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Higher salaries than in Europe, the best education and traditions — about life in Tokyo


Higher salaries than in Europe, the best education and traditions — about life in Tokyo

Alex Wall, 28, hometown — Malmö, travel blogger, programmer


About life conditions

Tokyo is home for more than 13 million people with the surrounding areas. This is the centre of Japan where concentrated large business projects and corporations. In Tokyo, anything can be found.

About housing

In Tokyo, expensive apartment rental and utilities. The average of small one-room apartments not in the city centre costs 80,000 yen per month.

A living will be expensive if you don't have a well-paid job. Also, the disadvantages are traffic jams and a large number of people in the subway in the morning and evening. No one likes to go out of the city at the weekends, because such areas are crowded with tourists.

A living will be expensive if you don't have a well-paid job

About transport


In Tokyo, car owners are wealthy people. Most residents use the subway.

If you are not used to a large number of people and annoyed to be in a crowd, then living in such a city will cause stress. Here you won't find solitude and silence. I got used to the crowded city during these two years, and I do not bother to stand in a queue or wait for an order in a restaurant. This also has its own charm. Tokyo has a different rhythm of life.

The subway and buses always arrive on time. Here high traffic, all calculated by the minute. Up to $80 per month is spent on public transport such as subway and bus.

About food

Tokyo has a well-developed food culture. Here you can find different dishes from around the world, expensive and cheap. And the food is not only delicious but also useful. There is no usual concept of fast food, and my diet has changed completely. Japanese home cooking has become my favourite. Lunch in the city can cost from 800 to 1000 yen.


About city culture

Expats do not have big problems with Japanese, even if they do not speak well because many people in the city understand English. You will be surprised by Japanese attitude if you skillfully own chopsticks and say a couple of phrases in Japanese. They are fascinated by it and pleased if you are interested in their culture.

The city has a lot of entertainment like bars, karaoke, huge cinemas, shopping centres. There are several tourist areas with the main attractions of the city.


The advantage of a metropolis is that everything for life can be found here

The advantage of a metropolis is that everything for life can be found here. There's no need to go to another country or city because absolutely all desires will come true in Tokyo.

You will completely change mind about the workplace, time management and working culture when you'll get a job in Japan, particularly in Tokyo.

Katerina Zubova, 24 years old, hometown — Volgograd, photo studio manager, photographer


About life conditions

Tokyo is a noisy metropolis, and the first associations are light, motion, energy and life 24/7. I have been living in Tokyo for a year and got used to the pace of life in the first week. You have to adapt quickly.

About transport

The train system is convenient, so you can easily go to the small towns nearby to enjoy the countryside. You will need to get a Suica — a card that gives access to trains and buses, plus it works all over Japan.


About housing

Tokyo may seem like an expensive city, but there are ways to keep costs to a minimum. Buy food at the wholesale market, cook at home, ride a bike around the city, buy clothes in second-hand stores. It is better to find temporary accommodation, such as a hostel or apartment on Airbnb until you get back on the feet and earn good money. Don't worry about the conditions of housing as everything is clean and comfortable.


About medicine

Medicine in Japan paid, but the quality is one of the best in the world. There are several options for health insurance, and it is better to get to know details within the company you work for. You will be explained about all the nuances and costs.

About education

Tokyo universities are among the five best in the world, and the city has many international schools. For the Japanese, education has a huge role in life. The family takes seriously the child's education at school and the choice of the university.

In Tokyo, a lot of scientific researches are holding and many opportunities for young scientists

Japan is a centre of modern technologies, especially professions related to work in laboratories. In Tokyo, a lot of scientific researches are holding and many opportunities for young scientists. Hostels are usually located on the territory of universities or within walking distance. Many foreigners come to study in medical schools.

About city culture

The city impresses with a skilful combination of high-tech, minimalism with small Japanese gardens, where antiquity is felt.


You won't find people who wear sweatpants in school or flip-flops in the shop. In Japan expected that person will look presentable. Respect elders. Bow when you meet someone. Learn a few standard phrases of politeness. These little details can make a big difference.

Laura Lesparesd, 25 years old, hometown — Madrid, photographer, SMM


About life conditions

Tokyo is a popular place of rest for the European people. I think Europeans are fascinated by Japanese culture. So I was interested in life in Japan. I worked for an international company and asked to be transferred to another country. For me was opened a work visa and provision with a small rented apartment. I've lived in Japan for five years. For me, it is a city of neon lights and constant movement.

Japan ranks third in the world in economic growth and Tokyo is a metropolis with a large number of immigrants and foreigners.

About housing

Not everyone here lives in apartments, and someone chooses small houses, rooms or even beds in hotels. The Japanese spend a few time at home and do not pay great attention to the place. The cost of living in a small apartment in the city centre is about 850 to 1300 dollars. But salaries in Tokyo are higher in comparison to earnings in Europe.

Tokyo is an interesting combination of historical sites with old temples and a modern high-tech metropolis. The favourite time in the city is the cherry blossom season. The city has a lot of greenery, parks and forests on the outskirts, despite its scale.


About safety

Tokyo has a low crime rate. Of course, there are areas where it is better not to walk on a night, but be sure, Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world.

About city culture

Despite the huge number of people, Tokyo is a clean and well-groomed city. The culture of waste disposal is instilled here long since. If you move to live in Japan, then get used to the fact that it is necessary to monitor the schedule of garbage collection and removal.

Despite the huge number of people, Tokyo is a clean and well-groomed city

I was surprised that in the middle of large urban areas can be found quiet corners with small temples or a holy place. They can even be hidden between houses.

In summer many festivals are held, it is also a city of entertainment. But good seats are expensive. Cinema costs about 15-17 dollars.


Here the brightest lights and special atmosphere of life. My eyes at first tired of looking around, because every corner has something interesting.

Some areas of the city resemble computer games or cartoons, anime. Tokyo has many themed cafes and restaurants. It's a big city for geeks.


There are strict laws and high standards of cleanliness. Public areas are always clean, I guess it has to do with the Japanese culture. The Japanese are a careful and respectful nation for the world around them.

Life in Tokyo taught me to plan and book ahead, even months in advance. Even tickets to amusement parks bought in advance.

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