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Recommend an inspiring person

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There are quite a large number of places in Astana, where you can try delicious meal, indulge new flavors, and discover a range of new cuisine. WE were interested expats recommendation who are living or visited Astana, and we asked them about places, they would like to go often and what dishes they order usually.

Clovis Aguiar Jr

My favorite restaurant is a Brazilian one, called “Rio”. Actually, its specialty is something we Brazilians call "Rodízio". Basically, it is a barbecue where waiters keep bringing different types of meat all the time, and the side dishes can be rice, vegetables, black beans. Many people back home celebrates birthdays and special occasions by gathering their friends at a place like that.

I also like Del Papa Restaurant, for pasta and meat. The best one is at “Keruen” Mall, where it's easier to find a parking space and the waiters do speak English

“Rio” Brazilian Restaurant

Address: 7, Abay ave.

Working hours: MO-SU 12:00 — 00:00

Average check: 10 000 KZT

Contacts: 8 771 376 21 00

“Del Papa” Italian Restaurant

Address: 59, Abay ave./ 34, Kabanbay batyr ave./ 9, Dostyk ave., “Keruen” Mall

Working hours: MO-TH, SU 11:00 — 00:00, FR-SA 11:00 — 01:00/ MO-SU 11:00 — 00:00

Average check: 5000 KZT

Contacts: 212 222, 8 701 806 69 95/ 794 085/ 8 747 372 68 66

Emil Ben Naftaly

“Vaquero” Restaurant is my favorite, because of great food and excellent service. Fajitas at this restaurant are awesome and delicious.

“Vaquero” Restaurant

Address: 5, Beibitshilik st.

Working hours: 5000 KZT

Average check: MO-SU 12:00 — 02:00

Contacts: 390 121, 8 707 239 01 21

Michael Brodsky

I like many restaurants in Astana, so I can’t say what the best ones are. Speaking about the food, I prefer traditional Kazakh and Central Asian cuisines. I like shashlik, pilaf, manty, that’s why I have no problems in Astana to find places, where I can easily eat these dishes.

WE chose places, where you can try dishes recommended by Michael Brodsky:

“Arnau” National Restaurant

Address: 30, Turan ave.,

Working hours: MO-SU 12:00 — 01:00

Average check: 9000 KZT

Contacts: 8 700 888 09 91

“The Plov” Restaurant

Address: 10, Omarov st.

Working hours: all day

Average check: 3500 KZT

Contacts: 8 701 741 82 22

“Rumi” Restaurant

Address: 2a, Zheltoksan st., “Grand Alatau” house estate

Working hours: MO-FR 10:00 — 00:00, SA-SU 10:00 —03:00

Average check: 2500 KZT

Contacts: 8 701 802 91 11

Gareth Stamp

There are too many places to choose from now, but my favorite restaurant is “Tselinnikov”, next to Congress Hall. It’s a Georgian Restaurant with great food and very good wine at reasonable prices too. The staff is friendly and the décor is modern clean and fresh.

“Tselinnikov” Café

Address: 32, Kenesary st.

Working hours: MO-SU 12:00 — 00:00

Average check: 3500 KZT

Contacts: 229 922

Aneesh Pradeep

Whenever I visit Astana I always visit Mayura Indian Restaurant. Really high quality and authentic food. Owner is super friendly and helpful, will help find a dish that fits your needs. Very spicy food also available

Address: 34, Tauelsizik ave.

Working hours: MO-SU 10:00 — 22:00

Average check: 2500 KZT

Contacts: 8 775 488 24 47

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