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How to earn on freelancing: experience of working with Weblancer


How to earn on freelancing: experience with Weblancer exchange

We share our experience of using Weblancer, a popular platform for freelancers.

Diyor Mahammadjonov, 19 years old, Namangan, front-end developer

How to work on Weblancer

About me

I moved to IT from law, as I became interested in information technology. I chose front-end development for myself. For a year I studied materials on YouTube and practiced, and then I started to earn money on it.

I provide front-end development services for websites, applications, online stores, CRM-systems.

About working with Weblancer

I tried myself on different freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer. The best one for me was Weblancer. It has acceptable competition, adequate commission, and a clear interface. And the platform also develops its own mobile application for the convenience of users.

I have been working on Weblancer for the second year already. During this time I have done dozens of projects of different complexity, which help people to promote their business.

How to get orders and payment

After registration and filling out a profile, the exchange provides 50 free applications to start. Later, you can purchase a plan for endless orders in all categories for $4.99.

To provide orders you need to interact with a potential customer. Tell about your experience, show examples of similar work from your portfolio. If everything goes well, you agree on deadlines and payment. Then the customer chooses you as the performer and you can start working.

Weblancer has the lowest commission among similar sites. It is equal to 5% of the order amount. The exchange has a function of a safe transaction, when the money is reserved for the guarantee of both parties. After the work is done, payment can be provided in different ways: on the card, online wallets, through cryptocurrency.

Freelancers designate the price for their services based on experience and time spent on the project. Mostly the amounts are in the neighborhood of $50. I estimate my work at $10 for an hour of work on a project of medium complexity. As experience grows, this figure can be increased.

Advantages and disadvantages

To the pros of the exchange can be attributed:

— lower competition compared to other platforms

— constant flow of different orders

— adequate market prices

— excellent system of work

— timely and professional feedback from technical support.

The only disadvantage for a newcomer to the exchange is the price of the tariff plan. Usually it costs $5 for one category. But at the moment you can get infinite bids for all categories on the exchange for $4.99.

Tips for beginners

Beginners are advised to emphasize orders with smaller budgets until you have feedback and experience. After submitting an order, it's worth writing to the customer directly and showing off your learning projects. To get started offer lower prices than competitors. Ask for feedback on the performance of the work.

Good orders are closed in 10 minutes after publication. That's why it pays to be on the lookout. Enable alerts about new projects on the exchange via a bot.

Victor Azarnov, 53, Kokshetau, graphic designer, @azarnov_design

How to earn money on Weblancer

About me

I started freelancing about 15 years ago. I've been in design almost all my life, but I wanted to grow specifically as a graphic designer. It is possible when there is a demand for quality work. At that time there was no such demand in the market of my city.

At the moment I provide a wide range of services in graphic design. I am engaged in the development of logos, corporate identity, outdoor advertising, packaging design, character creation, web graphics and much more.

Now I work mostly with regular clients and agencies on projects. I met many of them on the Weblancer service.

About working with Weblancer

Weblancer was the first freelance exchange I tried for myself. At that time, the service was one of the three most popular platforms for freelancers. I liked it with its intuitive menu. There were a lot of interesting and profitable projects here.

How to get orders and payment

Registration on this platform is simple and understandable, there will be no problems with it.

There are two types of orders on the exchange: contests and projects. For a beginner without a portfolio and reviews to provide a project is almost unrealistic. Beginners will have to participate in competitions, in which, in addition to you, there are many other designers. Be prepared that in the beginning you will not win. This is not terrible: even those works that did not win, you can put in the portfolio. And it will also allow you to practice.

In parallel, you need to grow as a professional, study the works of more experienced colleagues, and develop your skills in graphic editors.

Tips for freelancers

The most convenient way of withdrawal for me is through “YuMoney”. Withdrawal to “Privatbank” card and tokens is also available.

The variation of budgets for projects is large. You can meet customers who want a logo for $5, but there are also orders for $200. At the moment the average check is $40-50.

Advantages and disadvantages

The biggest plus is the work of the Weblancer team. On no other site I have not met such a responsive and prompt support service, ready to help in any matter. And the arbitration service objectively solves problems in controversial situations.

From the minuses — the number of orders and budgets for projects have decreased, although you can still find good tasks. But this is rather a tendency of all exchanges.

Tips for beginners

Participate in competitions, replenish your portfolio, improve your professional level. This will definitely give results, you will get feedback from customers, some of them will contact you directly — not in a contest, but through personal projects.

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