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Bakhrom Egamberdiev about working as the general manager of the Holiday Inn Tashkent City


Bakhrom Egamberdiev about working as the general manager of the Holiday Inn Tashkent City

We talked with the head of the hotel of the famous Holiday Inn chain in Tashkent about how young professionals can build a career and what qualities are important to develop in themselves.

Bakhrom Egamberdiev, city — Tashkent, General Manager, linkedin

работа в Holiday Inn

About career and company development

I came to the hotel business from the construction industry. I first became acquainted with the industry during the opening of the Dedeman Hotel in Tashkent. Working with a team of hoteliers from Turkey, I became interested and got a job as a manager. I liked working with people, providing them good service, and hearing that they liked everything. Three years later, I was invited to the opening of the Rixos Hotel in Ukraine. Afterwards, I worked in Astana and Almaty.

In 2012, he decided to move further up the career ladder. To do this, I completed a one-year MBA program in Switzerland. He worked in Sochi, where he participated in preparations for the 2014 Olympic Games, also in Tyumen and Samara. In 2018, I returned to Tashkent to work at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. Two years later he went to Russia for a short period, after which he returned to his homeland.

In 2022, I was offered to open the first Holiday Inn hotel in Tashkent. I agreed, and after a year and a half of preparation, we launched. Currently, the Holiday Inn Tashkent City Hotel has 272 rooms, four conference rooms, and a restaurant on the sixth floor, which overlooks Tashkent City Park.

About corporate culture

We care about our staff because it is our employees who provide quality service. If they are in a good mood, then the guests will be happy – by the Holiday Inn slogan: Making Guests Smile.

как устроиться в отель

The basis of our corporate culture is respect: “Respect others if you want to be treated the same”. This applies to an employee at any level: from a janitor to a manager.

As a leader, I adhere to a democratic approach to management. I am convinced that you can lead without shouting. I also try to be an example for all employees of the company. Because of this, I have had success with different teams.

What should a leader be like

A manager is not only a top manager who manages processes. He must also be a friend and comrade to his subordinates. It is necessary to structure work in such a way that employees can always express their opinions, talk about problems, and ask for help if necessary. As a leader, I need to know what is happening within the team. To do this, I sometimes hold informal meetings with my employees.

A leader should not always be ahead of everyone. A good leader can stand behind the team when necessary and let them do what they need to do. Sometimes you need to be in the center to motivate the people around you. It's like football: each player has his position, but the team captain can pass or defend the goal at the right time.

работа в отеле

A manager should always be aware of all the news in his professional industry. You need to participate in training and improve your skills. Don't be afraid to try new leadership methods. In the modern world, the younger generation has a different approach to work: you need to adapt to it.

I advise young professionals who connect their lives with the hotel industry not to rush. Don't rush to become a manager right away. Love your job, do it well, and you will be noticed and supported.

About the advantages and difficulties

The leader always grows with the team. It's great to see your employees reach new heights. Sometimes you learn something new from them. Working in a leadership position, you often meet people from different industries and positions. This helps be in the center of events, learn current experiences from colleagues, and expand your horizons.

At the same time, you always feel responsible for the enterprise and the people you manage. The manager also always has a lot of work to do. It is often difficult for top managers to find a balance between career and family. I am lucky: my family understands that I love my job and always supports me.

About plans

We are focused on the development of the hotel. We expect a lot of traffic by April when the tourist season begins. In the future we plan to open other hotels: under the Holiday Inn brand and not only.

Our hotel operates in a franchise format. Considering the hotel boom in Tashkent, I am sure that many other hotels under the Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and other brands will soon appear in Uzbekistan.

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