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Artist, model and photographer about art pavilions, castles and flea markets of Prague


Artist, model and photographer about art pavilions, castles and flea markets of Prague

Natalia Sopina, 33 years old, hometown — Odessa, artist


About herself

Interest in drawing appeared when I was three years old. I drew every day. As a child, I lived in Lisbon for a while. Then we returned to Odessa, and I graduated from school, Pedagogical University. K. D. Ushinsky. Then it was fashionable to enter the law faculties. But I was interested in nothing but drawing. You can get acquainted with my work on my page on Instagram @natalisopina.

I am a teacher of arts by education. A few years ago I moved to Prague with my husband and daughter. It's a city full of inspiration, I like it here.

Watch, read and listen

Music is very important to me. When I work on a painting, the music inspires me. I have several selections in the playlist: more energetic and calm music. I also like the classical piano: Ludovico Einaudi, Fabrizio Paterlini. I Love Emma Shapplin.

From books, I like the «Crossroads» of Vladimir Chepov. I advise you all to read, it will change world outlook. Also from the latest — a small book by Austin Cleon «Steal like an artist», interesting and easy to read. Useful for everyone regardless of the profession.

Сопина 3.jpg

I watch movies rarely, there is no time. Even if I do, I watch documentaries about artists: «Big Eyes», «Savage», «Van Gogh».

What inspires

Art makes me happy. An inspiration, for me, is a state of happiness, a state of mind. My environment inspires me, family, travel, sunsets, nature, walks, ocean, sea, people with whom I communicate.

My husband is a designer, and he has good taste. He is my main critic, and I often consult with him if I have questions about the painting. He supports and tells me in which direction to move.

How I rest

I like relaxing in nature. This time always passes with the family, and we can plan a vacation for two weeks somewhere on the sea or in Prague. It is possible to go for a weekend to Germany or Vienna, and it takes only a few hours. In the Czech Republic, a large number of parks and castles, you can departure every weekend, and it will be a new place. Our favourite places are the Czech Paradise, Cesky Krumlov, castles — Hluboká nad Vltavou, Konopiste.

Сопина 2.jpg

In our city, there is a large pavilion Vnitroblock. They are modern designers, conduct shows of works by fashion designers, art exhibitions. This is a very textured place.

Prague often hosts art and design exhibitions, design blog, where contemporary artists and designers are exhibited. Every weekend in the city there are cultural events, there is a website www.kudyznudy.cz with the calendar of all Czech events.

Where I spend a lot of time

I have some favourite places in town. One of them is a garden under the Vyšehrad Kolowratska zahrada. It is a cosy garden with a beautiful view of the city. You can come here and spend two hours in silence - a magical place, few people know about it. Also, love the Botanical Garden, and it's an incredible place. My family and I love trees and plants, this Park with a large area, you can spend the whole day in it. Pruhonice Park — Průhonice castle and huge Park with lots of blooming rhododendrons and hydrangeas.

Unusual things in Prague can be bought at street markets. The biggest one is the Havel market, there are many Souvenirs from Prague. There are many antique shops in the city centre. Flea market near Kolbenova metro station. On holidays before Christmas in large areas of the city open Christmas markets, there are much handmade glass and wood.

Creative things you will find at design exhibitions, they are held once or twice a year. Every artist can bring there their products and sell.

Evgenia Leonova, 36 years old, hometown — Severodvinsk, photographer

ветрана 2.jpeg

About herself

I've been a photographer for 13 years, and it's become a way of life, not just a job. I love Prague and walking on it. And travel to the Czech Republic and abroad.

Watch, read and listen

I love folk and classical music. And I like movies with a beautiful picture, so camerawork is important for me. From favourite: «Amélie», «Cranes fly», «Café society» with Woody Allen.

What inspires


Nature inspires me in all its manifestations. Whether it's rain, fog or morning sunlight — all this is wonderful and cannot leave indifferent. And the golden autumn and the flowering Prague in April — this is a fairy tale.

How I rest

Rest, for me, is a change of activity. I love outdoor activities, mountains, hiking, long trips.

People with similar interests can be found in Prague on the Charles bridge. From five in the morning, there is filming many Asian weddings.

ветрана 3.jpeg

Where I spend a lot of time

I love the places that are on the hills, and Prague generously shares them. Wonderful views of the tiled roofs smoke from the pipes and the silence around — all this inspires.

The most creative things in the city can be found in flea markets.

Marie Goncharova, 19 years old, hometown — Odessa, student, model


About herself

I was born in Odessa, in the Czech Republic, and I live from three years old. I am a student at the University of chemistry and technology, and to survive in it, I have to devote myself entirely to it. Almost everything I do is learning.

Despite my non-creative choice, I have a passionate lover of everything beautiful. I love the art of photography. As a child, I loved photographing, and after years I started to love the opposite side of the camera. I'm not tall, I don't have long legs and model parameters, but there is an understanding that photography is a way of self-expression. I work with different photographers as a model, now I am moving to a professional level. This is my favourite hobby.

I live in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe — Prague. There is nothing more magical than walking on it, especially in the late afternoon, when the true spirit of the old city wakes up. Small streets with mystical energy, where different architectural styles are intertwined as if allow you to move through time. If you learn more about this city, you can be very surprised how many different events took place in these places, they all undoubtedly left their mark.


Watch, read and listen

I'm a music lover, and I listen to everything from classical to techno. I like that in Prague, although it is not the cultural capital of Europe, you can grab a tasty morsel. For example, soon in Prague in the Philharmonic Hall «Rudolfinum» will be a concert of the famous Maestro Denis Matsuev. And as for techno, there are hot parties with the world's best DJs. They are held in abandoned warehouses, in old buildings, often information about such events is unknown to everyone. I prefer African techno — these shamans know how to open a window to the unexplored area of the consciousness with the help of special tonalities, sounds, rhythm.

I'm an incredible jazz fan. Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra — these two have won my heart. And I will not be me if I keep silent about my weakness — Michael Jackson: I do not know why but when I'm sad I turn on his songs and it's charging me with energy.

I prefer the old movies, especially if Al Pacino plays in them. There are no such films nowadays. Although sometimes some movies can really make you think about where modern trends will lead our world.


I love how modern filmmakers are imagining a new virtual world. I really believe that a little more, and our reality will move to a completely different platform. Already at full speed people get involved in VR-games, put on glasses, and, apparently, they here, nearby, but actually, their consciousness is in virtual reality. I am sure the time will come and we will ask ourselves: «Where is the true reality?». That's why I love these movies, for me, they are a warning, and perhaps a reminder that I was born in the 90s. In childhood I walked, ran, learned to communicate with people, looking straight into the eyes. I think in the near future people will completely forget the art of communication, and people who have retained this ability will draw a lot from it. We live in the age of Aquarius, and who knows what new development will bring us.

What inspires

I am inspired by life, the opportunities it gives us. My motto is our brain is the most powerful quantum computer, which has no analogues yet. We can all. And only this one thought inspires me to develop, to learn the world, to travel, to meet new people, to learn new things.

How I rest

It seems to me that rest is my vocation. For me, happiness just to sit on a Park bench in the centre of the city, to observe what surrounds me. In Prague, a huge number of hidden, quiet parks.

I'm resting by visiting the theatre, and I love performances. It's a special energy transfer. Especially cool that for students in Prague many discounts on tickets. Recently been to the ballet in the National theatre for half price.


Since I am a student, I prefer visiting places where I can study. This is, for example, the national technical library. For people like me, this place is a second home, especially during the session. It has everything: huge tables, textbooks, vending machines, cafes and shops nearby. My second favourite place is CAFEDU, and it's more like a cafe. But also there is a separate quiet sector for study, which works even at night. These are my favourite places because for me the priority is to study.

It would be ignorant not to mention the huge number of Russian and non-Russian bars, where almost all of them gather. Prague is a small town, and everyone knows each other. Sometimes as a joke I like calling Prague a small Union. There is a huge number of «ours»: Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs, Armenians, Azerbaijan and other migrants from the CIS countries. No matter what, we all feel as mates. This is a great feature of Prague.

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