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How much does it cost for a lawyer to live in Bishkek and Tashkent: income, expenses and savings
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How much does it cost for a lawyer to live in Bishkek and Tashkent: income, expenses and savings

We met lawyers from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and found out how much they earn and how much they spend on living in a metropolis.

Aizhana Sultanbekova, 26 years old, city — Bishkek, lawyer, @aizhana_sultanbekova



On average, from 50 000 to 80 000 soms if you work for a legal support company.

Legs are fed to a lawyer: you need to be active, solve many cases at the same time and manage to be in different places.

Additional income

You can take cases privately. Usually these are one-time consultations, representation in court.

I also have a small business — an online cosmetics and clothing store. But it doesn't bring in much money yet.


It is not possible to save in large quantities, as many companies are experiencing financial difficulties, food prices have risen in price. I am able to meet daily needs, but little is left for savings.


I do not pay for housing, I live in the southern microdistricts. Utility bills are approximately 5000-7000 soms or $60-80, for internet — 2000 soms — $23, mobile communications — 1500 soms — $17.


I have a personal car. Since I travel a lot for work, I spend about 8000-10000 soms on gasoline — about $ 100.


I cook at home, I buy groceries myself. I often go to restaurants and cafes. I love coffee and spend a lot of money on it.

In a month, everything comes out to about 15 000 soms — $ 170.


I play sports, go swimming. The culture of sports in Bishkek is actively developing and there are offers for any budget: from 3000 soms to 15 000 — this is $ 35-170. I pay 7000 soms per month — $80.

Going to the cinema costs about 1000 soms — $ 12, and visiting a SPA will cost 3000-4000 soms — $ 35-45.

Additional expenses

I don’t spend money on clothes, I buy only what I need. Once a season I can dress for $300-400.

Within a month I can spend money on cosmetics, care products, hygiene products and more. I spend about 6000-7000 soms on this one — $70-80.

I use the credit card. With the help of Internet banking, it is easy to check how much and for what money was spent.

Life hacks for a comfortable life in the capital

You need to work harder to earn more!

Liliya Achilova, 36 years old, city — Tashkent, business lawyer, PhD, professor at the university, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the Tashkent State Law University, @liliya.lawyer



I am a business lawyer, I have been providing legal services to organizations and citizens for 15 years. I provide verbal free consultations and written legal advice on issues that arise in the course of doing business.

In a month I can take on legal services from three to five firms. It turns out a monthly payment from 6 000 000 soums — $ 525.

Often there are requests for drafting contracts. Drawing up one contract costs from 1 000 000 soums and more — from $ 90.

Additional income

I have been teaching business law as a business coach for seven years. Monthly income from 10 000 000 soums — $ 875.

I am also a professional copywriter, I launched a free course for those who wish. On copywriting I earn from 2 000 000 soums monthly. I work with local and foreign companies. It's $175.

Since 2018, I have been an arbitrator — the income is about 1 500 000 soums — $ 130.

There is a family business — a network of hotels Yasmin Hotel in Tashkent and Bukhara.


There are savings. I keep them on deposit at the bank.

Money has a law: from the amount earned, it is necessary to save from 10-20%.

Housing and telephone service

My family and I live in the Yakkasaray district, in our own apartment. For utilities we pay 2 000 000 soums — $ 175, unlimited Internet and Sarkor 130 000 soums — $ 11, for a phone I pay 77 000 soums at the Status silver + tariff from Beeline — $ 7.


I don't use public transport. I use a taxi three times a week and for each trip I spend about 25 000 soums — $ 2.

Gasoline consumption per week is about 400 000 soums — $ 35.

Compulsory OSAGO insurance 56 000 soums per year — $ 50.


Once a week I definitely go to the market for vegetables and fruits, for which I spend 300 000 soums — $ 26.

Two or three times a week, if necessary, I go to Korzinka.uz, where I buy about 250 000 soums — $ 22.

Sometimes I order groceries from Uzum Market and spend about $8.

Once a week, my husband and I go for morning coffee at the French Cafe on Mukimi Street. Coffee and a French almond croissant cost about 70 000 sum per person — $6.

Once a week I go with my sons to Bon for pancakes and cheesecakes — about 180 000 for three — $ 16.

Once a month we go to a restaurant with my friends, which is an approximate check: from 250 000 to 500,000 soums — from $22 to $44.

Once a week I go to my parents for the weekend and buy pies in Safia, it takes about 190 000-250 000 soums — this is $ 16-22.

Sometimes we order food through bots of cafes and restaurants, so it turns out more profitable.


I am a member of various clubs and spend my leisure time there.

Once a month I go to a book club and in the Aynabook store I buy 100 000 soums — $8.

Once a month I take walks with my teammates with breakfast — about 60 000-100 000 soums — $ 5-8.

Every day in the morning I do Pilates online for 20 minutes with a trainer for 250 000 soums per month — $ 22.

Every day I study English online for 30 minutes, payment: 229 000 soums — $ 20.

Tennis lessons for children — 2 400 000 soums per month — $ 210. Separately, coach services per hour — 100 000 soums — $ 8.

Also on Sundays we rent a court on Lisunov with teammates from the YBC club and train for two hours. Approximate payment per person — 75 000 soums — $ 6.

Every year I improve my qualifications: in the summer I sign up for courses. They cost about 6 000 000 soums for a course of study. It's $525.

Additional expenses

I rarely go shopping, mostly I shop online on Turkish and American sites. I can't name the exact amount.

We buy sportswear at the Disport store, as children are professional tennis players. We buy sneakers twice a year. It takes an approximate amount of 700 000-2 500 000 soums — $60-218.

We teach children at the private school Vosiq International school: for two children, a monthly fee of 7 990 000 soums is $ 700.

Chess for children in Sky Chess — 660 000 soums per month — $ 578.

Once a year in the summer we go on vacation for 7-10 days.


We have a lot of expenses. If you do not take into account the payment for school and circles, then approximately 1 000 000-1 500 000 per week. This is $87-133.

Life hacks for a comfortable life in the capital

It is good to have a car in a big city. I, as a mother of two children, bring children from school, take them to sports and tutoring. Without your own transport in a big city is difficult.

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