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Cashmere, leather goods, cosmetics — what products produced in Mongolia


Cashmere, leather goods, cosmetics — what products produced in Mongolia

Erdenet Carpet

Erdenet Carpet.jpg

Erdenet Carpet is one of the leading manufacturers in Mongolia, specializing in the production of carpets with a wool content of 80-100%. Goods shipped to more than 20 countries around the world. There are representative offices in Russia and China.

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GOBI Mongolian Cashmere Corporation has been producing premium cashmere products for 40 years.

The brand exports products all over the world and has won a leading position among brands specializing in the manufacture of cashmere clothing. GOBI has a special certificate of the International organization for standardization, the products meet international quality standards. About 80% of products exported, and 20% sold in the local market.

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The multi-profile holding produces high-quality products made of camel hair and cashmere.

Accessories made of camel hair-warming belts, knee pads, sleeveless vests are the business card of the company. Eermel has national patents for most of them.

The company exports cashmere products to Switzerland, China, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, the United States, Mexico.

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Sod Namnaa

Sod Namnaa company exports to Japan natural rock salt Jamts Davs, produced in the aimag of Uvs. In addition to packed rock salt in powder form, the company produces salt tiles for frying salt grill size 10x20 cm. These salt tiles give a unique taste. The range includes salt lamps. The freshness of the air, restored by the vapors of the salt electrolyte helps to relieve stress, restore breathing and blood circulation.

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Компания Агь.png

The company AGI of the Teso Corporation produces pasta under the brand name Lapsha.

The Asian Marketing Federation recognized the Mongolian brand as the best national product in 2016. The company is a leader in the Mongolian pasta market and export products.

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Tea studio shot.jpg

The Mongolian company Seaberry produces more than 20 different cosmetic products, food, and beverages from sea buckthorn according to the international standard.

The company exports products to Japan, Singapore, the United States, Germany, South Korea, and China. The company opened branches in Singapore, South Korea, and the United States.

The company also produces horse food, exported to the UK and Arab countries.

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The Mongolian factory Luter became famous for its excellent quality and design of products. The sole of the boots made of bovine leather, camel hair, and porous rubber with water-repellent impregnation. Their frost resistance confirmed by the temperature regime of boots up to 45 degrees. Mongolian boots are good for healthy feet. Natural fur and skin have a massage function, helping to prevent orthopedic diseases.

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The first leather products under the Bagaa brand appeared in 2014.

The company produces men's and women's bags, purses, belts. Most of the brand's products combine a laconic classical form and traditional Mongolian decor — embossing.

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Erdenet Khivs JSC

Erdenet Khivs.jpg

Erdenet Khivs JSC is a factory of blankets made of camel hair. In 2008, the factory received a prestigious certificate from the Australian company Woolmark, awarded to products made of 100% wool of the highest quality.

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Mongolian company MonFresh produces milk, dairy products, and cheeses.

The company produces 5-10 tons of cheese per day and can provide 10% of domestic consumption. Exports cheese from cow's milk to Japan.

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Ulaanbaatar Khivs


The company produces three local carpet brands. The main clients are government agencies, commercial companies, private clients and foreign markets.

About 40% of the total sales exported. Ulaanbaatar Carpet sends carpets to China, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

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