a doctor in America, you need to study a lot. At least 11 years to work as a therapist. And if you came to work from another country, then you need to confirm the qualification.

A doctor's salary can reach up to $400,000 a year

I came from Russia to the States with my family and quickly found a job, which means that a specialist won't be lost here.

About medicine in the USA

Medicine in the United States is qualitative, high-technological and developing. The health care system, the role of insurance and provided services are well developed here. Medical services are expensive, but the level of service is several times higher than in the CIS countries. The hospitals have good technical equipment, many private clinics.

America has a high cost of living, high taxes and obligatory insurance. Therefore, in this country, the doctor will not remain without money. The status of a doctor is much more honourable than in Russia.

About employment

To get the right to practice, a foreign doctor must pass licensing exams. This is a two-step test. The same exams are taken by medical Americans. The questions include different areas as well as behavioural science is knowledge in psychiatry and medical ethics. Then the practical part is given in the form of a trial medical consultation. The residency will be offered after successfully passed exams.

Then you get a job in the clinic, where you also undergo training, but already receive a salary. Depending on the specialization, you can receive from $150,000 per year. The highest-paid specialists are surgeons, radiologists and anesthesiologists. After that, you can find a position in a private clinic or open your own.

Dmitry Semenov, age 25, hometown — Samara, software engineer


About the profession

Close to graduation from University, I was thinking about to go to the States to work in the profession. This is the country where the coolest technologies appeared. A place where you can get a lot of experience if you know the subject and the language.

I studied possible internship programs in Silicon Valley, at nearby universities. That's how I came to the US. All the time I was engaged in self-education, and I had everything: time, resources, walls of University helped to absorb knowledge. IT is a sphere where is difficult to catch up if you have missed one of the stages. I knew that if I stopped for a while, someone smarter and more experienced than me would come.

About IT in the USA

America is the place of legendary Silicon Valley, a lot of business incubators and investors in startups. Perfect place for programmers and IT specialists. IT specialists have long been popular in the States. The best engineers in the world work here.

The USA is a perfect place for programmers and IT specialists

There are always offers for work in this sphere. However, it is difficult to get a job. And it is important to have a work permit or receive an invitation from the company. The programmer should be purposeful and be able to easily adapt to the new.

About employment

I was transferred from the regional office, so there were no problems with employment. The L1 visa issued to an employee of an international company transferred to one of the divisions of the main organization.

In most cases, you need to look for a job in advance, before moving. You can register in the business network LinkedIn and contact recruiters of IT companies through it, leave a resume, register work experience, write applications to international companies, where your experience will be useful.

Pay attention to the location of the company, state and city. The costs will depend on it. Although programmers earn a lot, the cost of living can reduce the budget.

Nikolay Ananyev, age 27, hometown — Kyiv, financial manager


About the profession

I started working as a financial analyst after graduating from the University in Kyiv. The financier is among the prestigious professions in the world. Specialists are valued if they are highly qualified. After all, the goal of any commercial organization is to increase capital.

We immigrated to America, and I took additional courses. If you get an American degree, then you have every chance to get a good job. However, necessary to wait for a green card or issue a work visa.

About the financial sector in the United States

The USA is a place where they can make money. Educated people work in the finance field. In the US, you need to be able to rebuild, express professionalism and experience in the local market. Completely restructure thinking, because in many ways the financial sector is dependent on people, their behaviour and lifestyle.

The USA is a place where they can make money

About employment

I know people who, found work in banks without any education or having a distant relationship to finance. These are young people who study at universities, and at night works in local offices. Financiers are needed in various state and non-state organizations, in banks and on the stock exchange.

It is easy to find a job because of lack of good professionals. It is enough to open a newspaper or a job search site in America and for a couple of hours to arrange a meeting. I was interviewed at the first company, where I work for the second year.

If you want to build a career, it is important to develop soft skills, to react quickly, to be attentive to minor changes. The work is different from the market of the post-Soviet countries. Important to be noticed to move up the career ladder.

The salaries of financiers and analysts depend on the staff, the level of the company and your experience.

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