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Austrians about why Astana looks like Abu Dhabi and love for baursaks


Austrians about why Astana looks like Abu Dhabi and love for baursaks

Ahmed Radwan, 41 years old, hometown — Vienna, movie producer


About the trip

I was in Kazakhstan four weeks ago for five days. It was a business trip. My friend works in the field of Opera theatre, and he had to meet with representatives of the Government of Kazakhstan, including the Minister of culture.

I had an opportunity to establish contact with a sponsor who wanted to support my idea of children's international film festival in Kazakhstan. So I went with him.

I became interested in Kazakhstan as a country seven years ago. And I am glad I came to this country.

About Kazakhstan

I was amazed, Kazakhstan sincerely surprised me. Here can be felt the liberal spirit and big potential. I felt like at home.

Kazakhstan is a multinational country, and I liked it. It seemed to me that I was in a state of the World, where all nationalities live in one place in harmony and friendship. For me, this is the main feature and advantage of Kazakhstan.

Here can be felt the liberal spirit and big potential

I stayed in Kazakhstan for a short time, which is not enough to get acquainted with such a huge country. I spent most of my time at business meetings, and Austrian Ambassador was always with us. And it was interesting to see the world through the eyes of a diplomat.

I managed to visit Astana and Almaty. In Astana, we went to Astana Opera. We were shocked by the beauty of the building and the level of the Opera. My friend wanted to write a report about the theatre.

I think Astana is the second Abu Dhabi, but with wider streets and a brighter atmosphere.

I also visited the Kazakh National Academy of arts. T. K. Zhurgenova. A great creative place full of talented students. I liked that the Academy proud of its history and outstanding artists of Kazakhstan. Portraits of famous people all over the Academy, for me it is unusual.

About culture similarities and differences

Kazakhstan is a global scale country. The country is open to the world, and Kazakhstanis feel themselves like citizens of the world. And the people of Austria position themselves as Europeans. Our country is in the centre of Europe, and we can not avoid the influence of other European countries, which are often conservative.

Kazakhs are friendly and responsible people. I met many talented people, and I am sure that Kazakhstan will prosper in the future.

I tried the Kazakh national food and was delighted with baursaks. So sorry that I couldn't take them with me.

In Europe, a huge number of unemployed and every year the number is growing. I was very surprised by how low the unemployment rate in Kazakhstan is. Every second has a job, busy with business. This is a huge plus for the country as people contribute to its development and not just demand money from the state.

About plans

I plan to continue working on several film projects. I also plan to continue to engage in the international children's film festival in Kazakhstan, which I hope, will be held next year. If all goes well, it will be a large-scale film festival, featuring films for children and their own films, which they took on camera phones.

I will return to Kazakhstan soon. I can not wait for this moment, and I want to expand the circle of acquaintances and visit new cities.

Christian Schrock, 34, hometown — Vienna, middle manager


About the trip

I visited Kazakhstan because of the popular science exhibition EXPO. I was interested in green energy since childhood, so I flew to Astana with joy.

About Kazakhstan

Many people in Europe know about Kazakhstan due to the «Borat» movie or to boxer Gennady Golovkin. However, before the trip, I searched the Internet for information about Astana and was pleasantly surprised.

Astana is an ultra-modern city, which can be envied by many European cities. The infrastructure is at a good level, and the city itself is like one big EXPO pavilion. Unusual buildings, bizarre shapes and a lot of glass and concrete, this is what we exactly expect to see in the city of the future.

Astana is an ultra-modern city, which can be envied by many European cities

The exhibition didn't impress me. I was expecting a science fair with the focus on green energy developments, but most of the pavilions were entertaining. I had not been to EXPO exhibitions before and expected to see a different format.

But I do not regret my trip, as I got out of Europe to get acquainted with a new city, to meet interesting people.

About culture similarities and differences

Kazakhstanis are hospitable and kind people. Your volunteers are the best in the world. I have been to various mass events in Austria and in Europe in general, but I have never seen such responsive and responsible volunteers. Each of them tried to help the guests, give advice and share important information.

Kazakhstanis are charged with the spirit of progress. The country is still young compared to Austria and other European countries. Our history goes back several hundred years, and Kazakhstan is just starting its way. We are burdened with our own history, and we are tired of ourselves. And in Astana, I felt the spirit of pure enthusiasm, where people believe in their capabilities, builds their own future and the country.

I envy your youths as every young person can leave a mark in world history.

About plans

I can't travel often, but I hope to return to Kazakhstan and visit Almaty soon. I have heard about it and want to see by myself the truth of these stories.

Susan Corbet, 56 years old, hometown — Vienna, retired


About the trip

I was in Kazakhstan last year, in Almaty. Once I met a Kazakh woman who told me about her hometown so fascinatingly that I made a promise to myself: "As soon as I retire, I will immediately visit Almaty".

About Kazakhstan

My expectations from Kazakhstan were fully realized. It is a beautiful country with stunning nature and incredible people.

Almaty is a warm city. I love coffee, and I liked the abundance of coffee shops with quality coffee. The city has a huge number of beautiful cafes with cosy terraces. Many nights I just sat outside by drinking coffee and watching the world go by.

The mountain is a wonder of nature. I am glad that the steppe country has such beautiful mountains. I don't really like walking, but I set a goal to get to Medeo on foot, and I did.

Many buildings in Almaty are saturated with the past. This is similar to St. Petersburg, where every street has a historical significance.

I am glad I visited Kazakhstan as it is a wonderful country that every year becomes more successful and modern, but does not forget its good traditions.

About culture similarities and differences

Kazakhstanis are open people, always ready to help. They are not afraid to meet, to ask a foreigner about life in their home country. I was surprised by the fact that most people know English. Almost everyone was able to answer my questions on the street when I couldn't find a particular building. Some even knew German.

Austria like Kazakhstan is home to a huge number of different nationalities. But in Kazakhstan, I feel the spirit of unity of all nations. You have a special atmosphere of friendship and kindness between different nationalities. All honour and respect each other's traditions, but at the same time understand the main thing is humanity, and race and nationality do not play a huge role.

In Kazakhstan, people are more sincere in their feelings and do not hide it

In Kazakhstan, people are more sincere in their feelings and do not hide it. This emotionality will not disappear and wouldn't be knocked out by trends from the West. That is wonderful.

About plans

I plan to start my world tour, but my grandchildren won't let me go beyond the apartment. I enjoy spending time with my family, but I want to see as many countries as possible while I have the opportunity. I will definitely return to Kazakhstan, but I do not know when it will happen.

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