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How much does life in Tbilisi cost: rent, groceries, shopping and entertainment
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How much does life in Tbilisi cost: rent, groceries, shopping and entertainment

We talked to Russian-speaking residents of Tbilisi and learned about the costs of housing, transport, cellular communication and much more in this city.

Malika Akhmetzhanova, city — Tbilisi, SMM manager and choreographer, @malika_senorita

Малика Тбилиси.JPG

I have been living in Tbilisi since December 2021.


At the moment, real estate rental prices in Tbilisi have soared two or three times. Previously, a one-room apartment in a residential area of Tbilisi, for example, in Saburtalo, could be rented for $250-300, subject to a contract of six months or more. It is more expensive in the center: from $500 to $800 and above.

You can search for an apartment through realtors or on local websites directly from the owners — myhome.ge, ss.ge.

If you are coming for a short period of time, it is easier to find suitable accommodation through Booking or Airbnb.

Utilities are more expensive than in Kazakhstan. The average gas bill in a two-room apartment is $19-32 per month. Hot and cold water are inexpensive, about $1 per month per person living in the apartment.

I would like to note that there is no municipal enterprise in Georgia that provides citizens with water. There are several private companies responsible for the supply of water.


Until February 1, bus and metro travel was cheap — $0,16. Now it's $0,33. The metro is clean, two branches cover almost the entire city. The buses are also clean and well maintained.

Cellular communication

Expats most often connect unlimited mobile Internet. It costs the same as in Kazakhstan. A little cheaper if you take a package by days, not by months.

The cost of a SIM card is $1-3, the number can be selected.


Now the prices are about the same as in Kazakhstani stores. The only difference is that vegetables and fruits are slightly cheaper, while being fresher and tastier.

The average check in restaurants is the same as in Kazakhstan. You can choose a luxury restaurant or a good medium-sized restaurant.

Entertainment and healthy lifestyle

Medicine here is expensive. There are insurance GPI, ARDI, Unison. For example, the GPI package Classic — coverage of 30-100%, depending on what manipulation is required. The cost is different everywhere — $9-13 per month per person.

The fitness industry and the dance industry are well developed. On average, season tickets cost the same as in Kazakhstan.

Additional expenses

Prices for clothes and shoes in mass markets are the same as in all CIS countries.

The choice of entertainment for children is small. Various sections and circles are just appearing.

Georgians like to relax in bars. They communicate a lot, almost do not sit in phones.

Georgians also love karaoke.

About life and economy

The majority of the population does not have a high standard of living. The average salary is $160-230.

I advise everyone moving for a long time to join expat chats and groups. There people willingly share various tips and life hacks, for example, discount promo codes for taxis and ordering food.

Victoria Sokol, 27 years old, city — Tbilisi, accountant, @vikoniada

Виктория Тбилиси.jpeg

I moved to Tbilisi six months ago with my husband and daughter. The spouse works in the field of SMM.


The average rental price for a one-bedroom apartment is $500 per month, purchase — from 40 $000 for an apartment of 55 square meters. We rent a two-room apartment with an area of 78 square meters for $400.

There is no central heating in Georgia, everyone has their own heating, so we pay $32 per month for gas for three people in winter, $42 for electricity, $3 for water and garbage collection services.


In Tbilisi transport is cheap. The average cost of a taxi ride is $1,62.

The price of insurance is $29 for three months, the price of diesel fuel is $1,42.

Cellular communication

There are several operators, we have chosen the most favorable tariff: $2,2 per week, full unlimited. We distribute the Internet to a home laptop. There are also separate tariffs for calls and Internet, for example, 5 GB per month costs $3,9.


In Georgia, products from three countries are most often found on the shelves: Georgia, Ukraine and Russia. Bread costs $0,32, a liter of milk — $1, a dozen eggs — $1, a kilogram of chicken fillet — $4,85, beef tenderloin — $7. We buy all the products on the market. Of the minuses: expensive sea fish and seafood.

Georgian cuisine is one of the most delicious. Here you can eat cheap and hearty. The average check for one without alcohol is $4-8.

Our family spends $807 a month on food.

Entertainment and healthy lifestyle

There are several good theaters in Tbilisi, one is even Russian-speaking. Ticket price: from $3,2 to $9,7. Cinema prices: from $5,5 to $10.

For families with children there is a large entertainment center for the age of two years with many attractions. The cost of attractions is from 1 to $3, but it is profitable to buy a tariff, for example, for the whole day — $9,7.

Medicine is paid, you can get insurance, prices from $194 per year. Dentistry in Georgia is of a good level and inexpensive.

Additional expenses

I love second-hand shops, so we dress there. The average price of things: from $0,3 to $1,6, shoes — $9-16.

We take the child to a private kindergarten — $194 per month.

The main feature of Georgia is people and communication. Therefore, you need to get used to live communication, and not soulless deliveries from the supermarket. It is possible and necessary to buy products at the market — they are not only tastier there, but also cheaper. To dress second—hand - not only because of the quality of clothing, but also for the sake of preserving the environment. Walk, because the elevators are paid.

About life and economy

The average salary in the capital is $260-322. There is no work for expats, but you can open your own business. In Georgia, there is a small tax percentage on business, and you can open an individual entrepreneur in just 10 minutes in the House of Justice.

Snezhana Makogonenko, 34, city — Tbilisi, English teacher, @tbilisistillovesme

Снежана Тбилиси.JPG

I moved to Tbilisi in October 2016. I run a Telegram channel and take walks around the city, show interesting places.


Prices depend on the area: the closer to the center, the more expensive. In the last month, prices have risen due to the influx of people. If earlier it was possible to rent a good apartment for $400-500, now it costs $800-1000. A one-bedroom apartment in the center will cost $600-800, on the outskirts — $300-500. The price per square meter starts from $1000.

Prices for utilities depend on the provider and how many people are registered in the apartment. We pay for gas, electricity, water and garbage removal. For water — a little more than $1,3 and for light — $5-13.


Using subway, buses and minibuses costs less than a dollar. The most popular taxi is Bolt, an analogue of Uber. On average, a trip around the city costs from a dollar.

Cellular communication

There are three mobile providers in Georgia — Geocell, Magti and Beeline. In general, I do not call or use SMS, only the Internet. It takes $6-8 a month.


Prices for vegetables and fruits differ in winter and summer. For example, tomatoes and cucumbers cost $3-4 in winter, and less than a dollar per kilogram in summer.

If there is in a restaurant, the average check without alcohol will come out at $9-13 per person.

Entertainment and healthy lifestyle

If you hang out in nightclubs, admission is often free. Movie tickets cost: from $3 to $8. The entrance to the museum costs $2-3. You can go to the mountains and go hiking, take a walk in the parks.

The seal can cost from $19. My dentist took $48 for one filling. It depends on who and where you are being treated. Insurance for non-citizens exists. Insurance companies do this. The rates are different, on average it will cost from $9-14 to $25-32. For citizens of Georgia, the prices are different.

There are pools, there are several of them. Subscription prices from $64. There are several networks of gyms where you can buy a subscription and train with a coach. Simple subscriptions cost $38, and more expensive ones cost $80-130 per month. On average, yoga classes cost $4-6.

Additional expenses

There is a Zara, H&M-type mass market in Tbilisi. There is also a popular Lilo market where you can buy everything. Basically, everyone dresses up at the market.

About life and economy

I don't know how to save money, but you can rent an apartment not in the center, buy groceries by weight in local markets, use public transport, connect the Internet on the promotion.

The average salary is quite low — it is $258-322 per month. For example, cashiers at a local supermarket receive $130-160 per shift.

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